The Most Amazing First Modern Warfare 2 Kill

CC: Check it out. Your five seconds into a game and you hear 'we have taken the lead'. The reason for this? Some spectacular luck.

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belal3236d ago

was that? that was pure luck lol

-Alpha3236d ago

You can get good enough at spawn-tubing.

It's highly annoying and something that should have been patched already.

WaW made it so that any noobtubes in the first 5-10 seconds were duds.

You can basically be screwed for simply spawning.

Anyways, MW2 has lots of issues, let's not get into them now.

It was an amazing kill though.

WinterWolf3236d ago

I mean, is this what gaming has become? Getting good enough at "spawn-tubing"?

SpaceSquirrel3236d ago

Modern Warfare 2 can be so unfair at times

pangitkqb3236d ago

Kudos to that guy for the great shot, yet this also simultaneously demonstrates some of the problems in what is otherwise a fantastic game.

As a fan of the series I play regularly, but I do find certain balancing issues keep me from achieving "multiplayer Nirvana," if you will. My personally least favorite? The fact that a guy getting loaded with bullets can maintain forward momentum long enough to knife me ;)

Oh well, still a fun game all around.

Digitaldude3236d ago


SullyDrake3236d ago

He can do it again. Repetition is the difference between luck and skill.

SixZeroFour3236d ago

this reminds me of the grenade throwing at the beginning of the match during a s&d game in cod4 (which i admit to doing on more than a couple occasions)...practice enough in a private match with a buddy, youll know where to throw (or in this case aim) the grenade(launcher) to land where most ppl run towards at teh beginning of the match, which is what i think he has done seeing as how he basically timed and got in position before shooting

this one of the reasons why i PERSONALLY dont think that call of duty is a game where you need a lot of skill

still, that was an amazing shot

DeepInterludium3236d ago

I find that the most amazing thing is that a game that sells 10 million+ still has a broken multiplayer mode.

jjohan353236d ago

He practices it everyday. It wasn't luck. He knows exactly where to aim because he does it over and over with his friends.

rockleex3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

He can, and he will.

This is the same as in COD4 where people spawn-tube or spawn-nade your entire team at the very beginning of the match.

Come to think of it, someone tried this against my team once on the same map. He got 4-5 kills from it.

I had Marathan Pro, Lightweight Pro, and Commando Pro. I also wasn't concerned about capturing the base (which is where he's aiming his tube at) so I just ran right past, but barely made it out alive.

Dacapn3236d ago

The only debate I'm having about this game is whether to sell it for MAG or sell it for BFBC2. I hate this game.

Funny kill tho XD

The Happy Baby3236d ago

This means this shot could be performed by any well skilled player.
Meaning, the players on the other team could have done the same thing as well, but didnt.
Whose fault is that?

ThdeGreatestOne3236d ago

This happened to my team in Afghan and the guy on the other team did this to us, and got one of our guys ROFL luckily it wasnt me, I actually couldn't stop laughing :D!

T3L3PROOF3235d ago

I know this is cool but... this isn't news.

edwineverready3235d ago

I sold mine for M.A.G and never looked back. This just confirms my decision.

vandaLl_L3235d ago

"wow wtf was that? that was pure luck lol"

No it wasn't, pretty sure the guy had been practicing that probably all day, it was pretty much like a set nade in a match. His was pretty gay because it was a pub and it was with a grenade launcher.

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CoffeewithChess3236d ago

Wow, sucked for the guys on the other end of that. I wonder if they were just standing in the group where they had just spawned.

mjolliffe3236d ago

Nah they were just capturing the flags...

SixZeroFour3236d ago

yea, they were capturing flags, and you can tell he basically knew he was going to get a kill by the way he just stood there waiting

KillerPwned3236d ago

That video shows why i love MAG