Xboxic: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige cheaters get suspended

Xboxic reports: Hell hath no fury like a Microsoft scorned - a recent announcement has been made by an official member of the Xbox Live Team that soon all those who have obtained Prestige levels from 'Modern Warfare 2' illegitimately will get suspended from Xbox Live.

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TrevorPhillips3093d ago

Suck SH$!* to all those people that are using JTag to hack the game

rroded3093d ago

they might get a few to make an example but most of em will get away with it imo...

mikeslemonade3093d ago

It only does everything. I can cheat on PS3 if I want, and not get suspended. In fact I did do the prestige glitch. I haven't play MW2 in like a month though.

ReservoirDog3163093d ago

Why would you brag about that? Like really?

"I can cheat on my system but you can't"

Like really, you're proud of that?

No offense or anything but that's some weird logic man.

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-Alpha3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I am absolutely fine with suspensions and it's 100% unfair for people who play the game honestly.

However, this hack is one of the most popular ones so it's going to really bring down numbers.

I love how MS does this. They ensure that their community plays fairly and keeps people happy.

Cheating should not happen in a game and there should most definitely be consequences to discourage others from doing it.

However, this should not excuse the lazy slackers at IW from fixing their damn game.

I actually like these cheaters in some ways: they keep grieving IW and they expose the poor networking for the MP and in that sense I am happy that IW has to pay for their mistakes.

IW truly deserve a slap across the face for such horrible work. I understand that cheats and glitches are bound to happen but they are on such a massive scale in MW2 that it's shocking that IW didn't catch or fix any of it.

That's what these monkeys get for hiring their own "testers" instead of letting the actual GAMERS test their game.

If you go to Bowling's twitter page he even admits that the care package glitch is the bane of existence.

Wanna know what's funny? They fixed the glitch twice, only for it to be exposed again. They clearly put in MINIMUM effort when "fixing their game" since they didn't look for the root of the problem and instead just trimmed the branches.

It's the same thing with 1887's. Instead of actually going to the root of the problem they just reduced the range without taking into account FMJ makes it as if the 1887s weren't patched at all.

Lazy, lazy, lazy and very near sighted. These guys clearly didn't think their game through in the long run as evident by the ridiculous gameplay mechanics that they tossed in. I swear to you it's like they pulled concepts out of an a**-hat and put it into the game.

CrippleH3093d ago

I agree in no way should a Dev get away Scott free with a bug riddled game. Gears of War 2's reputation have been tattered thanks to it's shortcomings.

retrofly3093d ago

Dances on the graves of cheaters. \o/

Trebius3093d ago

Otherwise they'll just keep cheating.

tinybigman3093d ago

they'll get 1 or 2 but the 100s, 1000s of those who cheat will never get caught so banning whoever does get caught means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

BX813093d ago

1 or 2? I doubt it. All you have to to do is look at time played and the current prestige. It's not a difficult science plus number of kills. That alone will see a lot of suspensions. I'm glad that they are doing this. It may not fix how people feel about this game but the next one you know little 10 yr old johnny will think twice about it.

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