Sony Exec: Gran Turismo 5 Launching "This Fall"

In an interview with a Spanish website, CEO of Sony Entertainment Portugal James Armstrong had some disconcerting words for Gran Turismo fans...

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swiftshot933211d ago

For Christ's sake, just release the game. This sucks hard.

GreenRingOfLife3211d ago

I wonder if it will get delayed again

i hope not

WildArmed3211d ago

They might have put it off for the fall lineup..
well E3 is near.. expect some dates

Bigpappy3211d ago

I believe this is to try and counter some of the attention 360 will have with Halo, Fable and Natal all releasing around this time. I don't know if GT5 and PS-motion will be enough though. Very interesting holiday season.

deadreckoning6663211d ago

Why don't you guys just boycott the game when it comes out to show PD that u shouldn't be played around with?

40cal3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

This game is day one period.

SOAD3211d ago

I can't believe Turn 10 was right. And to think, GT5 is going to be released almost one full year after its main competitor.

No wonder Turn 10 talked all that crap.

MTEC83211d ago

to pretty much all of the GT games, hope this comes out sooner then later. I don't even bother trying to follow the release dates anymore because it always gets pushed back, I'll be picking it up when it comes out...better be this year though :).

barom3211d ago

I'm cool with a fall release. It's not like I don't have any games to play during spring and summer. I just hope that they use this extended time to do something cool and not let the game sit in their garage just to release it in the fall like *cough* ODST *cough*.

MTEC83211d ago

Really? Turn 10 has the rights to put down PD just because their game came out first? I honestly don't even put Forza and GT in the same category, not saying Forza is a bad game but I can't stand the idiots at Turn 10.

RememberThe3573211d ago

The game looks like it is going to kick ass when it comes out.

BuZzz Killington3211d ago

there giving you 4 games worth of content for the price of 1 game when it comes out gt 5 is gunna be so overwealming with content. im not sure what there up to tho i really think they' ve been confirming things that werent included in the game so the more they listen to what us fans rally want they increase the wait lol. so cant get mad or impatient theyre really just listening to their loyal fans......if none of us wanted full relistic damage, or night and day racing with weather sytems, track editer's, 1000 cars, nascar, rally, the game would have been out lol. we just want so much and by delaying theyre just showing they trying their hardest to give us what we want....could be they need a blockbuster to compete with natal and halo reach or summers a bad time so fall is the next logical decision......its gunna be a good game either way and its gunna be like 4 games in 1 so thats an incentive to wait or not be mad at them....rally, nascar, formula 1, le mans, drifting, basically everything lol and its all gunna look better then each game that makes those classes alone example grid, dirt 2, formula 1, this news is dissappointing but just remember why we have to wait.....before you complain and so fouth

Saaking3211d ago

Yea, I think Sony is saving this to go up against Halo. Yes, both are completely different genres, but each one is Sony's/MS' biggest game. It'll get real interesting.

table3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

lol @ deadreckonings comment. I thought it was pretty funny :)

On topic, I think it is good that they are taking the time to perfect the game.

bioshock12213211d ago

I agree I can't believe they delayed it again. Isn't it apparently already finished its gonna have a lot to prove when it comes out.

SOAD3211d ago

Turn 10 said that they at least "showed up."

Forza is not as good as GT, but even a fanboy can admit that having a game is better than not having one.

And Turn 10 made their game in a timely manner. Of course, Forza 3 could have used a good deal of polishing, but it is a AAA title so far.

DarkTower8053211d ago

If they're going to keep on delaying this game, I hope they put in some car customization like Forza 3 has. Imo, that's the only thing Forza has had on the GT series.

snaz273211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

could you please show me a link to a release date from PD or sony, that has been broken or pushed back? as far as i know the only release date has been for japan, in march, they didnt give one for the rest of the world!..... oh and ofcourse turn10 can badmouth PD cos they came out earlier! i mean it basically makes it a better game, same way the xbox360 is much better than ps3, because that came out earlier, this is pretty clear logic lmao... take your time PD, bring me an awesome real time damage engine! its not like im just gonna sit there waiting! i guess thats the beauty of having so many games to play lol, 4 exclusives this month alone! and next month what game comes out again? oh yeah GOW3 baby! lol.

Jamegohanssj53211d ago

GT:5 will be the finally blow. It's the true Megaton.


Aclay3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I was really hoping for GT5 this Summer considering it's so near completion, but I've waited this long and possibly having to wait several months longer isn't a big deal for me.

If GT5 is indeed "90% Complete" according to Yamauchi and if it's not coming out until Fall, it's almost obvious that Sony may be holding off on releasing GT5 until this Fall for a potentially bigger impact...but honestly I think that GT5 will sell big numbers and shift countless PS3's regardless of when it's released.

Sony releasing GT5 is like the equivalent of Microsoft releasing Halo 3 (because both are the biggest Exclusive sellers on each respective platform) and timing is everything when releasing such an important title.

