Counter-Strike: Source Update Released

Valve has released a new update for its classic FPS Counter-Strike: Source, now available for download.

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PinkUni3122d ago

an update now????

since when did they ever care about css?

Pandamobile3122d ago

Valve releases updates for all their old games once in a while. Hell there was a Half-Life 1 engine update a month or so ago.

toaster3122d ago

@ PinkUni
Dude I just lol'd so hard. Valve takes care of their own. They support their games years after they release. Like what Panda said, they update all of their games.

CSS probably still has more people playing it than console games.

ZombieRollz3122d ago

Yeah like Left 4 Dead! Oh wait... I love me some Counter-Strike: Source but isn't it time to move on? It's been 6 years now, and they need pump out Half-Life 3/Counter-Strike 3.

snaileri3122d ago

Statistics at the time of posting this:

Game servers with players inside(empty servers excluded):
+12 000 on CS:S and +15 000 on CS 1.6

Remember, those are servers, not players.
Any of those servers having between 1 to 64 people inside.
Average of players seems to be 22.

So, half a million players playing as of right now, both games combined.

TheIneffableBob3122d ago

If those numbers are just right now, imagine how large the total numbers are.

Pandamobile3122d ago

Today's peak of Counter Strike Source players all online at the same time was 100,000. That's a hell of a lot of people playing a 6 year old game :)

Azurite3122d ago

79,184 peak of CS-players (not Source)
Not bad for a 10 year old game.

silverchode3122d ago

is this about the cspromod?

ManGastaS3122d ago

Do you know that Counter-Strike will be include in the Olympic games London 2012!

Harlequiine3122d ago

Bleh when I downloaded it I had hoped it'd be to bring it into the 21st century with achievements, in-game avatars (ala TF2) and maybe a few extras, but no deal.

Not that I really care, since I played it to death for 5 years and it's the only online FPS I still play.

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