PSM3 Why you'd be mad to dismiss HipHopGamer

PlayStation Magazine UK says "Love him, or hate him, he's the most unique voice in games journalism"

It started with bewildered curiosity, and cautiously ironic praise, but as the weeks have gone past, we've become bona-fide, fist-pumping, fans of the HipHopGamer show. Well, by 'we', we mean about half the team - because this is pure love or hate stuff. HipHop... who? The most refreshingly positive, deceptively informed and unquestionable passionate games voice in internet games news, that's who. Take a look...

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TheHater3032d ago

Games Journalism?
I stop reading right here.

lokiroo4203032d ago

I have no problem with him except one thing, in no way is he a journalist.

Agent Smith3032d ago

Why'd they use that picture of him? It looks like a mug shot.

tyrex3032d ago

he is a journalist just as much as anybody else

kaveti66163032d ago

What I love most about HipHopGamer is that every single thing that he does which annoys other people on this site appeals to me.

The man understands the gaming industry in one word: GAMES.

We're all on this website because we like games, at least I hope that is the case. So, HipHopGamer's level of excitement when he speaks is respective of the subject he is speaking of. Why should he be using correct grammar (whatever that means)? Why shouldn't he be wearing a belt while he walks around, interviewing developers? And most of all, why shouldn't he be himself? Why do people attack his appearance, or his way of speaking, or his behavior, or his taste in music?

When we get to the bottom line, HHG is a man who is trying to combine his love of video games with his love of music.

He loves what he does, and he's a legitimate member of the industry.

Keep doing it, HHG.

gaffyh3032d ago

I like him, he's entertaining because he's always excited about every game that is released :D. Doesn't mean I trust every word he says, because a lot of what he puts out is rumors, but he is right sometimes as well.

TOO PAWNED3032d ago

If he is journalist, than i am PHD in nuclear science....

Eamon3032d ago

HHG is actually a lot better than you fools.

He has a passion for GAMES.

Not just exclusives.

Jinxstar3032d ago


He has a passion for rumors. he has a passion for FUD and he has no education or reason to be a games journalist. He makes our industry look unprofessional and moronic. If I were to choose the voice of video games he would be on the bottom with intelligent and good people on top like Daniel Kayser or Dave Jaffe or hell I'd even take Gabe Newell over HHG. He is a disgrace to "Journalism" I say that in quotes because I guess you could consider the National Enquirer "Journalism" as well...

He's a waste of cyber space and needs to just go away. Trust me we didn't need him before and wouldn't be missed one bit.

frankymv3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Well connected and with the very best rumors which mostly turn out to be true. Anyone who slams HHG is usually a jealous gaming journalist (who doesn't have anywhere near the connections HHG has), or a MS fanboy who simmers with envy when HHG proclaims PS3 exclusives to be the absolute pinnacle of gaming atm. I love the guy and I tune in every sunday to watch his show......and no, I am not a fanboy....I am a lawyer and I happen to love video games.

ico923032d ago

im gonna be honest he may spew garbage but he is a likeable.."journalist&quo t; (term used loosley)

we won3032d ago

I agree he's one of the biggest undercover PS3 groupieeeee every! PS3 fans need him because he gets the word out effectively.

PoSTedUP3032d ago

I hope he becomes really sucessful one day. much love/respect bro. you got it in you.

sikbeta3032d ago


well, that's cuz "gaming journalism" is sinking Real Bad

Hanif-8763032d ago

I really love watching the Hiphopgamer Show. I just wish the best for him and his career. Also, i'd really like a job that is based upon something that i love.

Greywulf3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

What you said applies to IGN employees and several others as well. Gaming Journalism doesn't require you to have solid educational backgrounds. Gaming coverage and Journalism is pathetic, you even see big sites like XPLAY calling "GRAN TURISMO" GRAND turismo. I'd love to know what degree from harvard Greg Miller has.

The problem people have with HHG is that hes hip-hop. Every single criticism against him is applied to folks at GamesRadar, GiantBomb, Gamespot. Anywhere. Its a juvenile industry. You have Sarcastic Gamer, Angry Gamer, GirlGamer, etc.

You want to trash him, but hes had more face to face interviews & has been right about most rumors as much as anyone else reporting rumors on N4G.

He trolls titles, just as much as any site doing PS3 vs 360 articles or comparison videos.

And to top it all off, He is a member of the media. With a press pass, have you not seen his interviews? I'd say they are more informative than some dumb bimbo talking to Pink at the Spike awards about what Super Nintendo games she plays on her Playbox13.

