Modern Warfare 2 care package exploit still causing a headache for Infinity Ward

Despite recently releasing a patch to address the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 exploits, there is word spreading around the Web that cheating gamers are still finding a way around it. And such an issue is still causing a headache for Infinity Ward, at least according to Robert Bowling, Community Manager for Infinity Ward

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TrevorPhillips3090d ago

I've discovered a new infinite emergency airdrop and care package glitch, Instead of gettin up on a ledge and tapping double right before u get up hold ur grenade button and double tap right at the same time and get up on the ledge.

Modern Glitchfare 2

goflyakite3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

A headache for them? Try playing against it. Boo hoo for making a glitch filled game and making millions.

@ below, just waiting for BFBC2.

dalibor3090d ago

"A headache for them? Try playing against it"

Just quit then. That's what I would do. But some glitches are hard to see if someone is doing it. I noticed a couple people now using that one man army glitch where you get infinite ammo. I know he was cheating b/c of the kill cam. Obviously not all of the game modes have kill cam. But the glitches have not been to the point where it's unplayable, so far, at least with me & I usually play TD(less campers).

CyberCam3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

LMFAO (x10)! MW2 was one of the largest grossing entertainment medium ever to be released.... more like the biggest rip-off of any entertainment medium ever!

Thank God I'm not part of that statistic! I was one of the smart ones.

BX813090d ago

@Dalibor Just quit then? Maybe you don't understand the extent of this issue. I play MW2 with my friends on the 360 and I'll lay it down like this I played 10 matches of Search and Destroy. 8 out of 10 matches included the package glitch. I then played 6 matches of Team Deathmatch. All 6 involved the care package glitch. The first one I charge to IW for making this crap the second is crappy players trying to find any way to ruin the crappy game for everyone else.

znu3090d ago

i just played 20 or so matches of search and destroy with 4 friends on ps3

no one used any glitches... altho the lag in mw2 is getting annoying
really ruins the game

(i dunno bout u guys but i rarely see glitches on the ps3 version of the game :S)

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ChineseDemocracy3090d ago

I wish i could say IW doesn't deserve this, but in all honesty they do. Maybe they'll have a public beta next time around.


DaTruth3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

The problem with betas is that the trolls get to pretend they played it before the release and slag it all over the internet(ie.MAG). Or in the case of MW2, people who really have played it justifiably slagging it all over the internet!

evilmonkey5013090d ago

not to believe they intentionally left in all these exploits.

BX813090d ago

@DaTruth Who cares? Oh no someone said something negative about my game! F that. Have a proper beta so all these d bags can find this crap out before release and make the consumer feel like they got a good product!

SixZeroFour3090d ago

*facepalm* this is really starting to get ridiculous for IW...i bet it IS hard to create a patch to solve a glitch, but this many glitches or problems shouldnt have been release with a "finished" product (same with RROD and 360, and i DO only have a 360)

im sure the same amount of ppl would have purchased the game had they held back the game a few weeks or months to test for bugs and glitches extensively, but they just had to cash in and release it as is without a demo or beta for community feedback

xHarvey3090d ago

Remember when they said that there wont be a beta because they felt it wasn't needed? They thought their team did a great job of testing it themselves. You never know what can happen once the game is out and into the hands of the masses. The only game I'm playing right now is Mass Effect 1 so I can catch up on the story and then I'll buy ME2. I need games to keep me entertained until the release of The Last Guardian I thought MW2 was going to be that game...

Halo 3 MLG Noob3090d ago

Yep, a beta would help immensely.

Even the BFBC2 beta on PS3 was cleaner than MW2.

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