IGN: State of the Console (Flame) War

It is physically impossible for anyone to write about a specific gaming system without one rabid fanbase going extra rabid while opposing fans scream favoritism, stupidity, and/or corporate bribery. IGN has been accused of Nintendo bias, Microsoft bias and Sony bias, all in the comments for the same column.

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GreenRingOfLife3236d ago

i agree, its kinda sad that we cant have conversations about gaming without the fanboys coming in and ruining it

presto7173236d ago

Why cant we as gamers unite under a bright rainbow under a full moon with all the stars shinning and live in peace?

Julie3236d ago

i don't like console wars it is nonsense , i have fun with good games no matter the system.

But IGN seems to forget thay they have a lot of fanboy articles too , and pretty heavy ones, every single website out there seems to feed on this "fanboy war" i find myself always wondering why people flame and insult each other because of videogames D:, videogames are for to have fun, not wars... well this is what i think :3

TOO PAWNED3235d ago

IGN calls out faboys`? This is like when prostitute speaks of morality...

TOO PAWNED3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Let's not forget that media and sites like IGN started this fanboy war hype/debates. Since 95% of them are immature nerds that grew up with SNES vs Genesis fanboy nonsense, so they just continued their tradition in picking sides and being excited about anything that is coming to their console of choice and ignoring and having no interesting in content on other systems.
Just listen to podcast from few years ago, it was worse back then.

lightningsax3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

@Pawned - "Just listen to [a] podcast [from a] few years ago, it was worse back then."

It's good that you noticed that. IGN's editorial organizational structure has changed since then, so there's why. People were part of a console's team as part of their job description with hardly any crossover, so you did have people defending their system quite a bit - their job was linked to it.

Now they don't, which makes things a bit different. For example, people will move in and out of Beyond and TRL as guests more often, even though the core little group may stay the same. You'll hear someone mention a different console on their podcast now! Plus, some of these guys were just new at doing podcasts; a majority of podcasters all around were new three years ago.

Hence a new emphasis on editorials. I think this is a step in the right direction for editors; they can (try to) keep a sense of objectivity in their reviews, while leaving the more colorful, interesting, and sometimes truth-ier editorials to different editors or just a different section. It's a much better idea for reaching the fans than integrating fan-speak into the next big review to look cool (which reminds me of adding Poochie to the Itchy and Scratchy show).

So, yeah, it would definitely be worse three years ago. It's business restructuring at work.

However, about the reviews being part of the fanboy war - I don't think that's ever a part of it with most pro sites. I think they're wildly inconsistent in scoring with different editors, and I think those editors are very inconsistent with themselves. I also think they hate scoring systems. Listen to post-1upocalypse podcasts and you'll hear that statement a bunch.

steve30x3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

What I dont understand is why post 1.0 got 8 disagrees when he is totally right. Also some people on this site dont know why they disagree because Ive seen people disagree to posts that has no relevance to an agree or disagree.

I wish they would remove the function to agree or disagree and remove or add bubbles in this site because a lot of the time a person just cant say anything right.

As for the console war. Yes it is stupid. I dont know why people argue why any console is better. I have a PS3 and XBOX 360 and I dont think one is better than the other. I use both the same ammount.

Redempteur3235d ago

that dude in 1.0 is bungie that's why ..

once seen he will get at least 10 disagrees ..
that's how it is ...

TOO PAWNED3235d ago


Actually i had not in mind IGN podcast since i didn't listen to them back then and podcast Beyond is not that old (3 years).

1UP, Gamespot and other come to mind, i know what i am talking about.

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Another One3236d ago

Haha I was coming here to see if this had been posted yet and sure enough here it is. If any place on the internet needs to read this, it's N4G. This place would be great for discussion if 90% weren't rabid in their defense of their console of choice.

Great article too.

BeaArthur3235d ago

Agreed, it doesn't matter what console it is, all fanboys fall into the same category...pathetic. I just think it's funny that so many people care when they are not getting any kick backs from Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. The funniest part being that they all claim the other fanboys are brain washed but in reality they are all brain washed.

LtSkittles3236d ago

It was good article, and funny too. Although I've never heard the xb word outside of N4G.

Shnazzyone3236d ago

I enjoyed that read. I got from 5 to 2 bubbles for saying that people who say wii motion controls don't work are proving themselves less coordinated then either an 84 year old mon or a toddler in pre-school. Flame wars suck.

Halo 3 MLG Noob3236d ago

You would probably get that kind of reply from me, but then again, I have no right to say such a thing, as I don't own a Wii.

Take a bubble for undeservedly losing some.

Nugan3236d ago

I like the fact that this article acknowledge the value of debate while putting down pointless uninformed flaming. There is definitely fun to be hard in argues the strengths and weaknesses of different consoles, but oblivious ranting and empty insults are worthless.

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