Dante's Inferno Might Outsell God of War III

Golgotron says, "Before you tell me that I am retarded I encourage you to read all, or at least most, of this article. My goal with this piece is to attempt to look at these two games from a different point of view from how most people might see this situation. I think most people just assume that God of War III is going to sell like hotcakes because it is a popular title among the hardcore audience. Those same people probably just see Dante's Inferno as a cheap clone of GoW.

Don't get me wrong, GoW III will like sell very well. I am simply trying to look at the situation from a more analytical point of view and I think Dante's Inferno has a chance to outsell God of War III. If, after reading all the way through, you still think I am idiot then by all means tell me and give me a legitimate counter-argument."

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MAR-TYR-DOM3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

that will only happen if the 360 version has strong sales i doubt ps3 owners in this surplus of amazing game market would waste money on a GOW ripoff....

THAT MEANS, if 360 sales of DI are strong, that just further proves 360 owners are hungry for GOW game AND the only way you will get true GOW experience is from the PS3!

WHICH MEANS GOW3 will outsell D.I...
WHICH MEANS this article fails...
WHICH MEANS god of war 3 is teh sh!t...


Im such a genius.

/sarcasm lol FCUK YOU SPOK! i hate your logical ways, look what it has done to me and wow i didnt know i could take 'that means' that far :)

GreenRingOfLife3036d ago

hopefully $ony gets out there and markets gow3 very good like it deserves to be kratos ftw

Jamegohanssj53036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Superbowl ad? Check. Multiplatform? Check. Even a PS3 fanboy like myself could see that, but life time sales I think not. Sony can out sell if they get a huge marketing campaign out though.

Rofl Marty. Bubbles. LMAO at you pwning Spock.


Nitrowolf23036d ago

currently right now the pre-order for ps3 are higher then 360? i know they are just pre-order (not garenteed piurchase but it gives u an idea) but they have a huge difference right? does anyone have updated pre-order?
plus i don't think it will ousell GOW3, mybe if u combine ps3 and 360 sales, but each separate no, aslo why does this even matter, who the f cares, point is if i want to get both i can

AKNAA3036d ago

I don't really care who out sells what.... all I know is that I'm getting them both!

morganfell3036d ago

Wait, namelessted submitted this? No thanks. This article is easy to categorize on that one fact alone.

Halo 3 MLG Noob3036d ago

I haven't seen any hype nor marketing around Dante's Inferno... other than that weird marketing scheme during E3.

young juice3036d ago

i dont think its probable, bayonetta seems better than dantes inferno and bayonetta didnt even reach 300k on the 360

damnightmare3036d ago

Maybe it will outsell GoW3, but looking at some of the recent multiplatform releases like Bayonetta they haven't sold over a million combined even.

Who really cares if it does outsell it though, it's releasing on more then 1 console. If it does we'll hear the fanboys arguing about it for weeks and if it doesn't the PS3 fans will have a laugh for a bit and then it's over.

Predictable N4G and predictable article

Saaking3036d ago

Yet GOWIII will be miles better. Sales =/= Quality. Besides, Dante's on two consoles, Kratos only on one.

deadreckoning6663036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Might? Of course DI, will sell GOW3...its MULTI-PLATFORM. If he means that the PS3 version of Dante's Inferno will outsell God of War 3, then thats a WHOLE different story. Odds are it won't happen, but I'd like to remind everyone that the PS3 version of Bayonetta OUTSOLD the 360 version despite the inferiority of the PS3 version, so anythgs possible.

"Yet GOWIII will be miles better. Sales =/= Quality. Besides, Dante's on two consoles, Kratos only on one"

Why do you always have to bring quality up in a SALES article??? If ur not interested in sales, then why did u comment?

@jwatt- Either way it won't matter who outsells who because NPD doesn't count Amazon or Walmart numbers, so were never gunna know. NPD gives a good estimation, but isn't even CLOSE to the REAL sales numbers.

@SilentNegotiator- The title of this article is, "Dante's Inferno Might Outsell God of War 3". If ur talking about quality here, then ur obviously off-topic.

jwatt3036d ago

Even considering that DI is multiplatform, it's not going to outsell GOW 3. Just by looking at the pre-orders you can see that DI is leading on the ps3 but it's barely keeping up with GOW 3 preorders.

ClownBelt3036d ago

I believe games that are sold on Amazon aren't included on NPD. We get our numbers on NPD so....

