Tetris Coming To PS3

Chris over at PSNStores did some comment digging today on the Playstation Blog. It seems we finally know the reason why the minis version of Tetris won't work on PS3. The PSP European Product Manager Adam Grant said that: "EA is currently working on a PS3 version of Tetris that will take full advantage of the capabilities of the PS3 and provide the best experience."

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ClownBelt3121d ago

Tetris is dead. Let it rest.

-Alpha3121d ago

You'd be amazed at how alive it is.

SullyDrake3121d ago

It's been replicated for years but never topped. It also is proven to thicken your brain cortex if you play for at least 30 minutes a day.

A welcome addition to the PlayStation Store and to my library. =)

hatchimatchi3121d ago

Tetris is still the best puzzle game around imo. Many games have tried to emulate the 'pick up and play but hard to master' style of tetris and most have failed.

I'll definitely be buying this.

Also, if your a fan of tetris you should check out 'tetris party' on wiiware, it's cheap and has some great game modes in it.

Traveler3121d ago

Score! Another killer app for the PS3!

No, seriously, Tetris is a classic.

Hisiru3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

The DS version sold more than 2 millions according to vgchartz.
If it's true (I think it is because it's an incredible Tetris game), Tetris isn't dead.

Nice addition to the PSN!

hatchimatchi3121d ago

tetris on the ds is awesome, it's been discontinued for a while now which sucks. I tried to get it on ebay the other week but i was outbid.

Anorexorcist3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Yes it was the first big puzzle game, but the mechanics of the game are just so boring to me.

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo is the best puzzle game of all time! I still own my original copy on Playstation, but it was a dream come true when it was re-released on the PS Store with online play.

FamilyGuy3121d ago

Then i was like wtf? :/

Corrwin3121d ago

Fairly certain Tetris will be around longer than Persona 4, or any other JRPG. Even FFVII hasn't got a chance of catching up.

sikbeta3121d ago

Yeah...Tetris FT...ah I already have it not for PS3, but I'll purchase it lol

Projekt7tuning3121d ago

Finally, a game that will push my $600 launch PS3 to the limit. Lol.
Unfortunately between Peggle, Bomberman, and now this my wife will undoubtedly manage to be playing which ever system I want to play at the time. Murphy's law.

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-Alpha3121d ago

I just play it free on the PC.

Seems like a quick cash-in for EA. Luckily I'm too busy hating on Activision to care about them.

hatchimatchi3121d ago

i play it, i didn't buy the psp mini of it cause it is/was insanely expensive but i'd buy a ps3 version so i can play against other people.

ps3ftwin3121d ago

i have all the old nes roms working on my pc.

free on the pc.

Corrwin3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

What's wrong with Tetris on any platform?

Are you so poor you have to make a life or death decision over $5-10?

'Might want to reconsider hobbies, if so.

Old doesn't mean free.

kassatsu3121d ago

I am sure there are some people that are pissed over not being able to play the minis version on PS3 though.

butterfinger3121d ago

bullsh!t that you can't play the minis version just so they can come back and charge you more for basically the same thing. Honestly, how special can the PS3 version of Tetris be? The best they could do is replicate the DS version by adding PlayStation character backgrounds and music or something.

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