Hate him, but hate him for legit reasons. The whole "HES NOT A JOURNALIST" card is weak. His stories are always the hottest. And you can only blame yourself for the hype mate.

Once we have real journalists and not 20 year old bloggers, Ill agree that hes not up to snuff. Once we have Walter Cronkite reporting on videogames without having spelling and grammatical errors all throughout a 1 paragraph article, I'll agree.

Until then, IGN can get away with posting articles with question marks. So should HHG. I mean, How often is Patcher completely wrong?

And thats really the end of it.

presto7173032d ago

He uses flamebait.. So what? Is he the only one who does it? People just love to hate. I think his show is cool and I hope he continues doing what he's doing.

Sub4Dis3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

being "unique" isn't necessarily a good thing. especially when he's a f*ckin idiot.

@guy above me. i'm not surprised ppl respect him, we live in an extraordinarily dumbed down society where being young, inexperienced, dumb, and untalented is given attention and adoration. it's not the flaimbait garbage he spews, it's the complete lack of grammatical understanding. his inability to articulate his thoughts. he only knows 2 adjectives and he uses them improperly. he clearly has a bias. he conducts lousy interviews and writes pointless articles. and, i could go on... but i feel that i am already giving this guy (JUST some guy) way too much attention.

wicko3032d ago

I can't stand him because he just makes stuff up. And half the time they aren't predictions, they're just plain wrong. So, I don't really consider him a part of gaming journalism, much like I wouldn't some random blog.

DatNJDom813032d ago

has better news than alot of the "big publishers". OK, theres plenty of grammatical errors in his writings. No periods, stuff like that. And he definitely does have to learn to communicate a little better. But I can see past the bullsh!t and see that he's real passionate about gaming. I respect that and so he has my total respect. Has he been wrong, of course he has. Which "gaming journalist" has been right all the time? "Go ahead, I'll wait.......................... ............................... ....."
HipHopGamer has definitely been right alot of the times even when the haters talk sh!t. I say to HipHopGamer, keep doing your thing. Shrug the haters off. "If u dont got haters, you aint doing your job. (Katt Williams x2)."

AKNAA3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

now tell me... Do you think that people will still hate him as much? since now, he would almost look like every other gaming journalist/ blogger out there craving for hits, just with hip hop flavor.
people can say that they already looked pass his skin colour, but I still say bullsh1t.

I swear, there are more haters watching & commenting on his show then this actual fans and thats pretty pathetic...
If you don't like, move ON! and stop hating him for doing what he enjoys.Simple. and sure he's not the best, but he's not the worst either...

Jinxstar3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )



1. His articles have usually have insane headlines like "Sony buying the halo franchise?" or "MS bringing Bluray to the Xbox 360?"

2. Anyone who starts an interview with an industry professional with the words "Yo,yo,yo" Doesn't get a second look from me.

3. I do hate Hip hop. The culture. The music. Everything about it.

4. Sure IGN and other places may not have the most educated people but at least they don't use ebonics. They have proper editors and professional people trying to be adult in the industry. Who, For the most part, Speak at a 7th grade or above level.

5. I hate crappy blog sites just as much as HHG.

6. It doesn't take much to get a press pass.. A few business cards will usually get you one at most events...

7. G4TV are idiots. Most of the staff aren't really gamers just college interns.

8. He is not a journalist. He is a blogger with a gimmick. Nothing more. What I mean by this is... The fundamentals of journalism are very simple and the simplest, as I see it, is "Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility" He has no integrity. Hence, to me, he has no credibility. He's a rumor troll and a blogger. Nothing more. Sites like IGN and G4 at least try to keep their integrity...

Here is the society of professional journalists code of ethics. Tell me how many of these he doesn't adhere too and how many other sites try to...

in the end my point being he is just the national inquirer all the time. While IGN will do a rumor piece from time to time or Giant bomb or whoever... They don't skew the news and keep integrity.

@ Below

Glad you liked that =D

lokiroo4203032d ago

"— Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error. Deliberate distortion is never permissible.
— Show good taste. Avoid pandering to lurid curiosity.
— Identify sources whenever feasible. The public is entitled to as much information as possible on sources' reliability.
— Make certain that headlines, news teases and promotional material, photos, video, audio, graphics, sound bites and quotations do not misrepresent. They should not oversimplify or highlight incidents out of context.
— Avoid misleading re-enactments or staged news events. If re-enactment is necessary to tell a story, label it.
— Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting. Analysis and commentary should be labeled and not misrepresent fact or context.
— Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two."

does anybody need more reasons as to why he is not a journalist? lol.

Bnet3433032d ago

His grammar needs to get better.

