Eurogamer: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat review

STALKER. Unbroken, without being modded. If you're a fan, this is basically what you've been waiting for - a fully functioning STALKER which combines the best aspects of Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky and polishes them to a slightly creaky charm.

Only the slight sensation of datedness prevents this from scoring higher, and no doubt once the mods start flowing the value for money will get even better. But there's plenty here to keep the faithful feeling extremely optimistic about the prospect of a proper sequel. And there's still nothing out there quite like STALKER.

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Elven63236d ago

Definitely a buy, going for physical copy myself. I always love games set in Chernobyl, cool seeing how accurately those games render the city.

Plus the other STALKER games were amazing! :D

ATi_Elite3236d ago

I'm a HUGE STALKER fan and have had loads of fun playing this series. my favorite series TIED with HALF LIFE that's how fun it is. I couldn't wait for Call of Pripyat and luckily I got friends in Germany. been playing Call of Pripyat for a while and it's VERY GOOD and No bugs this time around.

I totally agree with this review the editor was dead on. COP takes you back to the STALKER SHADOW of CHERNOBYL game play and emphasizes and rewards your exploration of the ZONE. No game has better atmosphere than walking around the Zone at night with only star light and your flashlight to guide you (Moonlight if your lucky if it isn't raining). There are all types of mutants running all around the zone but they are more determined to sneak up on you at night versus the flat out straight ahead assaults during the day.

Lots of weapons to find, fix, and upgrade. Don't forget to eat or you won't be able to out run that pseudo dog. Artifact hunting is an adventure all in itself but a way to make money to buy better armor. You'll need better armor because as you get deeper into the Zone, word travels fast that your there and you will make some mean enemies. Plus night vision is as valuable as your rifle when the sun goes down. Not to mention having the cold hard cash for Armor piercing bullets when dealing with an enemy wearing a full exoskeleton suit. Think of a Human walking Tank.

One of the best improvements i enjoyed besides not having to be in a 24/7 gun battle (Stalker Clear Sky) is that the NPC AI is AWEsome.
NPC's use artifact detectors and gather artifacts just like you. Mutants kill mutants and drag away dead bodies for food. Also NPC's will check the pockets and backpacks of the recently deceased for guns, medical supplies, artifacts, and Vodka just like you would after a gunfight. Not to mention during a BLOWOUT they run for cover or die out in the radioactive storm.

All in all Stalker Call of Pripyat is an excellent game with 3 HUGE highly detailed environments to explore plus the Zombie infested underground areas. Easily 30 to 40 hours of skin crawling, artifact hunting excitement. Not too mention having the proper equipment is a must to avoid having your body explode in a bloody mess by carelessly walking into an ANOMALY.

The Stalker series along with Call of Pripyat have a lot of areas to explore. Items to find and many Rpg elements such as your favorite gun breaking and needing it repaired. But first and foremost STALKER is a FPS best played on a mouse and keyboard for quick and fast access to many different menus and maps not to mention the need for a steady hand when holding a Dragunov Sniper Rifle while hunting BLOODSUCKERS (think Predator).

Enough rambling go pick it up you'll love it and enjoy the MODs from the earlier releases they are excellent like PRIBOI STORY.

PrimordialSoupBase3236d ago

Nice. Now why the hell isn't it on Steam?

Pandamobile3236d ago

It hasn't been released in North America and some western European countries yet.

PrimordialSoupBase3236d ago

I may be mistaken (easy when the release is so unclear) but I thought that it comes out in NA tomorrow.

Polluted3236d ago

I'm currently playing through Shadow of Chernobyl with the "complete" mod. It can definitely suck you in for hours if you're not careful, but I'm still not quite sure if I'd call it fun.

TheIneffableBob3236d ago

This review made me excited about the game again.

Bolts3236d ago

It's about time we get Stalker on the PS3. I know these Eastern Euro devs are dirt poor and lack the budget to launch AAA console tittles but come'on. Give it a go at least.

TheIneffableBob3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

They have the certification to develop for the Xbox 360. They will start work on a 360 port after Call of Pripyat is released.

Their games have actually sold very well. The original sold over 2 million which is amazing considering it was from a small developer with little marketing support and PC exclusive. STALKER also released around the same time as Crysis did (which sold over 2 million as well; probably over 3 million by now).

Syaz13236d ago

which proves pc games can sell well, provided it fulfills the demands of pc gamers.

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