Halo 3 MLG Noob3036d ago


I still can't believe Bayonetta sold that much. Just wow. Unexpected.

SilentNegotiator3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Getting both (On PS3, DI on PS3 comes like a collector's edition at no added charge (In US) and has better textures), day 1. GOW3 will definitely be better but both will be fun, and I don't give a hoot which sells what so long as the devs profit.

"Why do you always have to bring quality up in a SALES article??? If ur not interested in sales, then why did u comment?"
It's "News 4 Gamers" not "News 4 Stockholders"

lightningsax3036d ago

Ted's main point was basically "Assassin's Creed had a strong multiplatform showing on its first iteration, and Dante's Inferno also looks good on the surface, so it'll sell a bunch." I don't think that's the whole story.

Assassin's Creed had a massive marketing campaign. We're talking millions upon millions in TV ads, including featured "premier trailers" during shows. It sold well on its awesome and massive marketing, not on how attractive the box or the premise was. EA just doesn't have that AC1-era Ubisoft cash right now. Look at the marketing fail that happened so far, with all the stupid "viral" campaigns that led to nothing but rancor for the marketing firm.

GOWIII will be marketed, yes, but it will also sell based on its past success. Not to mention the PS3 market was much, much, much smaller when MGS4 was released, and I don't think the GOW franchise will mimic MGS4's drop in sales.

If anything comes of this, it'll be because of the awful economic state we're in right now. We do buy the games we love, but the games we kinda want aren't always purchased. I feel that way about Dante's Inferno- in a period of game gluttony, we'd swipe it up, but based on the demo's quality, and at this point in time... not so much.

Christopher3036d ago

It's always illogical to compare a multiplatform to a console exclusive when talking sales.

Bathyj3036d ago

The same reason people bring up gameplay in graphics articles.

MAR-TYR-DOM3036d ago

WOW! N4G still surprises me day in and day out, so why did i lose a bubble? for cracking a joke? Come'on lighten up people

Bodyboarder_VGamer3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I played DI demo and even though the graphics are kinda lame it has an interesting premise just like GOD. Kratos will kill the gods and climb the mount olympus in the back of the titans and DI will give us a glimpse of hell. Gameplay wise DI is not a bad game either, it has some GOW elements but that's cool. How many lame shooters are copying Halo and CoD gameplay and nobody's saying crap, most of them sell well too.

Lifendz3036d ago

Worldwide it's impossible. Sorry boys but no way does Dante outsell Kratos.

randomwiz3036d ago

Sony doesn't need to market a game as much as you'd expect. It'll spread with word of mouth. You already have kratos on nascar, in 7-11, kratos sackboys. Kratos is a well known figure.

FamilyGuy3036d ago

"Joseph said:

I am going to have to disagree with you. I know alot of games have sold well, but new EA IPs don’t generally sell that greatly. Look at Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge. Also If you look at the preorder charts for America God of War 3 preorders are greater than Dante’s Inferno, and DI is closer to release. The numbers from GoW3 are 327,688 and DI on both consoles added up to 200,415. God of War 3 still has a month and a half to rack up preorders, DI has 2 weeks. I don’t beleive it will sell more. I see 1.3 million for the PS3 version and 850,000 for the 360 version. Bringing it to 2.15 mill."

I agree completely with this, though I'd reverse the PS3 and 360 sales numbers as I expect it to sell better on 360 seeing as they don't have GOW3. Either way, Dantes Inferno will sell well but the reviews for it (good or bad) will have a HUGE influence on its sales where GOW 3 is a bonified "system seller" no matter the reviews.

Also, bringing up GOW2 sales is pointless because the PS3 and 360 were out and many (hardcore gamers) overlooked it.

kewlkat0073036d ago

It's been the year of the Action games and it started with Bayonetta....

W-k3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

what really amazes me is how much Sony's games sell with what little marketing they do,i love the dear PlayStation commercials hope they market the hell out of god of war 3 they need to start pushing commercials in everyone's face for there games i see more commercials for MS and Nintendo then for Sony,they need to start stepping it up.most people don't use these type of sites like we do and are really clueless unless they see some thing on TV or hear about a game from a friend,like e3 one of the biggest gaming events of the year if not the biggest but most people don't even know about it.that's why Sony really needs to pick things up there on the right track but they still need to do better.Dante's Inferno looks really cool tho but i don't think it will stand up to god of war,going to check it out tho might rent it.