Redempteur3032d ago

i love how so much people we've never seen before just come and say something about him and then disapear in the depth of the internet just after ...

multiple accounts ???
Many good contributors here don't need that support .. because they have infos and proof !

HHG has neither ...

Nihilism3032d ago

The end is nigh, other 'journalists' are now referencing him.

Baka-akaB3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

I'm not a HHG fan at all , but i wouldnt attack him on the whole "he isnt a journalism" part .. because simply put , all of the others aint journalism either .

That bit need to stop . none of them , IGN , edge , gamespot , kotaku , GT tv etc , do journalist work , they sat there passing on judgement on games just like the rest of us .

They dont investigate a damn thing , they sit around waiting for someone to dig up their infos for them , or for publishers to call them "hey guys i have a new great game coming soon!" .

They can be every as flawed and fanboyish than some of us ... they are often easily less knowledgable on games than some of us and often post wrong infos about plots or gameplay .

They are easy to corrupt and sway (like you needed a trip to a deluxe hotel to see that Dragon Age would be good ) .

Again my only problem with him would be some pretty stupid headlines ... wich he aint the only one to do , and wich , despite the odd grammar , are hardly the most idiotic ones (i'm lookin at you destructoid ) .

My second problem remains him giving himself credit he often isnt due when it comes to some news . He has a bad tendancies to pop up and go "see like i told you first back in XX/XX " for the most ludicrous and easy to predict stuff ... or for stuff he wouldnt admit he collected from other places .

But like some guys mentioned AT LEAST he's mostly positive , and not some blog of grumpy old fat men who believes themselves witty and funny by giving a negative spin to everything (again destructoid , and kotaku )


Really ? Where was IGN's integrity when they oddly gave PES ps3 a stellar grade , despite it's numerous bugs and issues . Or was it the same integrity that pushed them to sponsor the game , and to pimp it as well on the website ?

otherZinc3032d ago

I dont have time to get into the jealousies of most of you fools & I dont even agree with him most of the time.

Also, he's much better than this site, you cant express your opinions because you get voted down if you're not a friggin [email protected] follower! HipHop will debate all day, not this [email protected] site.

When is the next vidicle HipHop! Keep doing your thing, peace!

Fanb0y3032d ago

There is no such thing as gaming 'journalism'.

If there is, I'm not seeing it especially here on N4G, where only flamebait articles receive over 300 degrees.

gaffyh3032d ago

Damn man, you guys are so serious about this, you'd think HHG killed your dog or something.

Just calm down, and look at him as he is. He's a gamer, he loves games, he makes a show and people like to watch it because he is enthusiastic. That's it. Simple. You don't have to agree whether he's a real "journalist" or whatever, he gets information (real or fake) because people like watching his show.

Greywulf3032d ago

- Taking 800 Dollar swag bags to review a game?
- Firing people for low reviews?

I don't need to go into much more details, but when "GAMING JOURNALISTS" use words like zomg and pwn in their articles, its really apparent gaming journalism isn't the same as normal journalism.

You're dodging the main point to save face to not seem like you just plain don't like HHG, and it has nothing to do with him being a Ivy college trained Journalist.

Your argument is that there is this holy polished gaming journalism that HHG is interfering with. He isn't. Because that doesn't exist as the status quo in gaming.

I guarantee i can track back through your comments and see you blathering on about some blog article, or comment without decrying the laws of Journalism being broken. Its bs.

Didn't want to call you out, but you decided to ignore everything I said. Hes the exact same as Greg Miller(which you ignored) From IGN.

You want to ignore all his interviews he gets, as well as rumors hes actually right about. Great, just know you're ignoring it.

You also want to pretend Patcher, a trained moron, has anything to offer to gaming more than HHG does as far as speculation and prognostication. I'm willing to wager HHG's been more right about his rumors and "heard it here firsts" than Patcher.

Hate HHG because you hate Hip-Hop & Its culture. Its your right.

But stop pretending its because hes not a qualified gaming journalist. You sound utterly ridiculous trying to separate the nonprofessional actions of G4TV and HHG as if they are separate morons. They are all morons, but HHG is absolutely no different than all of the content on N4G. I've never seen any hobby journalism as bad as gaming. Its amateur to the fullest, but Im not going to be blind and pretend HHG isn't a POSITIVE in gaming news & media. There is an audience for it. And its just as good as the rest of the media out there.

Jinxstar3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )


since you think I am avoiding the subject here. I will go over your points one at a time and try and explain my opinion.

"Jinxtar, You're dodging the fact that no other sites on N4G adhere to any traditional Journalism rules. Don't dodge it."

