BioShock Exclusive Hands-On Impressions

What would happen if an undersea utopia went horribly wrong? Gamespot dives beneath the waves for some exclusive hands-on time with this distinctive first-person shooter.

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Diselage3923d ago

Nice, This game should be amazing.

MK_Red3923d ago

OMG, this is one hell of a game. Shooter 2.0 indeed. I hope it sells millions so they make a sequel for it.

socomnick3923d ago

Hope it turns out as great as it looks I pre ordered this one.

Diselage3923d ago

Since it's only SP i think it'll end up just being a rental for me but should still be fun.

M1am1U3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Wow, the second half of the year is going to be stocked full of great releases. I can't wait.

Diselage3923d ago

I really don't think my wallet will survive it.

razer3923d ago

Just waiting patiently for the release. This game is going to be incredible with a deep story and some of the best graphics any console has ever seen.

Should be really good with the lights down low in surround sound!

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