GameSpy: Talkin' About Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar's biggest game of 2010 isn't the next big-city violence simulator. Instead, it's an Old West violence simulator -- there's a big difference. The atmosphere of the Old West, from the saloons and whiskey to the horseback drive-bys, is as rich a setting as anything in the sci-fi, modern-day, or fantasy milieus. Other Western games have come before, but Red Dead Redemption might just be the first game that does justice to the Old West.

Several GameSpy editors are psyched about Red Dead Redemption, including resident humorist and alcohol enthusiast Brian Miggels. What follows is a heavily edited transcript of an electronic conversation he had with GameSpy Editor Gerald Villoria, who recently had the chance to play the game for himself.

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showtimefolks3158d ago

gaming while every site is full of articles and threads of how a game got bad review or if a game is timed exclusive. One thing we all forgot i think is the most important

not working for either sony or MS etc

heavy rain
yakuza 3
mafia 2 red dead
god of war 3
GTA dlc

games i am looking forward too i have yet to buy a game in 2010 heavy rain should be next one i will buy unless demo chnages my mind

while for others 2010 is a great start i have yyet to find something to play 2009 all the way till heavy rain