I agree. There are tons of BS "top 10" articles all the time that get on my nerves. I hate them all. Not trying to dodge that at all. I think it sucks. But whatever...

"- Taking 800 Dollar swag bags to review a game?"

I think this is totally wrong. As a matter of fact I feel all reviewers should have to buy games with their own money so they have the concept of "Value" they need to add to their review. As it is a free game holds no value to them other then fun.

I hate Halo anyway.

"- Firing people for low reviews?"

This was unfortunate. I felt very bad for Jeff G. He's doing much better now though and I enjoy the GB podcast. Politics are everywhere. Sad that people get caught int he firefight. I have not been to gamespot since they fired him.

"I don't need to go into much more details, but when "GAMING JOURNALISTS" use words like zomg and pwn in their articles, its really apparent gaming journalism isn't the same as normal journalism."

I agree. but I personally don't feel the blog sites are gaming journalism. For my "Gaming news" I go to epicbattleaxe. for my fun and rants I come here. I do like some of the peoples personal opinions and reviews by real gamers. I however hate blogs that have an agenda.

"You're dodging the main point to save face to not seem like you just plain don't like HHG, and it has nothing to do with him being a Ivy college trained Journalist."

Really bro. Not trying to save face. I really don't care what people on the intervebz think about me. You don't have to be ivy league to be a journalist. Heck high school journalists are still journalists but to have integrity and people who care about the truth and not just rumors... you need to follow the ethics code I set out above to be a "real" journalist... Imo anyway.

Sure every now and then someone from some site will make biased opinions but so long as they try to not be outright horrible about it in interviews and such thats fine by me. It's "Being the best you can be" not "Selling out for hits"....

"Your argument is that there is this holy polished gaming journalism that HHG is interfering with. He isn't. Because that doesn't exist as the status quo in gaming."

Touche. There is no standard so it's hard to hold one against him. However let me try and give you an analogy. This may seem very rude but it's the only one I can think of...

Richard Gere is a gay man. True story and I have the utmost respect for this man as a successful and well spoken, affluent, talented, delightful and smart person.

Bruno is a gay man. Also a member of the gay community.

A site like IGN to me mimmicks Richard Gere while HHG is more along the lines of the eccentric, crazy, stupid, uneducated, moronic, lying, idiot that is Bruno... I have no problem with gays or lesbians. I have a LOT of friends who are gay and I am even closer to them then with most of my straight friends. There however is a difference between a drag queen and a simple gay man... HHG is the drag queen on the gaming industry.

"I guarantee I can track back through your comments and see you blathering on about some blog article, or comment without decrying the laws of Journalism being broken. Its bs."

Probably could but not much... Recently anyway. I really don't comment all that much anymore. I make no insinuations that I never comment on omeones blog. I however hate HHG's. He is bottom of the barrel even for N4G... To me.

"Didn't want to call you out, but you decided to ignore everything I said. Hes the exact same as Greg Miller(which you ignored) From IGN."

Call me out. As a matter of fact I love it. This is a civil discussion (More or less) and I am not beyond reproach or fault myself. I admit to being wrong when I am. However in this case I feel we are going to have to agree to disagree most likely which is fine. =D

"You want to ignore all his interviews he gets, as well as rumors hes actually right about. Great, just know you're ignoring it."

Your gonna be right sometimes. If you make enough guesses... Doesn't make it newsworthy.

"You also want to pretend Patcher, a trained moron, has anything to offer to gaming more than HHG does as far as speculation and prognostication. I'm willing to wager HHG's been more right about his rumors and "heard it here firsts" than Patcher."

I never pretend Patcher is worth anything. On GT I call him out as a moron and heckle the hell out of him on the forums. Being trained still doesn't make you good... He's a moron and his job description is pretty silly if you ask me "Professional guesser"... I hate him but at least he tries. Wears a suit and looks the part of a professional even if he is wrong more then right...

"Hate HHG because you hate Hip-Hop & Its culture. Its your right."


"But stop pretending its because hes not a qualified gaming journalist. You sound utterly ridiculous trying to separate the nonprofessional actions of G4TV and HHG as if they are separate morons. They are all morons, but HHG is absolutely no different than all of the content on N4G. I've never seen any hobby journalism as bad as gaming. Its amateur to the fullest, but Im not going to be blind and pretend HHG isn't a POSITIVE in gaming news & media. There is an audience for it. And its just as good as the rest of the media out there."

