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MAG is unlike anything else on PS3. In fact, it's unlike anything else on any console system. To understand what it accomplishes, you have to look back to PC games like Joint Operations or PlanetSide, where massive numbers of players (i.e. more than 64) fought each other on wide-open battlefields. It's a sign of the times that the best example of those kinds of games is now a PS3 exclusive that you can't play with a mouse-and-keyboard. Welcome to the battlefield of the future. Now work your way up to squad leader and then be sure to open a chat channel to your platoon leader.

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PimpHandHappy3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

IGN hated the beta. Not a one had anything good to say when they had that writer write up

these guys got the score right. Im only a level 6 but im starting to understand the game a bit more... Just wish more ppl would use a dam headset

8.5/10 for me

deadreckoning6663116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Good Score.

garos823116d ago

this game has definately split the masses. it seems that online experiences vary from user to user.

judging by the few days i was playing the beta of this i would easily give ita high 8. i was extremely impressed with what little the beta had to offer.

however my first few playthroughs i thought the game was utter sh!t. That was until i started understanding and learning HOW to play the game.
i cant wait till pay day to pick this up :)

morganfell3116d ago

I stated before that the beta did not do this title justice. You take a few punches to the head at first but some daring and tenacity will pay off.

And teamwork, ...well perhaps that is why run and gunners do not get it. This game is either teamwork or the slaughterhouse.

Jake11113116d ago

I completely agree with this review. I am so confused about the negative reviews for this game like IGN for example.

I seriously (no fanboyism) have not played anything like this before. I stopped playing my 360 completely (even ME2) to get into this game nightly. I am now a squad lead and love the concept. I can actually launch air strikes in certain areas if my team gets the AA batteries blown up in time. This concept is awesome and fun.

I completely love this game and think that anyone who doesnt like it may have not partied up with people who were serious about playing it in its true entirety.

The first thing I did was invite a whole slew of new friends who actually had mics and were into playing as a team (following orders etc). Now, I just go online and invite them into my party and voila... I have 8 awesome guys who want to play a serious game.

I am completely hooked on this game.!!

Kudos to Zipper for creating something so unique and fun!

-Alpha3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

You have to be kidding me. MAG gets a decent score from IGN and your still pulling at straws saying that they hated the beta? Give me a break. They rated it a 7/10, just get over it and stop making excuses. They played the full game and didn't like it as much as you did. Why is that so difficult?

garos823116d ago

but why are you so vocal and "sure" about this game when u yourself i believe have stated you havent played it. seriously bro i cant take your posts seriously until u give this game a fair chance yourself.

and i dont mean running and gunning for a few minutes getting your butt handed to you and then you complaining that its crap

Rock Bottom3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Why do you whine so much?

It's not like he used the "OMG they hate PS3" card, so just lit it go for once.

raztad3116d ago


Bro, if you are level 6 and already scored MAG 8.5 get ready to change that score up to 10. Domination is gonna blow your mind. No kidding.

On topic: Glad game is getting some love from critics. Some love it, some hated it. This is a divide. I for one love it. MAG is just ahead of everything IMO, KZ2 now feels like child play.

-Alpha3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

He continues to make excuses by making assumptions. It's logical incoherent to state that.

Who said I'm "Sure" about this game? I wasn't saying anything about MAG's greatness. So telling me to play it is completely irrelevant.

The fact of the matter is that he's telling you people that IGN hated the beta as if that's what they reviewed and you willingly accept it.

It's the typical flip-flop attitude people have with reviews. When they praise a game people eat it up. When they criticize it, they insult it on false grounds.

Saaking3116d ago

Seems to me MAG is one of those Love it or hate games. Hopefully, I'll love it.

Shang-Long3116d ago

it really is. but take it from me. i dont like FPS at all. its just not for me but thie is the 1st FPS game i have ever liked. and a big reason is i like games that take teamwork to win.

like in warhawk. i always play CTF with a mic n when there's good teamwork that game is unforgettable. i dont like when ppl just do their own thing

Chubear3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Review gives MAG a 6 = over 150comments over 1000degree heat with "HA I told you so" cometary everywhere

Review gives MAG a 9.5 = 50comments 200degree heat and all of a sudden all those on the "6" rated article are nowhere to be seen or making stupid contradictory comments.

Don't be a fool, these people don't have access to MAG cause they don't have a PS3 or don't have the money to buy it. As a FPS fan, it's crazy not to go support and experience the first ever 128v128 FPS online game. Don't let these types of people stop you from experiencing this thing.

aaronisbla3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

@ alpha:

no offense buddy but you do tend to whine a lot, moreso than the average n4g user ( myself included ). gotta learn to let some sh!t go

On topic: i knew from the get go this game would be a love or hate type of game. Thankfully it lived up to my expectations.

pixelsword3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )'s *still* too early for a review, I don't care what score it gets.

It's only been a week. I know most SP games are beaten in that time, but this isn't some SP game. MAG is a curious concept in which the whole is much more than the sum of it's parts.

