JeuxActu: Heavy Rain Review

JeuxActu writes: "For all these reasons, good and bad, leave a chance for Heavy Rain, try it once you get a chance. You cast it may be the lever without completing the demo, but it is also possible that you discover is your game of the year ..."

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Bungie3208d ago

another solid review

when is this game coming btw ?

ZombieRollz3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

when is this game coming btw ?

It's coming never because it's a PS3 exclusive.

Edit: You can disagree all day long, Xbox fanboys. It's not going to magically appear on your console if I hit 100 disagrees.

DMason3208d ago

It appears as though European sites are getting first cracks at the reviews, as there is an embargo on reviews that is up Feb 11th. Seeing as the developer is French, I can see why they're getting their reviews out first. I'll be interested in seeing stateside reviews and if they match up. Different cultures, different tastes.

I LOVED Indigo Prophecy, and I'm getting super impatient waiting for this game.

PrimordialSoupBase3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Huge lols at anyone who actually thinks 8/10 is a bad review. You demented fools have sad perception of reality.

Aquanox3208d ago

The first reviews are clearly biased for this game is French and mostly only french sites have reviewed it... in exclusive.

Lets wait for the real ones to see how much is Heavy Rain worth.

commodore643208d ago

@ aquanox.

I don't know why people are disagreeing, it's true.
All of the reviews I have seen so far have been from France.

We have seen some solid scores for HR from their fellow frenchmen.
Is it patriotism?
Who knows.

In the end, reputable websites from around the world will provide additional meaningful consensus.

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Bungie3208d ago

there's always Bioshock 2 for February

still think HR deserve 8.3 at least

JasonPC360PS3Wii3208d ago

Another flop for the PS3 first MAG now this chic flick.

-Alpha3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

But a pretty solid score.

Actually I'm a little surprised, but not upset. HR is not exactly traditional so I can understand if people don't connect with the game as much as the next guy.

But regardless it's a solid score.

"Contrary to promises, the phases of QTE are still extremely numerous and their repetition is no shortage of annoying. The sequences of travel and research are only slightly less painful. The will of David Cage make the player feel the effort made by his virtual avatar is commendable, but its implementation does not always convincing. The controls are extremely rigid and the mere fact of having to hold R2 to make the hero walk (then guides you with the left stick, yes, as in a game of cars) is enough to disgust many players. "

So the main complaint seems to be control adjustment annoyances and QTE being abundant. Fair enough-- again, non-traditional game, but it seems this guy's experience was hurt with it.

And in the end that's all HR needs and aims to do: offer an experience.

With subtle things like the trophy notifications turned off it's clear that Cage is really attempting to keep the player immersed and it seems like he has mostly succeeded.

With that said I'm still skipping out on the game for the time being due to cost and time. I think I'll get TLG before this though-- I am looking for that one unique single player story and I'm far more interested in TLG.

DaTruth3208d ago

I actually remember other games doing that same walking thing and it was annoying. I can't really remember what game and if it was gamebreaking.

All the other reviews I saw were good, I thought this would be a hit or miss but the early reviews were all positive.

Xi3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

indigo prophecy/Fahrenheit by the same develoepr used that control scheme. It's very similar to Heavy Rain.

I wouldn't call either gamebreaking, they're both very similar to shenmue 2, albeit less action oriented and more thriller driven.

Alan Wake3208d ago

hehehehehehe Flop hehehehehehe

once again Flop game for PS3

happy flop year for pshit3 owners

damnightmare3208d ago

ODST is a major flop then I guess

CWMR3208d ago

Neither game is a flop.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3208d ago

ODST has higher reviews and sold 5 million

bjornbear3208d ago

all the french siteS? they get an earlier embargo lift date or something?

fair score =) this game is an 8-9.5 easy

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