Qualified is a relative term. Maybe he is "Unethical" or "Irresponsible" or just a "Bad" journalist. in which case... Look I am a firefighter by trade. I work in Maryland and whenever we hear of a firefighter who had sex with a minor or did something stupid to a patient(Like yelled at them) or something we kind of... Disassociate ourselves from idiots... Thats who HHG is to me in the gaming industry. The screw up... and an embarrassing one who just doesn't stop...

Good as the rest is relative to me... I say he's not but if you like it then once again "Agree to disagree"...

Also add me on PSN if your game. It's been fun =D

Jinxstar3032d ago

Also I didn't mean to seem like I was ignoring Greg millar for a second time. Just no clue who that is or why they are relevant...

mastiffchild3032d ago

Well, I'm a fully trained, time served reporter wth stints at national and local papers as well as a host of magazines and other publications and sites around the net. I think, if anyone here had a reason to pull the "he's not a journo" card it would be me, no?

However, he doesn't give ANY pretense towards being a real reporter. He's an example of what is both good and bad about the internet today. It's hard to get on in traditional jobs working your way up from tea boy to editor(for example)but the web gives us all a punk like opportunity to wax lyrical about our passion and this guy's ran with his, that's all.

More power to him-he gets by on energy, cheek and character and I see VERY little of that in the largely useless, toothless, advertiser loving "real" game journalsts we see WAY too much of in our industry/hobby/pastime. He certainly annoys me a GREAT deal less than the number of reality TV idiots who get TV journalists jobs on the basis of a "famous" for nothing face and end up reviewing films, games ir even sports on the box these days. At least he's doing it from the ground up and off his own broad shoulders because of what everyone, like him or loathe him, can see is a real, honest passion for gaming and the music he's been brought up surrounded by and the culture he clearly has so much pride in.

I'll be honest:I can very ralely be bothered watching his shows purely because I don't feel there's much there that I've not heard already, couldn't have guessed at myself or the headlines are a little too controversial to be trusted. However, he's hardly on his own in that-how many articles do we see every day that we instantly know are designed solely for hits and damn the truth or credibility? And yet the guy without any formal training in the writing game is the one who gets most flak for it? Seriously.

There's far more scandalous things going on that the industry foists upon us and noone at any of the major sites, much less the magazines, is prepared to call them out on it-yet we spend our time complaining about HHG who's only goal seems to be making something from his love of gaming, Hip Hop and entertining people. I'd LOVE to see him starting to take a few stands over the less than fair treatment we, as gamers, face from the industry and were I advising him that's the avenue I'd push him towards as well as cooling some of the question mark powered headlines! Anyway, as the supposedly "real" sies do nothing with a great deal more substance than he does it often makes me laugh that he gets so much ridicule when he does less to deserve our anger.

Bottom line is, as ever, you don't like him, don't watch him. Just don't pretend that there's anything LIKE a REAL games media out there to compare him to as there really isn't . If we gamers aren't going to push our media outlets into growing up a little and away from being a bunch of cowards who toe the industry line for fear of losing advertsising revenue(witness Gerstmann)ourselves we're goimng, one day, to need a "punk" style upstart like HHG who might do a little of it for us. That he hasn't yet is, as I say, one of the disappoining things about him, and a host of others, for me-thing is should he, or someone similar be the one to try and bring this massive community together just a little we MIGHT have to be eternally grateful for their lack of "proper" training as those who're supposed to have it in the games media have really let us own far, far more han HHG has.

We're arguing over whether HHG ha a right to do what he does? Really?!! Course he does-but I'm not so sure about those who should know a lot better that aren't doing their jobs and protecting the interests of the community they serve and that supplies them with their livelihood. Next time you want to crucify HHG for his lack of Queen's English or poor punctuation spare a thought for the fact he felt he was even needed in the area he's sprung up in. If we HAD a good media people like HHG would be rarer and, one day, when someone like him(from wherever and from whatever ethnic, political, cultural background)actually does put the established gaming media to shame by realising gamers deserve and need a better press than they have right now I hope we're fast enough on board to ensure it gets off the ground rather than doing the usual looking down our collective noses at them.

I'm not saying HHG could be our saviour but, to me, it's looking less and less likely that we're gong to get a decent, hard working and useful community supporting media through the established channels-for whatever reason games journalism is so far up the industry's arse that it's untrue, always takes their side and rarely, if ever, takes them properly to task over any of the sly schemes used to wring every last penny from us while cutting every corner(on dedicated servers, QA, Bug testing etc, etc, price hikes and fixes, constant divide and rule)innterms of what they deliver to us as games.So, bash the guy if you must but at the worst he's harmless fun and at best a bundle of passionate gaming energy with infectious enthusiasm for his show so I dunno what you get out of your bashing and feel it's better directed at the major magazines/site that work with the industry and against all of us.

