Free Red Faction: Guerrilla With Metro 2033 Pre-Order

THQ has a tempting offer for PC owners. If you pre-order Metro 2033, you'll get another one of their PC shooters - Red Faction: Guerrilla for free.

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Jamegohanssj53152d ago

How is this at 150 degrees?


EvilCackle3152d ago

I think a mod fell asleep on a lever or something.

-MD-3152d ago

How does the degree system work anyways?

TheIneffableBob3152d ago

Basically, it's how much traffic the story receives.

EvilCackle3152d ago

Traffic and comments. How fast it gets each is important, too.

El_Colombiano3152d ago

Why wouldn't it be at 150 degrees? Its at 240 right now.

DeadlyFire3152d ago

Smart marketing from THQ. Something I have not seen very often or before I don't think.

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solidt123152d ago

Thats a great deal. Red Faction is a good game too.

-MD-3152d ago

RF:G was a SUPER enjoyable game, anyone who likes smashing stuff needs to give it a spin.

GrilledCheeseBook3152d ago

well this'll boost both games sales. Good ol pc gaming, always giving me sweet bundles

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