CBS Says "No Thanks" to 'Dante's Inferno' "Go To Hell" ad During Superbowl XLIV

CBS has rejected another Super Bowl ad, this time for telling viewers to "Go to Hell."

The trailer for the epic Electronic Arts' game "Dante's Inferno" contains plenty of scenes of a warrior fighting beasts in the netherworld. But it was the game's widely used marketing tagline that had CBS seeing red.

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-Alpha3238d ago

DI is looking pretty solid. I predict a solid A-AA score.

ClownBelt3238d ago

How about just say I predict the obvious?

Agent Smith3238d ago

It's not really the worst thing we can see at a Super Bowl. We saw Janet Jackson's boob a while back.

Baba19063238d ago

wow a boob thats so scary..... i mean really?

i can see the problem here with the hell thing. probably a lot of christian people are gonna get mad about this. i mean i dont believe in hell so i dont see this molesting me but for a large group of people this is pretty harsh.

Sigh3238d ago

worst thing? Noooo that was the best thing in Super Bowl history :)

mikeslemonade3238d ago

Good move by CBS. Dante's Inferno is not a good game anyway.

SOAD3238d ago

Well, Janet Jackson isn't very hot in my opinion, so I would say that her wardrobe malfunction was the worst thing in the history of the superbowl. Although, the Beatles (just Paul) playing at halftime the next year was just as annoying.

Jamegohanssj53238d ago

Fock CBS. Even though I'm not watching this horrible Superbowl it would have been nice for it to run.


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THE MAX SPEED 213238d ago

They show worst things in the Superbowl ads I dont see why "go to hell" would be over the top . smh

fuckitimout3238d ago

tellin someone to go to hell is the worst thing you could say to a person

3238d ago
BYE3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Video game can't be an excuse for everything.

Religious groups might get offended and even sue CBS so it's the right decision to reject this ad.

I mean it's not like they depend on getting EA as an advertiser, there are tons of offers.

Shadowstar3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"Religious groups might get offended and even sue CBS so it's the right decision to reject this ad."

Oh noes! Advertisers are going to offend conservative Christians, who are the only ones who watch the Super Bowl! They might sue!

Say no to the EA devil speak! Say no to gay dating! Say yes to anti-abortion ads!

... Yeah. I don't like the policy of pandering to the conservative-religious demographic, which it sounds like they're doing. (Maybe they're not, but those three things have been publicized, and it's kind of... pattern-forming.) Mind you, I don't watch CBS in any case. They're certainly free to play to their target audience. Edit: Oh. Dang. CNET is CBS. :(

Edit 2: Question: why exactly do people find it offensive? In the context of EA's ad campaign, I find it rather humorous. I wouldn't even think it particularly offensive if someone said it to me-- it's an annoyed expression, not even an angry one.

SOAD3238d ago

Telling someone to go to hell is a disrespectful thing to say, whether you believe in hell or not.

One might say, "Well, I don't believe in hell, so I'm not offended," but that's really not the point. They're dismissing you as a person when they tell you to go to hell. Isn't that demeaning enough?

ExgamerLegends23238d ago

"go to hell" is offensive period. Dont know why some ppl here are trying to turn this into another anti christian thing.

Shadowstar3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

@2.6 "They're dismissing you as a person when they tell you to go to hell."

I'm sorry, what are you talking about? Do you seriously think that? Is this some weird "American-slang is different from my slang" thing that I'm missing? If so, color me boggled!

@ 2.9 : it's not anti-abortion that I'm concerned about per se. It's the "you shouldn't follow your doctor's advice, I was just fine!" message with the implication that doctors are just trying to get women to abort for no good reason that I disagree with. (We'll have to agree to disagree on calling it murder. Two days after an egg is fertilized is murder? Nope. I certainly don't agree with third trimester abortions, but the general hardline pro-life thing is a bit ridiculous to me. Heh. I guess I'm venting too.) And also, what darkpower said :)

Myze3238d ago


What exactly is wrong with an anti-abortion ad? I would think people that are pro-choice are still anti-abortion. Would hate to hear about someone actually being pro-abortion, as that's pretty damn screwed up.