Seriously, it's getting to the point where it's going to need someone coming up using their own initiatve to get us started towards a REAL gaming media-and the best thing HHG shows is that it's very plausible for someone, should they have that agenda, to get some fame or notoriety through little more than endless energy. A HHG, or whoever, with that cause would, imo, be the best thng to happen to gaming media in a long, long time and could turn out to be the best thing for the whole gaming community full stop should we all recognise it when it appears!

BTW-not knocking HHG for NOT being the social gaming voice I was going on about but merely suggesting his "career path" could be a very uselful one for someone who DOES have those kinds of ideas in their head.

Monkey5213031d ago

Your posts are WAY too long. Write your main points or something, not a novel.

Whether he is a journalist or not, he is expressing his love for gaming. Sure, half the rumors he talks about are way far-fetched and could never happen in this reality, but it sure is entertaining. If you hate him, ignore him. I know, I know... "he's a disgrace to all legitimate gaming journalist" as if you guys are actually journalists. Let the man post his articles, ignore him if you want.... some people actually enjoy the way he presents his news/rumors. Let it go, don't be a d-bag.

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THE MAX SPEED 213032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

You guys can't stop HHG's husstle though. He's in the Gaming events talking to people , getting scoops on games , chilling with the GT cast doing interviews with the n4g staff members , Having his own thoughts of a videogame in a magazine while y'all up here crying about Biased titles and stuff like that.

HHG > your life

-Alpha3032d ago

He's legit yo. He gets the interviews and the secret press events.

DelbertGrady3032d ago

Why is it that it's ok to bash journalists at media outlets such as IGN, Gamespot etc, but as soon as someone says anything negative about HHG it's because they are jealous of him?

I know why, it's because deep down inside you know that the writers on IGN and Gamespot are good enough to rely on their journalistic skills to weather critique from gamers whereas HHG relies solely on attracting the same gamers by using baseless rumors to make them go "Hey, that's not right!".
He would never ever get a job at any respected publication. Not because of how he looks or acts but because he just can't write, and seems to have no deeper interest in gaming other than as to what headlines garners hits for his website.

snaz273032d ago

i agree that its not fair to be able to attack ign, but not hiphopgamer, however, its the things they attack him for that gets me... so his english or grammer might not be up to scratch, but we all understand what hes saying right? so what does it matter? they attack the way he talks! really does it matter how he talks? if people wanna attack his review scores or headlines or content thats fine, but personal attacks, really is that fair? ign is a faceless organization, people attack their reviews! Not the writer.

snaz273032d ago

and im glad of that! whats wrong with a bit of variety? and besides he doesnt need to as he has his own rather successfull outlet anyway... he does get interviews with big names in the industry and they are always entertaining and insightful, but as for his reviews, i think he scores games to high, he loves everything! lmao but maybe he genuinely does! he his very passionate about games! can you say that about ign staff? or is it just a job to them? id go for the latter.

-Alpha3032d ago

Hey, I have no problem with his style or cultural backgrounds, but the guy just makes some of the worst points ever and does a poor job trying to support them.

He thinks PC gaming is dead. Fair enough point, but his reasons are absolute garbage. It's hard to take him seriously,

snaz273032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

but surely you dont dissagree with EVERYTHING he says? i dont agree with him 100% of the time, s**t i dont even agree with my mrs 100% of the time lol... but he does have passion for gaming you can not deny that... look at his face when hes interviewing someone... you can see how excited he is and how much fun hes having, just like we would in his possition, and surely you gotta appreciate he hasnt done too bad for himself in the gaming world which is more than i can say anyway lol... and as i said i dont agree with most of his reviews as they are normally inflated, but perhaps he does just like every game who knows... i see nothing sinister about him, so its suprising that so many just come onto his threads to bash him, infact its kinda sad, and i can only put that down to jealousy... if you have a valid reason to dissagree with him though thats cool.

-Alpha3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

of course I don't agree with EVERYTHING he says.

As for passion, we all have it!

Sure he may seem excited and happy when interviewing someone-- why wouldn't he? Wouldn't you?

But that does that excuse the fact the guy is well known for making some ludicrous flame bait comments?

I mean come on, how can you say he loves gaming when he says something like PC gaming is dead? He hardly even understood PC gaming in that video of his where he claims console gaming killed it.

People keep telling me I'm "jealous" or that he's legit. Gamespot is legit, does that mean they are immune to bias? Remember their Army of Two fiasco?

