Major Nelson: We're going to announce cool games and stuff at X10

TMC: It looks like Microsoft's X event is coming back with a bang like previous years.More information slips this time thanks to Major Nelson on his latest podcast. Major confirms MS is set to announce new cool games and stuff at X10.

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Bungie3241d ago

Please announce Gears of war 3
and PGR5
and show some cool stuff about Alan Wake

THE MAX SPEED 213241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

but but ms has no games thing dont work anymore this isnt 2009 you fools.

Alan Wake
Perfect Dark XBL
MonsterHunter Frontier
N3:3 dev's MMO
Halo Reach
Crackdown 2
2 Mission Secret Division Japanese Games
Cliffy B megaton new Game
15 Natal games from multiple Devs

rip mag by the way

Hisiru3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

"and show some cool stuff about Alan Wake."

Are you forgetting about Fable 3 and Halo: Reach? Come on Bungie, I used to like you, but now I am disappointed. :(

They need to show some gameplay of Reach and Fable 3.

A Cupcake for Gabe3241d ago

No Peter Molyneux Hype Video coming?

My day isn't complete without a nice cup of hot BS coffee.

Pistolero3241d ago

Yep...I am definitely excited to see some more about Alan Wake...and I hope we see something from Halo Reach...well, I am just excited to find out about all the different stuff coming for the 360...this is one of the best looking years I have seen since I bought my 360 in 2005.

Bnet3433241d ago

I'm tired of shooters but I'll take em' only because I have to. Why doesn't Microsoft announce Blinx 3? Those Blinx games weren't bad and Xbox needs more platformers. I want an epic JRPG and a platformer. I sound like a whiny little baby, but seriously though cmon. :/

THE MAX SPEED 213241d ago

Word kigmal

I'd like Rare to give us Conker Bad fur for xbox360 I'd be pleaed with that and Yes Blinx was a Good platformer.

Was grabed by the ghoulies any good? I never played it

IdleLeeSiuLung3241d ago

I would love to see some Natal games in action.

kewlkat0073241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

They need to mix it up....

Whatever happen to those KI teaser like last year or what not?..

fear883241d ago

And none of that minigame crap. I want that thing demoed on existing games like Gears.

EVILDEAD3603241d ago

I'm all for a big Microsoft press conference..but let's face it..the only press conference that matters is E3.

I say use the conference to boost the anticipation level of games that won't make the next E3. Alan..Splinter..etc..

I honestly don't want any more footage of Reach. They did the preliminary blowouts for a game with at least a half a year of dev time left.

I'm cool with bragging about whats coming..but I'd save the true footage until E3 for the fall games at least.

If you show footage now..then NO ONE will care come June. But the truth is that there are sooo many many good games to talk about in the next two quarters that X10 could just be about those and still have alot to talk about.

I guess we will see in less than two weeks what the boys at the M are cooking up.


IdleLeeSiuLung3241d ago

True about the importance of E3, but the Halo: Reach beta is this spring i.e. prior to E3....

So my guess is Reach will be further revealed at X10 or GDC.

EVILDEAD3603241d ago

The Reach Beta is only coming out a couple of weeks before E3. Again, I'm all with announcing that particuliar launch day, but anything you show before E3 is honestly lost footage.

Halo Reach deserves it's shine @ E3. I would use the time to show Aln and Splinter since both of those games will arrive prior to big conference.

I wouldnt show too much Natal either. When Natal showed voice recogintion tech during the demo @ last year's E3; Sony ran out and patented their own voice rec tech to be used with the wand.

Forza 3 literally pushed Gran Turismo 5 into an entirely new E3. That is the power of that conference.

This year's E3 should consist of Reach, Natal, Fable 3, and Gears of War 3..simply untouchable

SniperJDC3240d ago

Looks like the ps3 lovers are out at full force, hence all the bogus disagrees

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jmare3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Gotta love the announcement announcement. "We don't have anything to say right now, but we will at a later date." Priceless.

EDIT: I know what it's called, but that doesn't make it any less funny when company's make the announcement announcement. Hype is better served by being specific.

ClownBelt3241d ago

They will announce more Multiplatform games since they don't have exclusives. lol

TOO PAWNED3241d ago

with classic "Coming to Xbox 360 this fall!" - no comment if it is exclusive or not, since we all live in Xbox universe and there is only XBOX LMAO. Or better "Exclusively (FOR NOW) on Xbox 360, just like GTA4 DLC...."

keysy4203241d ago

either way i just got a powerful laptop i dont need a 360

JasonPC360PS3Wii3241d ago

Or should we say Microsoft exclusives on Windows and 360 and not on... the PS3.

Well you still have MAG :D

ClownBelt3241d ago

You're free to keep on spinning it. The fact remains that you don't have exclusives. Lmao

RBdrift3241d ago

Your comments only get better and better.Thanks for the daily laugh.

Conando3240d ago

If Windows was owned by Sony, then most of the big PS3 exclusives would see a simultaneous release on the PC, just like Microsoft's games do. Microsoft doesn't care about a bunch of PS3 fanboys downplaying the 360's lineup. If they can profit from having the game release for Games For Windows LIVE alongside the Xbox 360, then why the hell wouldn't they do it? These games only appear on Microsoft consoles/operating systems.

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TOO PAWNED3241d ago

O come on Ricochet is fan! Who doesn't want to overact in their living room and jump around like retard while everyone seating behind you point fingers and laughs!?