Quantum Theory Release Date Got Pushed Back

Tecmo KOEI announced today that Quantum Theory for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 will be facing a delay.

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TheHater2970d ago

I smell BS. March is just pack with God of War 3, Yakuza 3, FFXIII, GTA DLC (PC, PS3), BF:BC2, just cause 2, etc. March is looking like November of the holiday seasons.

Dragun6192970d ago

I think It's likely that the main factor of the delay was due to all the hate and criticism towards the quality of the game because I noticed everywhere I go, Be it IGN, Gametrailers, Kotaku, they always say it has bad graphics and it looks like a Gears of War Rip off. Seriously, everyone seems to be bogging this game down especially after it went multiplatform. Last Time i Checked the the viewer's rating for latest trailer was around 5.6 out of at least 1000 votes.

Mista T2970d ago

this game had a chance as a PS3 exclusive, but as a multiplat it'll sink in the pool of other more exceptional games of 2010

Axecution2970d ago

This game would have sole many, many more copies if it had remained a PS3 exclusive. At least PS3 fanboys would buy it. Now that its multi-platform, there's a total of about zero people that want it.

sparta762970d ago

I don't care if is muti platfrom or not.
I still want to play this game!
Am I the only one?

execution172970d ago

completely forgot about this game

Ghostsmoker2970d ago

a delay isn't a bad idea. Because this game won't have a chance against all the other great games which are going to be released in the next few month. When I first saw this game I thougt that it could turn out to be a great game. But right now I think it will be a bad Gears-clone. And it really doesn't matter if it's multi or not.

Guido2970d ago

Too much of a Gears clone and personally, I was not fond of Gears. Although a good game it just was not my cup of tea.

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spunnups2970d ago

The game's going to flop no matter how long you delay it.

MetalGearRising2970d ago

Did u know this game was once a ps3 exclusive........just in case anyone is wondering. Not any more since it went multi.

Ninji2969d ago

Did u know Vampire Rain was once a 360 exclusive........just in case anyone is wondering. Not any more since it went multi.

Adolph Fitler2970d ago

I hope it's great. Who cares if it went multiplat. COD series is multiplat and it does not hurt there quality or appeal.

And even though Dantes Inferno really wasn't impressive for me at all, and felt like a poor mans GOW, many people were impressed by the demo. So if this game can be of a similar quality compared to Gears (as Dante compared to GOW) then it has a good chance of selling. In the vids I saw the game looked quite good, so hopefully a demo in the not too distant future will ease our minds on this games quality and the dent it may or may not cause to our wallets.

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