Every time somebody brings up a negative comment or criticizes him his fanboys resort to juvenile insults. You apparently can't question his almighty reasoning because you are either jealous or he's legit so we should just leave him alone.

People have no problem attacking IGN, and that's fine-- but when somebody attacks HHG with legit reasons people get upset.

I simply find that HHG makes controversial topics without actually supporting his points. I wouldn't have a problem with him if he supported what he said, but he doesn't most of the time.

But to answer your question, no, I don't disagree with everything he says-- but who does?

snaz273032d ago

most poeple that come into his threads havent even seen his video, they just bash him straight away, ok he did an article you dont like or didnt agree with, that is what the forums are for, so you can voice your objection, howver i gotta say you come across a little snappy, even with me lmao... starting your comment saying no you dont agree with evrything he says, but i didnt say you did, and then at the end of the comment its like you did understand what i said and agreed that you dont DISSAGREE with everything he says, which was my point... when he doesnt back up his arguments tell him, he will get back to you, he has me on a few occasions... maybe hes just missimformed about pc gaming, doesnt exactly make him evil... and look at your first comment it was sarcasm, just like everyone else that comes into his threads, or they come in just to abuse him, the truth is tho he does see all our idols, and he gets to ask them questions, he does get to go behind the scenes, which we would both love to do.....

snaz273032d ago

i really dont think people defend him because people have genuinely got a dissagreement with what hes said... i mean look at any of his threads, the people commenting 9/10 havent seen the article or watched the vids... and anyway, if people disslike him sooooo much why come into one of his pieces in the first place, you seem like a reasonable chap to me, but i can sense an undertone of hate towards him, yours is mild but some people have real venin, why? cos of a headline? lol, its not THAT bad is it surely? and like i said you seem reasonable and im sure you can see some of my points? oh and a lot of interviewers i find REALLY boring, its like they are just going through the motions, i like hhgs interviewing style.

-Alpha3032d ago

Hey man I can't speak for everybody. I know that there are people who will come on to one of his videos and auto-bash him. I am certainly against that.

For me, as long as people are reasonable it is fair. I expect HHG to be reasonable, but I find that he isn't. In the same way I expect people who dislike him to have reasonable reasons, and sometimes they just bash him based on his look or whatever.

I can't argue for everybody and I was only arguing on a personal level. So I understand why you keep appealing to a general mass of people who "hate" him and I will agree with you on that.

DelbertGrady3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Pm me when HHG writes a review that consists of more than two words(must buy!). If he loves games so much how come he doesn't put enough time into them to review them properly, like other journalists do?
You want to know why? Cause it takes time and effort and HHG's only interest is to get more hits so he can eventually earn money from advertisement. You must be real naive if you haven't spotted that by now.

snaz273032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

you could well get lumped in with the auto bash types, especially when your first comment was a sarcastic one, know what i mean.. ive said from the start if anyone thinks hhg has said something rediculous, they have every right to say so. its just the pathetic ones that come in with statements like, oh flicpflop gamer again, hes such a loser!... or words to that effect, its just a bit boring lol... soda popinsky, ive said myself a few times now that i dont agree with some of his scores, but you think he rates games high to get hits? wouldnt he do better by rating games really low to be controversial? i genuinely believe he does just like alot of games, maybe his standards are not very high? or maybe hes more accommodating, i really dont think he does it for hits. people are far too critical of him personally, like your saying he has a hidden agenda, i really dont think he does. if he does just want money why has he messaged me on a few occasions? when i wasnt even talking to him! lol why does he come on here?

-Alpha3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Your right, my first comment was sarcastic and I pretty much contributed to the generalization. Sorry. However, I only did that in a light-hearted manner and wasn't trying to totally insult him: When an HHG video comes out I generally do find his views quite ignorant but I also have made many replies to his videos. I think that he lost respect and shouldn't expect people to believe everything he says when he is the one instigating flame bait articles and flame bait videos. So, even though people may tend to hate him generally, there are good grounds to do so. Now I know not every video should be auto-bashed, but it's hard to take HHG seriously when he doesn't come off serious. I honestly question if some of his videos are troll attempts (like the "PC gaming is dead because of consoles" one).

@snaz below

HATE is a strong, strong word. You have to understand that when people say that on the internet it's always blown out of proportion. people tell me that they will find my house and kill me. Surely that's just anger speaking. In the same manner, I don't think people dream of killing HHG... at least normal ones don't. At the end of the day video games is not the most of my concerns.

