Five Things to Make Final Fantasy XIII Not Suck

It's no secret that Square-Enix isn't the juggernaut they once were during the PS1 and PS2 eras. That's not to say they aren't a respected company, they just aren't the be-all, end-all RPG empire that they were.

Most of this happened with Final Fantasy XII, a game that was critically acclaimed by the media, and roughly half of the gaming populous. The other half think it sucked.

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ClownBelt3238d ago

Don't westernize the game. Cater to the Japanese more. See Shin Megami Tensei Persona? Atlus don't give a crap about what western wants. They'll release the game whatever they like.

hay3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

And it was one of the best jRPGs even in the west. Square is too far up their a$$es to see how the world works. Someone shove them a periscope there.

vhero3238d ago

Fantastic article though they got them points bang on and the bit about S-E not being the powerhouse they used to be? 100% correct too.

DarkTower8053238d ago

Did anyone tell this guy that the game is done already?

hay3238d ago

Shush! Don't ruin his "journalism"!

Godmars2903238d ago

Made the PS2 version since they were a year and a half in. Screw HD consoles if you're not ready to make HD games.

Hell, they could have even made a 360 version.

Meryl3238d ago

we all know how the other rpg's that they made for the x360 turned out;);)
seriously this delay is not Sony's fault SE put too much on their plate and now FF XIII had suffered, they was making too many games, and they wasted all that time on a ps2 game, not to mention they wasted all whole load of extra time when they had to change their engine again because it went multi.
FF Vs and KH:BBS will be my last games, and maybe KH3 depending on the previous two games, after that SE is dead to me, no more SE games

MadMan003238d ago


I don't care what anyone says Infinite Undiscovery was a freaking amazing games and 10x better then star Ocean...So many people turned it down just because the graphics weren't amazing and the lip movements were great...other then that amazing story, amazing battle simple and down to it, the new connect feature which was freaking epic and something really cool and new. The Ending was great, there were a lot fo extra things to do after the game as well.

However the Last Remnant had a terrible battle system the story was great though...Worst Battle System I ever seen.

And Star Ocean was really freaking good the graphics were pretty damn good it's just the story was a bit iffy and that was it.

And might I add all 3 games did sell pretty well...Remnant did the worse the other 2 sold quite well especially Star Ocean it's just none got good reviews...what do you expect when half of the terrible reviews at FPS Fan boys and if you read some of the reviews some of them seriously didn't even finish the game....It's LOL funny reviews are terrible now it's nothing but a joke.

PimplePopperMD3238d ago

One through four 'things' - PS3 exclusive.
The fifth - not a Final Fantasy game.

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