For example, IGN's reviewer was whining how SVER was winning all of the games, but now Raven is king of acquisition, and SVER can't take it away from them to save their life.

The best is yet to come when people actually will get a grip on the game, which takes time.


pimpmaster3116d ago

"Whether MAG succeeds or fades into another one of Sony's also-ran exclusives alongside junk like Haze and Killzone 2 is a matter of the player community. Will they devolve into the douchery of a small insular community, or will they help ease new players up the steep and undocumented learning curve?"

thats pretty cold right there lolz, calling kz2 junk

morganfell3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

@Rock Bottom, you do realize of course that you are whining...

@raztad, that is a very keen observation. Gamers that haven't leveled up to the point they unlock Domination yet do not know the meaning of controlled chaos. You simply have not experienced anything like it...ever.

jjohan353116d ago

How is the retail final version of this game different than the last beta version?

I ask because I loved the beta the first 20-30 hours, but attacking or defending the same maps over and over got old pretty quickly for me. Please let me know what else was added or changed in the final retail version because I'm on the fence about getting this game.

sikbeta3116d ago

lol good score and all but at this point when lot of people is playing it and is Awesome, who cares


mugoldeneagle033116d ago

This is one of the best reviews I've read from 1UP in a long time. I used to follow the site daily back when the 1UP Show first took off and after everyone got laid off (last year?) I haven't really visited it that much but damn, that was a good read. Honest and fair, while at the same time telling us of it's flaws.

FragGen3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

That was a disturbingly lucid MAG review.

I actually e-mailed the author complimenting him on being able to see the big picture with this title.

nycredude3115d ago

Like i have been saying. This is going to be a hate or love it game. The ones who hate it are COD and Battlefield type players who wants to just run and gun. They will get owned in this game and it WILL suck for them.

This game has a tremendous learning curve but give it time and it will be great. Kind of like Demon's Souls you get what you put into it. Either you get better or you perish. Only the strong survives.

Valor for the WIN! Until I reach level 60 and switch.


jack_burt0n3115d ago

"Review gives MAG a 6 = over 150comments over 1000degree heat with "HA I told you so" cometary everywhere

Review gives MAG a 9.5 = 50comments 200degree heat and all of a sudden all those on the "6" rated article are nowhere to be seen or making stupid contradictory comments."

One day!!!!! when the masses catch on ppl will learn to selftroll the articles they agree with :P <selftrolls 4 effect>

Lifendz3115d ago

I'm off to read the review. I didn't expect this high a score from any of the big three on this game.

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Erotic Sheep3116d ago

O_o ... didn't see this one coming..

callahan093116d ago

It's a great game, A- is a well-deserved and worthy score for this game. I don't understand how sites like IGN can be so critical of it. It's like they're completely oblivious to how impressive of a technical feat it is to run 256-player matches so smoothly with nice graphics and everything, and they didn't even seem to consider how unique the objectives are in Acquisition and Domination, how huge the maps are and how many different ways there are to go about your main goal on any one map. I'm not sure what IGN were looking for, but I highly disagree with their scores, but 1up seems to be more in tune with reality on this one. Tons of people are loving this game.

Ichiryoka3116d ago

I know a good game when I see it and this is one of them. I've watched so many JTV streams of people in different clans or militia groups, and what I saw while watching those streams is a game that would last me for a while and even longer when they release those inevitable maps and game modes.

Socomer 19793116d ago

Great review 1up.

How old are the reviewers today? 16? 19? 22?
That's too young to make reviews.
Where are the 30 to 35 year old masters of disasters?

These reviews are confusing the xbox360 fanboys!
Everyone that has bit the bullet & bought MAG are having the time of thier lives.
It's just the 360 only children that generally just follow people who they think are famous or popular
& pulling thier hair out. The media can't make up thier mind but the gamers all adore. Who do you follow?

Your heart.
You've played mw2. You've got a pretty good idea what mw3 will be like.
You've played battlefield. You've got some expectation of what bad company 3 will be like.
Yet you don't know Jack about MAG. It's unique. It's Different. It's Great. And it's unlike any gameplay you've played before.

Join Valor.

happy_gilmore3116d ago

these child-reviewers cannot handle a thinking man's game that requires skill and teamwork. besides, this is ign; prince of persia, a noob-friendly 5 hour game, was a 9.3 for these guys.

if you are a FPS fan who wants takes pride in winning instead of a high k/d ratio, then MAG is for you.

if you are a tweem xbot, then please stick to modern glitchfare 2.

Chubear3116d ago

They just manipulate the community for their own business purposes. Hey, I'll take a great review like this even though it's from 1UP which is an utter shocker but they mainly did this to bring hits to their site cause the reviews for MAG have been nothing but drama.

Like I said, I'll take the great review cause that'll help some sheep gamers to go get the game and hopefully we can see other developers see that MAOGs (Massive Action online games) are successful and they can keep improving and bringing more quality MOGs in the future