PS3Freak3036d ago

I know alot of people who are buying a PS3(or already have) just so they can play God of war 3.

sikbeta3036d ago


all of you saw the 2 agrees that GreenRingOfLife have, well that's him with his other ACCOUNTS

lol How Pathetic a Person Can Be


Well, knowing how much Sony Haters Actually HATE SONY, they probably ask to mom and pop for 2 Copies of DI in order to outsell a PS3 Exclusive... lol

NVM, if we take in consideration the amount of guys ($uckers) that Pirated the Previous GOW Games, we see that this Franchise have a lot of Fans and by that they'll inevitably Going To Buy a PS3 and GOW3 just cuz they Know How Amazing is Going To be

Gamers FTW!!!

bacon133036d ago

I agree with the author's statements that DI might outsell GoWIII being that DI is multiplatinum, being relased a month earlier, and avoiding the FF13 train. With that said, I feel GoWIII will outshine DI in everyway possible.

gaffyh3035d ago

Tbh, Dante's Inferno does have a huge chance of outselling GOW3 because it is:

1. An EA game, and is backed by their money, therefore more advertising (superbowl ad apparently).

2. It's out on 3 platforms, PS3/PSP/360

3. It's the same situation as inFAMOUS and Prototype, in which case inFAMOUS was the better game (fact), but got less sales because it wasn't multiplat.

So I'd be surprised if it didn't outsell GOW3 personally, but I am of course looking forward to GOW3 a hell of a lot more than Dante's Inferno (which I'm also getting).

N4Flamers3035d ago

thats like saints row outselling any GTA.

Sorry there are just too many oversights in this "article". The writer states that GOW3 sales might be hurt by PS3 exclusives like heavy rain, and FF13 (though not exclusive) but he doesnt think that a lesser known new IP might?

the other fail for this article is when he compares DI to the launch of other games not in the same genre. Lets compare it to assassins creed which had nothing to do with it, and launched like 3 years ago. Try comparing it to bayonetta and darksiders. Both new Ip's both launched this year and both multiplat. Sorry that would only prove the correct point that GOW3 not only kills DI in terms of quality, but has the established fanbase and marketing to outsell it.

Dante flavored slurpee? Who the hell is that the guy from devil may cry? Nope, some other dude. I do think the superbow; add will help push numbers, some people like me will buy both.

pain777pas3035d ago

This is another Forza situation where it would be criminal if they sell more than the original. Just pathetic. I will rent it though cause the story is interesting. GoW3 is a day one buy Im getting VC and the GoW collection this week.

monkpunk13035d ago

outsell, of course only on 360 though.... lol

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Towers763036d ago

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Though I don't know who's more retarded: the guy who wrote this garbage article or me for clicking the link even though I know better. Ah what the hell this guy's definitely more retarded.

Gen0ne3036d ago

*still laughing* +1 bubble for the chuckle

PshycoNinja3036d ago

exactly what I was thinking. GOW has a huge fanbase that will buy the game, DI doesn't. Plus GOW is leading the preorder charts at almost every retailer.

I hate how people bring up marketing. They are already marketing GOW3 at 7-Eleven and GameStop vigorously. And I'm sure Sony has a big TV marketing brewing up.

sikbeta3036d ago

Towers76 you're not, the majority of guys in this site fall in this [email protected] always, it seems like the site was made only for that lol

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MetalGearRising3036d ago

YES it will out sell gow3 also any game on xbox360 can out sell any ps3 Exclusive game.

keysy4203036d ago

this isnt infamous vrs prototype. which we know what happen there alot of people got there feeling hurt with prototype

Kerrby3036d ago

Hahaha. Good ole' Prototype.

I loved how the bots said that would destroy inFAMOUS.

inFAMOUS actually turned out to be a GOOD game.

3035d ago
happyface3036d ago

If Dante outsells God of War sony should just pack it up and go home

PshycoNinja3036d ago

If Call of Duty outsells Halo Microsoft should just pack it up and go home. <---- See what I did there?

Bathyj3036d ago

Actually no, because those of us that play games, not sales figures will still get an awesome game (trilogy).

You'd like Sony to quit wouldnt you, so all games could be mindless and generic, like you.

sikbeta3036d ago


Man, you already thought what are you going to do with your "Life" when the PS4 will come out and if you're going to pull the trigger, make a letter saying you don't like gaming at all, so there will be no connection between a Death and Gaming