IG Interviews Executive Producer Jonathan Knight: Dante's Inferno Studio Thrilled with EA's Marketing Support

IG: "It's only February, but the most anticipated non-BioWare game of 2010 from Electronic Arts might already be upon us. We're referring to Dante's Inferno, the newest game franchise from developer Visceral Games. The acclaimed Dead Space really helped put the internal EA studio on the map and the early buzz is that Dante's Inferno will be the publisher's best reviewed game all year. While we wait for the reviews to come in, one thing has been made clear: EA is pushing Dante's Inferno big time. The Dante's Inferno ad campaign has already had several odd and creative elements, but the crown jewel will no doubt be the ad airing during the Super Bowl. In part one of our interview series examining the game and its promotions, we talked with Executive Producer Jonathan Knight."

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snaz273211d ago

or did i just miss it? i know hes someone people love to hate, but hes ok in my book.. better than a lot of the boring interviewers who dont ask the real questions, least he aint scared of askin what were all wondering lol.