The Many Failures of Mass Effect 2

With an average score of 96 on Metacritic, one would be justified in believing Mass Effect 2 has little room for improvement. An overwhelming majority of so-called game critics have weighed-in, predictably showering Bioware's latest RPG with roses and garlands.

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BigKev453237d ago

How about the many failures of this article?

callahan093236d ago

Did you even read the article? I bought Mass Effect 2, I played it, I enjoyed it. I think the game deserves more credit than this article gives it because it does SUCCEED at a lot of things, and this article only focuses on the negative, but that said, every single point this article makes, I agree with. I was even thinking most of this stuff during the course of the game. Particularly the comment about the combat level design. The combat in this game and the environments/levels that were built to stage the combat scenes are, in my opinion, really lackluster.

SasanovaS19873236d ago

alot of people are blinded by the lack of good 360 games, thus having to put all their effort into praising a good game way more then its worth. you cannot claim you are a RPG and lose everything that made the first mass effect an rpg shooter. what mass effect 2 did is just dumb down the elements that stick out from a typical TPS game, thus making mass effect 2 into a TPS rather then what the first one tried to do. they went the safe rout to satisfy the core of 360 audionce, which fap over anything FPS or TPS, hence gears and halo. on top of that, the levels are exremely linear and is all about cover and shooting. yes, mass effect 2 is a great game, but to say its the all mighty messiah of video games is just false, and personally, 96 on matacrit is way overflatted. a 92-94 is alot more acceptable.

EVILDEAD3603236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Let's summarize..First..don't even entertain reading if you are currently playing or plan on playing in the near future.

What we have is a below average blog from an average hater who only played Mass Effect 2 with the intention of criticizing it. I'ts not even about Mass Effect 2..this guy is a full blown Bioware hater.

The best part of the article is when he bashes the journalists for praising Mass Effect 2 for being 'rabid fanboys'..but it's clear from reading a few paragraphs that's exactly what the author of the article is.

Every game has faults..period. The original Mass Effect had faults. Mass Effect 2 improved upon those faults in spades. The critics and fans have spoken. I just spent the last week in gaming heaven and I've already started up this amazing experience again.

Does the second one have its faults..sure..evey single game does. Do they take away from this brilliant experience..nope.

So instead of just writing a simple article on what Bioware could do to improve the game..this guy takes the Open Zone F-Boy approach.

The complaints from this guy that make Mass Effect 2 the worst game ever?

Bu-Bu-Bu..the aliens all speak English

Bu-Bu-Bu..If you see crates..then you know you got to fight

Bu-bu-Bu..the game has log books and recording that tell me plot info

Bu-Bu-Bu..theres a blue square around objects that let me know that I should interface with it

Bu-Bu-Bu..they sell fish for the captain's fish tank at the stores

Bu-Bu-Bu..every character had a backstory

LMFAO..You could easily write an essay in rebuttle of each item..but don't bother. Not one of those 'personal' F-boy gripes come remotely close to ruining the experience that Bioware has crafted for all to enjoy. In fact, what you'll see is hypocrisy at it's finest when you prove that many other games have the same faults.

The haters are just pebbles in the sand on the beach..but games like Mass Effect 2 rarely come along.

So congrats to Bioware...they absolutely deserve every ounce of praise and success they get for this game.


Saaking3236d ago

This article brings up some good points. Personally, I agree with most of the list; however, I wouldn't say they're failures. That's too harsh, especially considering that these small flaws don't really affect the overall quality of the game. A better title for this article would be "Way to Improve Mass Effect 2" or something like that.

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lord_of_balrogs3236d ago

"Mass Effect 2 places you within a bustling galaxy packed with many alien species and cultures. Unfortunately, they all speak English and have human mannerisms. They are alien in look only, which is quite lazy on the part of the designers. Perhaps Bioware believes people can’t stomach subtitles or have low reading comprehension. Whatever their reasoning, Mass Effect 2 reminds me of several TV shows recently, like Rome and the new Spartacus,"

Epic fail right there. This was explained in Mass Effect as everyone is equipped with a translator allowing for coherent conversation which is continually updated by the extranet.