Again, I can't speak for everybody. I know that there are groups of people who absolutely bash HHG but can you honestly say he doesn't deserve some of it? There are always going to be extremists. I'm not looking at them because I don't take them seriously. I'm looking at the people who take HHG to be a joke and treat him as a joke. That doesnt mean they hate everything he says, but there are good grounds to expect certain things from HHG. History has proven that he makes flame bait articles and that's how he has become so famous: making extremist comments and getting extremist followers who eat up what he says.

snaz273032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

i know you did and just looking at some of the other comments, yours was nothing, but it does kinda put you in that crowd... and i gotta say i find whta you say a little off... ok so if he says modnation racers beats forza 3 let alone mario! or something like that, its just cause to HATE him? and to forever troll his threads calling him names? that just doesnt add up to me... personally id just say well thats rediculous as forza isnt even in the same category, what were you thinking hhg! lol i wouldnt hate him forever and troll his threads. loads of sites use flamebait, but its the flamers that fan the flames that are equally to blame, if there wasnt fanboys then his flamebait comments wouldnt find their mark, would they.. what do you mean about the pc is dead article? what you think he did it for some alterea motive? really? come on.. have you never said anything silly before? it seems he really offended you by his pc statements, but im sure it was nothing personal, and hes not the only one to have said it.

snaz273032d ago

does that mean hes due some flack yeah sure, about the headlines that are flame bait anyway, i still dont think it deserves personal attacks, i know what your saying about internet g**gsters, and yeah thats true. i think the good he does outweighs the bad... he does have access to info, that we do not, this is a fact! he is talking to people that know s**t, and its great that he puts the rumours out there... he ALWAYS states its a rumour! he will even say kinda how sure he is about it, he puts it out for discussion, whether they all come true or not is neither here nor there, but some do thats for sure, look at the god of war 3 trailer, they no doubt told him it would be released then for whatever reason, decided to pull it, and he let us know... i for one am glad hes doing well and i wish him the best, as i do you and everyone else... anyway dont you agree that if people dont like him they could just avoid his threads, quite easilly? last bubble anyway man, i do like a good debate, well done.

UnwanteDreamz3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Give it a rest. So people don't like him. Why would you take it personally? Why do you feel the need to ride on that mans d*ck?

I don't like his style but that is my opinion. I personally think someone should buy that man a thesaurus. Then maybe he wouldn't sound like a broken record when he gushes about a game.

Kids that think jealousy is the reason HHG is considered a joke to so many need to grow up. I am a grown as* man with a life. You kids keep the hero worship up but dont expect me to join in.

Oh and as far as not being able to do what he does. All he did was find a gimmick to sell himself to a demographic. In truth I think some of his stuff is almost a slap in the face to HipHop and the like. He is like a cartoon parody.

-Alpha3032d ago

Hey I'll give you a bubble, I enjoyed the discussion and respect your opinion.

Here's the thing:

HHG isnt the only one but he IS the most notoriously known one. I don't know any one person in gaming that is like him, maybe there are others but I haven't seen them.

And yes, that is somewhat unfair to focus all the hate on HHG but again, he brings it down on himself. I'm sure he knows that the more famous he gets the more haters he'll get: that's what happens when you have attention.

But anyways, good rational discussion, glad to see some people who are able to have civil debates, bubbles to you

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MetalGearRising3032d ago

U would never see HipHopGamer in a xbox360 magazine because Microsoft have High Standards and not just let some off the street junkie( HipHopGamer) talk about there games. Sony on the other hand have no respect they love HipHopGamer he always have positive stuff to say about Sony.

Also of topic i heard a RUMOR about a late night Fancy Dress party held at Sony HQ and form inside sources i heard HipHopGamer came dressed up as Kratos with a whip and he got more than bargained for......take this with grain of salt but insider says HipHopGamer was found tied to Ken Kutaragi table with his pants on the floor........Like i said it's rumors at the moment until i get a reply from HipHopGamer.

dtrain213032d ago

You made my day MetalGearRising......I almost died laughing

4cough3032d ago

Hes a Jobless PS3 fanboy with way to much time on his hands.

Troll_Police3032d ago

Say what you want about HHG but I bet you can't see GOW III footage early like him. Haters keep hating.

Pillage053032d ago

What does that have to do with not liking him?

Redempteur3032d ago

what's the point of behind closed doors if he can't produce accurate information afterwards ??

Was he alone to have seen this vid ? no ... did everyone made such articles ? no.

Being a rumor maker doesn't make ou goldly or immune to critic ... quite the contrary ..

UnwanteDreamz3032d ago

So I should tattoo his name on my a** like you did cause he saw some early GOW footage?

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