PS3: Sony Boosting Software Lineup To Boost Sales

Sony Corp. expects a sharp increase in the number of games released for the PlayStation 3 this business year, in a move that should help the game console's slumping sales, the Nikkei business daily quoted the head of Sony's game division as saying in an interview.

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) President Kazuo Hirai was quoted by the Nikkei newspaper as saying that 200 software titles and 180 download-only titles would be released for the PS3 in the current business year to next March.

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kspraydad4198d ago

380 Titles by Mar 08!

Let's hope new guy Kaz has learned not to overstate things.

TruthHurts4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

they did it w/ the ps2.
why not now if anything i`d say more games will be on the ps3 than ps2.

alot of games will be announced at e3. thats what they did w/ ps2. their basically taking the same approach as w/ ps2.


SONY is the ONLY company that from the psOne has delivered incredible software. MS didn`t. the Big N didn`t.
when Sony says they have titles coming, you better believe it.


"Let the digital waters of the PlayStation River flow just like the good ol' days"

its great isnt it.
I Love to watch Sony while their at work, doing what they do.
its inspiring, from a business sense.




I`vw been makin sweet love to Sony for.........about 10-12 years. tantric baby tantric.

Mr_Kuwabara4198d ago

LOL your comment was touching...

drtysouf214198d ago

Thanks Sony! More games are always welcome. Can't wait for E3 to find out what some of those are.

Maddens Raiders4198d ago

Let the digital waters of the PlayStation River flow just like the good ol' days. Gotta love it!

sonarus4198d ago

haha truthhurts soundin like he wanna make sweet love to sony. Great to hear sony is coming out with new titles though. This wait is terrible

DJ4198d ago

but their strategy of pushing out an onslaught of new titles around August/September 2001 sold consoles at a record pace. I'd imagine that E3 announcements coupled with a slew of awesome titles afterwards are going to have a positive impact on sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.