Ausbo3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

"Bioware has a long and strong heritage in producing top-notch RPG games. What they don’t have is much experience making action games, first-person-shooters specifically, and this lack of experience is in full display"

whoever wrote this should first realize this is not a first-person shooter.

While fanboys are keep trying to bash this game, i enjoy every minute of it. It is the best rpg of this gen. Fanboys are just gonna have to accept it.

oh and look who submitted the article hahahahahaha.

Rush3236d ago

Wow dude I actually agree with you on something, and you wasn't bias for once good job.

Its just an opinion piece really although the header is a little harsh. I can't really blame people for jumping the boat with that title but read the article.

Bnet3433236d ago

- Ghost of Sparta - - contributor


wicko3236d ago

I don't think the game deserves to be called a failure at all, but I definitely agree with most of his points. At least what he felt was wrong with the game, but not necessarily his ideas to fix it.

He missed a few things that bothered me about the game, specifically about how most conversations you have are interrogations. You always go for "Investigate" and get every bit of conversation they're willing to give up. I guess the most of the conversations seem a bit one-sided. It would be nice to see conversations be a bit more fluid and realistic.

Tony P3236d ago

Severely disappointed with this article.

You can easily come up with ways to improve supposedly perfect games but to say they don't deserve success in the first place is bitter indeed.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3236d ago

Playstation fanboys will love this bash blog. I thought you all were playing it on PC? The PS3 boys here on N4G will hate on it because of its high praise and it's not on the PS3.

As for the blog the guy clearly has an agenda, a few points were valid but the rest were just... huh?. After reading the blob/blog it became clear that this guy could have just read all this info from other reviews and Mass Effect 2 forums to form a hate blog to get hits.

No game is perfect and there are a few things I would have changed. This guy just sounds bitter about something.

BYE3236d ago

Yes, Mass Effect 2 has flaws. No game is perfect.

But if the strengths make you overlook the weaknesses, you know you have a great game. This is exactly the case with ME2.

JonnyBadfinger3236d ago

I love the game... havent played anything else since i got it. This article is pretty sad, sure little annoying things exist within the game. But the same problems exist in all games.

Though i did laugh at his nit picking, i reckon the worst thing about ME2 is how they scaled all the major Planets and the Citadel down in scale. I liked the Citadel back in ME1 i felt more open (which it was) and actually felt like the main focus of the galaxy.

But yeah stop trying to bash on a game thats near perfect jst because you hyped it to hell in your own mind that it didnt meet your expectations.


Sub4Dis3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

i agree with you. but it's gaming on all consoles, not just 360. this generation has been lame all around. this year looks promising and has had a good start. i don't agree, however, with the perspectives against ME2. at least not to the same degree. it's a very fun game and the combat is a lot of fun (albeit short as hell). i spent about 40 hours on my first run-through and i'd guess only about 10 of that was actually fighting.

and i 100% agree with the planet that was a drain.

still of the best games of this generation. lets 10.

careful jason360: even though this article clearly has NOTHING to do with ps3, you know they are trolling the comments anyway. just like they do with every 360 exclusive related article. sad. then you have this sasa guy at the top saying 360 doesn't have any good games...implying ps3 does. but if that were true, they wouldn't have the time to troll articles unrelated to them. 2009 was one of the weakest years for gaming since the first year of the n64, and yet the fanboys claim it as the "year of the ps3." but here they are...spending just as much time trying to pass their opinions off as facts and criticizing games they haven't played as they always do instead of playing all those 'amazing' titles. let me just say that i didn't buy a single 360 game last year, and bought about 5 ps3 titles, and every one of them was below average at best. except for Ratchet and Clank...that game was great.

PrimordialSoupBase3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

I agree entirely with the introduction about game critics' failure to do their job but the writer's own criticisms for the game are odd.

It's as simple as this:

1) This is an rpg, not a shooter. Make equipment customizable again and have your difficulty settings actually mean something - the game is retardedly easy.

2) Write an endgame that actually makes your 30 hours game feel like it was worthwhile and meant something. This entry in the trilogy is practically a nonevent.

Nihilism3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Firstly i'm not clicking the link, no article with a trash headline like that deserves hits.

But I just finished it 5 minutes ago, 44hrs 39minutes.

It is the best RPG I've ever played without question, and possible even the best game.

