The Wii Breaks Another Record

A press release circled by Nintendo Australia today has revealed more details on the success of their latest console. The Wii has become the country's fastest selling console, reaching 100,000 units quicker than any previously released home machine.

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M_Prime3957d ago

okay.. so who didn't see this one coming?

ITR3957d ago

I didn't, I thought everyone in Aussie land was buying PS3's.

firstworldman3957d ago

The Wii is taking over continents. This may or may not be a fad. Here's to the latter!

SlappingOysters3957d ago

I think the GC sold like 120,000 in total in Oz over its whole life-time!

I wonder what will ship the most consoles in Chrissy
Super Mario Galaxy
Halo 3 or

Diselage3957d ago

Go Go Gadget Wii.

If the Wii gets some games out soon they'll run away with the market but they need games and NOW!

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The story is too old to be commented.