How Young Is Too Young To Play A Shooter?

OXCGN looks at young kids playing shooters and asks if it has a negative influence on them:

""I'm going to kill you! Die now!"

I have to admit I felt rather concerned at both the strong tone and sentiment expressed so loudly by my six year old son as he played a shooter game.

I even looked around to see if his mother had heard the normally mild-mannered little cutie shouting death threats at the TV.

Mind you he wasn't playing Modern Warfare 2 or Left4Dead 2…and he wasn't hooked up to Xbox Live"

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BadCircuit3236d ago

Yeah my little brothers can get a bit intense playing multiplayer with me in shooters but also just Smash Bros or even hockey outside!

I don't think the games made much diff.

Parents should read this!

Saaking3236d ago

Yea, if it's rated M that means you need to be at least 17. I'm tired of seeing all these little kids running around on XBL and PSN. Seriously, over half the people that play Halo and COD (and other casual shooters) aren't even old to be playing them.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3236d ago

Then people come and blame video games when their kids do something wrong like taking their cars. "Man that's GTA's fault for showing my kids how to do a carjacking!"

oh the irony.

rogimusprime3236d ago

itself warrants this article. Related or not. Funny Stuff.

A Cupcake for Gabe3236d ago

I am tired of every time I play on LIVE, someone is screaming the word Ni**er. It is getting real old.

sikbeta3236d ago

"How Young Is Too Young To Play A Shooter?"

IDK, ask to the Average MW2 Players lol


Is a Parents Problem, if they give to little kids every COD Game that comes out, something is not right

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ASSASSYN 36o3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

If you are 17 and should be outside running around, socializing publicly and involved in sports and school not sitting infront of a t.v. trying pwn noobs when you are noob in life. So I say 18 should be the youngest. You are an adult in age and you should have some idea of where your life is heading by then.

And if you are in college you are not an adult until 21. (According to U.S. universities.) But who doesn't play FPS games in college?

My kids (1 and 11 yrs. old.) will be heavily involved in school, sports, and music lessons. Sitting in the house all day and playing video games is not an option. It's off limits just like drugs and alcohol.

BadCircuit3236d ago

I play sport too, but I'd hate to not be able to play games because I'm a teen.

So are you saying Wii and DS games too? What about watching tv?

Don't get me wrong, I respect your view...I just think it's a bit harsh?

XboxOZ3603236d ago

While I agree in part, I disagree in others.

I'm also a parent, an older one actually, and as a child I spend manyhours infronbt of the TV, so did my kids, but within reason.

They still had to do their jobs, their homework and socialise, but their rewards were the things they liked to do.

I think games need to be age-appropriate, not just banned outright. Like one mentioned, the Wii and DS have some excellent educational games, they encourage both old and young to explore their limits and open their brains to other possibilities.

Restrict that as a blanket rule, and you stiffel their growth. Be aware of the appropriateness of the games in question, and you set an example for them to follow.

In AUstralia, the age for games is set at MA15+ for the same games that have a 18 rating in Europe, US, Britian etc, yet they are not considered adults in any other medium of life style practice. 18 is the legal age here, but we allow 'kids' to play adult games, which is just wrong.

If the adults were educated here as to the age appropriateness of our ratings system, then there would be far less 10yr olds playing the likes of Modern Warfare 2, and any game with a 18 rating overseas.

It falls down to the parents and adults taking the responsibility to not only set good boundaries, but also to ensure both they and their children are aware of what is okay, and what is not. Then follow their childs growth.

sikbeta3236d ago

Pal, I'm playing since I was a kid, most of my friends grow up with games like me and we have a Social life, is not like you can't play games and do another things in the same life, but I agree with you about KIDS in this Gen, they probably spend more time playing on-line rather than actually Having a LIFE

cereal_killa3236d ago

ASSASSYN 36o bubbles to you for being this way you hear so many stories of so called parents just sitting the kids in front of the TV playing video games instead of having them go outside and get some exercise getting involved in music, ect...

When it comes to what age is best it's a funny thing because I know some 14, 15 yr olds who are more mature than some 30 yr old's I know but I don't think anyone who is not an adult should be playing M rated games it rated that way for a reason.

badz1493236d ago

I started gaming just occasionally on Mega Drive 2 in 1995 and back then, mom won't let me play more than 2 hours every weekend. I started gaming as a hobby in 2002 when I got my own PS2 and by then, I'm old enough already to not let myself drunk in gaming. now, I'm a working adult, going to have my 1st kid (hopefully a boy), I only have little time I can really to gaming without others interrupting (parents, wife)! although there are more times people will distract while I'm gaming, I really am appreciating my gaming time like never before because now I know the values of things in life and how much weight they bring in my life! unlike my other cousins and not to mention my own little brothers who started gaming at a way younger age than me, now they are kinda inseparable and always not putting enough effort in their studies compared to what they are willing to do for gaming. it's sad to see kids these days dedicating their time in front of PC or TV or swarming in internet cafes playing games and MMO games are to blamed a little for this though! they got obsessed with their characters! although I have all one needed to enjoy games these days, I'll never let my kids get too familiar with them until they've grown enough. if they really want it, they have to work hard for it! - that's my motto!

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Belgavion3236d ago

As the article suggests, it's all about moderation and balance with other healthy activities. That said I wouldn't let me kid play MW2 or similar shooters until they were 15/16

dalibor3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

I agree, anybody over 15/16 is cool to game b/c by then they should know the differences between a game & real life & not do something retarted & blame games. Heck even my cousin is 16 & he is a mature guy for his age.

ryano232773236d ago

Mario shoots things and jumps on heads to KILL his opponents. These games are well known are considered not violent, but the core aspect of Mario is the same as FPS.

In saying that, I own a video game shop and my kids come down here after school and play games.

At present my 6 year old plays MW2 online (I have turned off the Terrorist mission though) and he actually does a good job. Last game he played he was MVP and topped the entire list.

He also doesn't swear at the TV when he dies, he just re-spawns and goes have more fun.

Godem3236d ago

Let it can show them team work

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