I loved every single part of it.

The best story and direction of any game in years. Not one quest was boring, and I finished every side quest, every planet 100% explored, all upgrades all party members 100% loyal. Most games get so boring you skip the side stuff. Not this little gem.

Going to play it again with a New-Game-Plus.....that is after I repair my relationship with my GF as I have not spoken to her in 4 days because I was playing ME2 non stop....even though we live was that good.


[email protected] idiots claiming that this game is primarily a TPS.

Level system, skills, classes, weapon upgrades, dialogue trees, multiple endings, ship upgrades, choice system, loyalty system, equipable items, cusomisable armour ( both stats and appearance ), party member choices and recruiting.

Those things make an RPG. It is not just an ARPG either because you can pause combat to make commands and issue orders.

Alvadr3236d ago

The only thing I dont like about Mass Effect 2 so far is the piloting of your ship around the system and then the refuling and travelling to the next system routine of exploration.

It looks so cheap and tacky piloting your ship around like this, I much prefered it in ME1.

heroprotagonist3236d ago

Every game has little nitpicks like these. Uncharted 2 was also a AAA game and it had little things about it that bothered me. Or maybe not even bothered me, but just I noticed certain things. Similar things to Mass Effect 2, like when you are in a battle you will see things conveniently placed for you to use as cover. Like on the train the way the boxes were stacked or placed was convenient to have a shootout with, but wouldn't be the way the boxes would be stacked in real life. Big deal.
Those kinds of things didn't hurt the experience in Uncharted 2 and they didn't hurt the experience in Mass Effect 2.

The title of the article was flamebait and completely unnecessary. I think it is pretty obvious it was written to generate hits.

Sarcasm3236d ago

This was actually a pretty good article that puts things in perspective. But honestly, you just have to be a negative minded person to only focus on the things ME2 didn't do well. How about focus on the things ME2 DOES Well? The list goes on and on, and personally the high review scores is justified. It's only when true mediocrity gets praised like Halo 3 or ODST is when a flag should be raised.

DatNJDom813236d ago

might not be perfect, but at the end of the day its a great game. This article isnt necessary. No game is perfect.

FamilyGuy3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

But I still found this article very interesting. It doesn't sound like he made up anything (they're all real gripes) and he gave ways to improve everything he nit picked about. BUT at the same time many games suffer(?) from similar problems and I guess that's were his "Bioware should be held at a higher standard" thinking comes into place.

"In fact, what you'll see is hypocrisy at it's finest when you prove that many other games have the same faults."

^EVILDEAD360 mentions this in a way that make HIM seem like the hypocrite as he doesn't realize that other games that had issues like these (small or not) did NOT receive critical acclaim and high review score from every review without any mention of ANY of the games faults.

I couldnt care less either way and I really have no interest in this game in the first place BUT I was VERY interested in seeing if this article was fudd or if the author had an intelligent argument behind the claims of his "eye-catching" title.

I wonder what the rest of his "56 reasons" were.

"failures" is definitely not the correct term to use but saying "ways to improve Mass Effect" is not as click-invoking.

SaberEdge3236d ago

Mass Effect 2 is simply one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had.

As far as the subject of this article, I like what Videogamer said in their review of Mass Effect 2:

"We're trying desperately to think of something to moan about, just so this review doesn't sound too much like a Mass Effect love-in, but we can't. The side missions are a bit abrupt. The game still takes too long to load. And your party members will occasionally get in your line of sight. But these annoyances are as inconsequential as a fly landing on a whale's back."

That's how I feel.

DeepInterludium3236d ago

Article is dead on. Anyone who disagrees just has rose colored glasses.

Look at ME1, terrible game, people hated parts of it but didn't want to admit it. They convinced themselves it was better than it really was. After ME2 comes out the truth on ME1 really comes out from reviewers about just how bad ME1 was.

Same thing will happen with ME2.

hay3236d ago

Now let me get this straight. Mass Effect 2 is great game. It's a 9 and if it'll end with higher note I'll be disappointed.

I love the series but liked the first more with it's rights or wrongs.

"Mako Gone = Great, Planet Survey = Bad"
While I did like Mako, most fans didn't enjoy it at all. I understand. But they promised more variety in space exploration. They failed.