(Personally, I think abortion has been the greatest crime in world history, with over 52 million murders in the US alone. If you think abortion isn't murder, check out the huge amounts of recent (last few years) scientific research, unless you are the type of person that sees an infant under the age of 3 as a non-human, until they are a productive member of society (this is not made up). You can ignore this parenthesis part of my post, as it's just a venting out.)

JD_Shadow3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

It's not necessarily the position itself, but rather who's sponsoring the ad: Focus on the Family. Thing of FOTF as Jack Thompson for abortion, same sex marriage, gambling, etc. They want nothing more than the entire world to adopt their positions on what the Bible says, and they try to play the politics to make sure their way is enacted into law. These are some of the guys that have been trying to get Roe v. Wade overturned for YEARS (what gives women the right to choose). These groups don't even want for a woman to be able to abort a baby that was conceived by her getting raped. Are you ready to tell a woman that was raped that she isn't allowed to have even THAT escape?

Tim Tebow taking a pro-life stance? Okay, fine! Him aligning himself with FOTF to do so? Not fine, and for CBS to say okay to THAT ad but not THIS one is hypocritical.

Myze3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )


As you could probably guess, I'm pro-life. I believe there should be extenuating circumstances where a baby can be aborted, rape and mother's life in danger being the main two. That being said, I don't agree with groups like Planned Parenthood that are government funded and have clinics where a child (girl under 18) can go and have an abortion, often encouraged, without parents being involved at all.

Also, Roe v Wade says that a woman can have an abortion for any reason as long as the fetus isn't viable and able to be birthed. It's an old ruling. Scientific evidence now proves that at the moment of conception (egg meets sperm), there is a unique, human life formed, evidence not available at the time (either way, it's something like 2 weeks is the bare minimum to know if you are pregnant or not). I think a new law needs to be passed, but should have leeway for the extenuating circumstances (more than the two I mentioned, I'm sure).

As for Focus on the Family sponsoring the ad, I'm not really sure it should be a problem. The company was founded by a Christian, and their values are that of a Christian, but those values are sound in the sense that they are completely focused on family values and how to be a better family. If you've ever seen/heard their stuff, it's very rarely specific to Christianity. Unless you believe that only Christians should hold family as one of the most important things in their life.

Anyway, anti-abortion (not pro-life / pro-choice) and family values, even if stated by a Christian is a positive message, no matter what religion or not someone is. Telling someone to "go to hell" is not a positive message. I do agree they shouldn't have stopped the gay dating commercial, although I REALLY don't want to see two guys kissing, especially during the Super Bowl. =P

JD_Shadow3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Not saying you have no right to the opinion. But to align yourself with FOTF (which aligns themselves with the AFA and them( is something else. You can be Christian and pro-life and not be siding with them. What about the murder of that abortion doctor recently? Is that condonable?

Oh, and if you didn't like seeing gay men on a SB commercial, then you might've not been happy at my version of that "gay" SB41 Snickers ad a few years ago:

3238d ago
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Dutch Boogie3238d ago

lol rejected. Just like ps3 owners will reject this GOW clone.

Chaos Striker3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

You know the commercial is still going to be shown during the Superbowl but the tag line is just going to be different? And please just give it a rest and let the NPD numbers talk for pete's sake.

I am not saying it is going to outsell GoWIII. I'm just sick of all this hate on the game. It has a very compelling story and that is reason enough for it to be good. (However, I am a believer that numbers are objective as opposed to reviews, which are subjective based on the individual reviewer >:P).

MajesticBeast3238d ago

Ye chaos cause sales=quality thanks for reminding me everyone knows gow3 will be the better game.

Myze3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )


Yes, Divine Comedy (in this case, Inferno, and not sure if it continues to Purgatorio and Paradiso) is an awesome story, but the game doesn't follow the story very much at all, so you can't say the game will be good because the poem is. I'm hopeful the game will be good, but I really have some doubts until I play it myself.

Trebius3238d ago

Damn ... Imitation really IS the sincerest form of flattery...

They can TRY all they want to mimic GoW, but they just cant...

Cause DI is visually meh, and the combat mechanics just dont feel as fluid and smooth as GoW.

It's still worth a buy if you only own a 360 though, but if you have a ps3 borrow it, rent it maybe for th trophies, or just wait for GoW3.

Close_Second3238d ago

...and you can see why its being compared to God of War however, even God of War on the PSP played better.

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