Lifendz3211d ago

Sony needs a major holiday release to go along with Resistance 3, Infamous 2, Last Guardian, and whatever other games you wanna throw out there. 1st quarter is too congested with games. Why not hold this one back to headline your Fall releases? I know we all want it now but patience is a virtue. God of War III, FFXIII, Heavy Rain, and whatever else should be more than enough to make the time pass.

EvilBlackCat3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )


Lets see if they (PS3 extremists) boycott Polyphony Digital for this.
They cry for Final Fantasy XXIII & Devil May Cry 4 when was announced for xbox360 but they wont boycott Sony and Polyphony for making them wait BEYOND their expectations right?

Geeeeez they even criticize Activition for Call of Duty MW 2 and that was a PC issue.

Gran Waiturismo


Like i told you guys before they just hyped you with games for fall 2009 like GoW3, GT5 etc and then when some people tough "ok now i buy a PS3".... BOOOM delayed to next year. Why because they reality is they are afraid of 2010 like i told you before the year of Xbox360 is 2010.

Xlivegamer was right about this right?

sikbeta3211d ago

This article is getting the attention from lot of non PS3 owners, wanna know why cuz they'll never buy it, so damn pointless

Anyway GT5 will be BEAST, whether you hate SONY, the +20 First Party Devs, Kaz Yamauchi-san, VAIO, BRAVIA, CYBERSHOT, SONY ERICCSON, SONY BROADCAST, SONY PICTURES and..........

Way to Hate lol

Tinted Eyes3210d ago

Cool, now they have a blockbuster for the holiday season.

AKNAA3210d ago

What the F$#@K man! that almost feels like another year wait!!! what the hell happen to "we can release the game anytime"?!?!
Damn these [email protected]$Kin delays! I'm personally beginning to loose my patients and interest...
Now I have to get NFS: shift to calm my racing urges...

xXFrostXx3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Amen to that, I was sure Sony was going to release it every where by late may or early June. Seems like they might be saving it to face off with Halo Reach and Natal. Thank God there will be other exclusives to keep me busy.

edit:I was replying to swiftshot93, somehow my comment dropped to the bottom.

Hanif-8763210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

I'd give up on buying any game this year if i could only have this game :-)

FamilyGuy3210d ago

Just release the damn thing already. We're going to buy it, it was "%90 complete" at the start of this year, don't hold it back till fall just to get some sort of Christmas boost. The fans are and have been waiting long enough.

hay3210d ago

Well, at least in this case delays mean quality. I'm looking at you Square.

Disccordia3210d ago

It can't really be delayed when it never had a release date to begin with (outside of Japan)

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Tripl3seis3211d ago

wtf bro are you for real? i have been wating for this game for far too long man this is bullsh!t.

dalibor3211d ago

Just play some other games. Yes we all want the game to come out but just like real cars, you need the best optimization possible to have it work, so GT5 can have that extra time. Wouldn't you want the game to be the best it can be? There are other racers out there to help the time slip by until GT5 zooms by.

MetalGearRising3211d ago

Doesn't bother me i have FORZA 3.

jidery3211d ago

Its a great game to tide you over for the real thing.

Lord_Ranos3211d ago

You mean Flopza 3 the real painting simulator?

tatotiburon3211d ago

go an buy your Massive Flop Game

Lord_Ranos3211d ago

Lol and why Mag flopped cause some sites gave it 6 and 7?

Mag simply owneds all gimped exclusive in technology and graphics (mainly the gaylo titles)except maybe for Gears 2.

W831SOLIDSNAKE3211d ago

Sooooooo...... What disc are you on? LMFAO

Conando3211d ago

Oh, come on. MAG has a 77 average. Just admit it; it flopped HARD!

tatotiburon3211d ago

lol so according to you why forza 3 flopped?

NateNater3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

MAG has a 77 on metacritic? Who cares?

It doesn't matter to me because I know its one of the only FPS games right now that at least tries to be innovative in a sea of generics. And it succeeds in many ways.

Metacritic is all opinion. Every review you ever read will be opinion. You should have your own opinion on it instead of just listening to what everyone else has to say.

On topic: GT5 can wait. Too many other good PS3 games comin' out early this year anyway.

Snake Raiser3211d ago

77 for MAG means it's an ok game. Probably good for FPS fans. How is 77 a fail? Fail gets thrown around way too easily. To me I have just said screw it and made my own way of determining if a game fails. To fail a game must have ALL of the following traits.
1: Low review scores (below 60/100)
2: Low sales
3: Not even a nitch following.
It's too early to tell if 2 apply to MAG, but it's almost certain that 1 and 3 don't.

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maniacmayhem3211d ago

By the time this comes out cars will be flying.

xHarvey3211d ago

If by the time the game comes out and cars are flying they would have to make a new engine. GT prologue is still a great game though.

An off topic question now. How do I change my username? I see the option but when I click the icon it tells me that the option is disabled.