"The British Romans Effect"
Well, they didn't have actual aliens to fill the roles with. Also there are lot of cultural references in pretty much every race. Someone played without having attention to dialogs.

"Awful Combat Stages"
It's repetitive and schematic, but they're just b*tchy.

"Bioware Still Searching for Effective Interface"
I don't care, you shouldn't either.

"Too Little Interaction with Environment"
It's limited, yeah. Want more? Play Alone in the Dark.

"Repetitive Time Fillers"
Quick and easy way to get additional credits.

"Mission Arcs"
Bioware is known from making good game from their templates. If it works...

"False Sense of Complexity"
Now this is utter bulls**t. I play my first playthrough on Insanity. Doing that you appreciate every bit of cover you can find, you squeeze 100% of your ammo and powers, you have to use pretty much every asset you have.
I'd suggest this kid to play on something more challenging than easy.

maxxb1173236d ago

Every good thing make up for the bad things. I didn't like some of the points in the article (most don't bother me) but the graphics, the story, the characters' personalities, the epic intro, Zaeed, the limited edition armors, the sex, the pacing, the quests...

I may also point out that the video cutscenes on the PC version (don't know about console) is sub-par to the in-game engine cutscenes.

Reibooi3236d ago

I LOVE the game and will say that the good things FAR outweigh the bad however most of the points in this article are dead on. However the only one I don't agree with is the problem that all the aliens speak English and act human.

I like the fact that they are speaking English. It makes the game way easier to follow and with the amount of alien races in the game it would have been nearly impossible to come up with a language for each one.

As far as the aliens all acting human that's BS. I don't know about you but the Vorcha don't act very human at all. That's just one example.

GiantEnemyCrab3236d ago

I've got more games than I can play between both my PS3 and 360 and I still feel Mass Effect 2 is so far one of the best games I've played this generation and in my top 3 RPGs ever.

The game is good no matter what kind of excuses you want to make up.

Gamingisfornerds3236d ago

And I loved it! It's just right up my alley. 96% on Metacritic is deserved imo.

But, every single point this article states is 100% valid. The title of the article is a bit ridiculously negative and overdone, but everything he says is true.

Still, the game is absolutely fantastic and a must buy.

vhero3236d ago

I agree with several points and say although they are not game killing points they do knock the game down a tad. They did however miss the fact a game that goes around calling itself an RPG can be completed in less than 10 hours with relative ease. I completed it in 13 hours with ALL the side missions including DLC. That is quite pathetic not only for an so called RPG (which I don't think it is) but a modern day game demanding an RRP of £40. Especially considering there is no online play to keep re-playability alive. So you play for 13 or so hours and never play again?? Unless you really fancy playing through again but I really can't be bothered. People should just rent the game as no matter how great it is its terribly short!

Hoggy19833236d ago

"96 on matacrit is way overflatted. a 92-94 is alot more acceptable"

Seriously, that whole ramble filled with ridiculous comments about the 360 having no good games boils down to 2%? Your right 94% is a big step down from 96%.

Secondly, look at Sparta posting this. His comment history is completely anti-360. Can we just filter his contributions, approved or not, from the 360 news page?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3235d ago

Nice lie vhero, try harder next time you make it obvious.

ChineseDemocracy3235d ago

It's a great game, why can't they leave it at that? Articles like this are just trying to start flamewars, not to mention get hits for their unknown mediocre sites.

Ausbo3235d ago

it is not possible to complete all the side missions and dlc in 13 hours. It is not. You probably missed many side missions and played on casual if that is the case.

However, you probably don't even own the game and are just trying to bash it.

Remember, exporing and talking with your shipmates is a big part of the game.

vickers5003235d ago


Post a similar article about a ps3 exclusive such as UC2, KZ2, or MGS4. I guarantee you the comments section will just say "this article is stupid" without even reading it. Go ahead, try it. In fact, just search n4g for some previous articles, there are already some on here.

Do not question whether or not he has read the article if you also do not question the moronic comments shown on an article criticizing a ps3 exclusive. To the commenters of this site, you are only allowed to criticize a 360 exclusive. If it's a ps3 exclusive, then no matter how many true points you make, you are automatically deemed a fanboy.

vhero3235d ago

@Ausbo WTF I have the game for the PC TBH I only did the loyalty missions/DLC and main missions none of the crappy side missions but I did them all in 13 hours. @Jason 360 shut the hell up will ya? Stop being a fan boy you suck up to 360 and stick up for the game but you probably ain't even got it. If I missed loyalty and DLC I could do entire story in less than 10 hours EASY. I am not dissing the game as I enjoyed the short time I played it I was just majorly p***ed it was over so damn quick. One of the shortest games I have EVER played. They should have at least stuck a crappy multiplayer in there for long-ability but heaven forbid that would bring the scores down wouldn't it?

Major_Tom3235d ago

I just beat ME2 twice and I have to say it's not better than the first one, there are things I would keep for ME3 from ME2 but it feels like a dumbed down console shooters with similar rpg elements, still love the game. Closer to a 8.5/10 than a 9.6/10

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-Alpha3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

It would be a riot!

I'm pretty sure ME2 has its flaws and only someone who has played the game would understand them, so kudos for the author for offering constructive points.

ActionBastard3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

You must've missed the UC2 release on N4G Alpha Male, those articles were there. I won't hate the game until I play it for myself on PS3...which apparently will happen.

-Alpha3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

My bad :P

The game is astonishing, but if you want what I think sucked:

-Bad stealth AI (good stealth mechanics though-- killing in stealth is awesome)

-Derivative boss battles (twice with the yeti creatures/guardians and even the final boss resulted in running in circles blind-firing)

-Multiplayer quitting (though the inclusion of MP itself had me so happy)

-Cover mechanics sometimes cumbersome (usually in tight corners)

But overall it's a fantastic mater piece. Naughty Dog has always been a favorite of mine but to think that the same guys who made a little platformer would turn out to be Sony's biggest studio is a dream come true.

I love Uncharted 2, but I actually still like Jak 2 the best. The boss battles were much better, the story was cool, and I loved the GTA-like city. Two different games, I know, but I'm just such a Naughty Dog fan.

I am dying for a Jak 4.

Hoggy19833236d ago

Some idiot will now go and create a "many failures of MAG" article. Please don't if you're that person!

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ASSASSYN 36o3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

First the mako drove like crap in ME1 and any sci-fi fan should know by now if faster than light travel is possible...then why wouldn't a universal translator of closely socialized aliens not be.

A suspension of reality is the fun part of gaming. This author is thinking way too much into it...or not enough.

And this game is an RPG before it will ever be a third person shooter. That has been stated so many times.

And if the nut who wrote this article is such a fan of bioware games. Then how come he missed the similarities in most of them. Same complaints can be applied to past bioware RPG's.

Cenobia3236d ago

Have you ever seen Farscape? They explain the same "universal language" problem by inserting a translator chip into everyone (I think they were nanomachines or something similar). I thought that was a pretty cool way to explain that away.

I haven't played ME2, but if they never explained why everyone speaks english, I think that would annoy me too. It's a pretty minor point overall, but I'd start wondering if humans were supposed to be the superior race or something (which I don't really find believable). Then again I know ME2 must have A LOT of dialog, so an explanation could be hidden somewhere.

ASSASSYN 36o3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Yes I have seen farscape and thought it was stupid. And I believe you meant superior species which never comes out in the dialog. Most influential species. Possibly. I have only beat the game twice on the same story arc (1 out of 2) which I will not spoil for you. But humans have a very powerful position of influence in the galaxy. And as I said...suspend reality on the universal english language issue and have fun.

Cenobia3235d ago

What?! Farscape was awesome! It had some awesome special effects for its time (at least that's how I remember it) and MUPPETS! Come on now, muppet aliens should automatically make it an 8/10 is anyone's book.

Troll_Police3236d ago

The author has some good points but the game is still good, especially on PC.

wanderofys3236d ago

Agreed. I enjoy the game, it's fun. However, every single thing he said in this article is true.

nnotdead3236d ago

i agree but ithink he may have missed something. i dnt remember if it was in the first one, but i hate how the enemies infinitely respawn until you move up to a certain point. i have no idea why any games still uses this technique.

RyuCloudStrife3236d ago

wow 4 pages of improvements