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W831SOLIDSNAKE3119d ago


so far for superior hardware


Aquarius3119d ago

I hope the 360 scratches all of the discs.

Shadow Man3119d ago

oblivion...4.6gb required
sony may cry 4...4.7gb-20 min install
full auto 2...1.7gb required
spider man 3...2.3gb-five min install
hot shot golf...5gb-five min install
skate...2.5gb--five min install
rainbow six vegas 2...3.4gb required
wwe smackdown vs raw 2008....2.3gb required
F.E.A.R...2.5gb required
NBA 07....3gb-ten min install
lost....3.6gb---six minute install
conflict denied ops...2.5gb required
beowulf---2.5gb---five minute install
GT prologue--5349MB..13 minutes install
Quake=4.1 GB install
GTA 4...5 min install.
battlefield:BC...300mb required
Bourne Conspiracy..5GB Install required
metal gear solid 4...8 min install,4.6 GB required
BIOSHOCK......5.0 GB required, 10 min mandatory install
Vampire Rain....3.8GB install required
Fracture...1900MB required=4 minutes
little big planet....600MB Install required
Socom Confrontation... 3.1GB Install required
Far Cry II....3.5 gb install required
NBA 09 The Inside....2.5gb required
Resistance 2...350mb required
Killzone 2...stupid players required
Yakuza 3...5GB install required
Resident evil 5...5 GB install required
tekken 6....4GB optional install
Heavy Rain....4.5GB required

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3119d ago's 'DISC 1' 1st, then 'DISC 2', then 'DISC 3'!!! ;-D

XXXCouture3119d ago

by the way shadow retard. a HDD costs NOTHING on a ps3 compared to microfts, and unless you wanna hear your console make noise like a fuc*ing boeing. then you have to buy that expensive sh*t

Bodyboarder_VGamer3119d ago

FFXIII does not need install though and no loadings either.

Rockox3118d ago

Sorry, I gotta say it. This game looks gayer than a box full of kittens. I'm passing on this.

spinbot_lv13118d ago

we all want mandatory install.only xbox360 fans are annoyed by mandatory installation. I've no problem to change(if I don't want delete old installations) a standard 320gb 2,5 hdd when it is full for less 50$(xbox360 custom hdd is x3 more expensive)..... and you know why? because installation means better and bigger textures, less loading screens and solid framerate.You should know if you've ever played a game on pc...if

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Mista T3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

good god!!! WTF!! 3 disks!!!

MS, Blu Ray is needed!!! and this is proof!!!

Jsynn73119d ago

M$ doesn't need to adopt BR. They could just take the time to create a disk format of their own that will hold as much space as or more than BR. I'm guessing M$ doesn't want to put in the time money (especially the money) in to doing this so gamers will just have to deal with multi disk games for the 360. It's just sad that, in this day of age where the technology is there to create mass storage on 1 disk, M$ won't explore it. Oh well.

saint_john_paul_ii3119d ago

of course Microsoft doesnt need to adopt blu-ray. Its too late.

Cold 20003119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

ME2 = 2 discs = 96% on Metacritic.

No 360 owner has been complaining, or would even think about complaining since it's so insignificant.

The only ones complaining are... well, the usual suspects.

JD_Shadow3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

As long as they are under the "anything it takes to beat Sony" mentality, they will NEVER adopt Blu Ray or ever admit that they need to. Doing so would prove that Sony has beat them handily on that front, and God forbid MS does that this gen.

[email protected] 2000: Since you want to bring installs into this (and since you want to think that anyone who dares to disagree with you is a "usual suspect", probably to get you out of having to ANSWER any of their responses), let's pull up Forza 3, for one. That...HAS a mandatory install if you want the full game experience. Why don't we talk about that?

Second, once something is installed, you don't have to again unless you delete the install (including Forza). With disc changing, you must switch out discs every single time the game needs the other disc (remember Star Ocean?). You're fighting a losing battle if you want to continue trying that argument.

Besides, no one is complaining (you're just trying to flamebait the "usual suspects" because you don't have enough attention directed to you). But people are wondering why MS continues to try deny that they DO need Blu Ray or some sort of other storage capacity to keep things like THIS from happening. Those that want to complain should instead just buy a PS3 and/or get the PS3 version. See, that's the beauty of having that choice. I should be able to just PLAY the game, not worrying about if I need to switch out discs every time I change zones.

[email protected] 2000: Okay, since you just want to act like you know everything yet know NOTHING, DMC4 was the ONLY game that ever featured that long of an install. Everything just need to actually do something called RESEARCH on before you run your mouth about things you know nothing about.

[email protected] (DAMN, this one bubble is getting a damned workout): Did you even read ANY of the comments that were just posted before YOU went running your mouth? My God, read things through before posting. We've already went through all that, and yet, you're making a comment that we've already addressed. Do you guys even TRY?

And by the way, about bubbles, after seeing these comments (which I'm sure they'll have more because they seem to have an answer for EVERYTHING), I have to ask: Why the HELL am I at two bubbles yet Cold is at 5 and lowcarb is at 4? How do they have all those bubbles to waste on posting failed arguments? I gave everyone who had the valid arguments against Cold and low a bubble, by the way.

divideby03119d ago

^ Cold...but what is lmao funny is those you talk about diss installing a game on the PS3....but yet mulitple disks are fine...get the frigging irony...

agent0273119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Who the hell is complaining? People are saying that in this day and age, why are we using more than one disk to play a game?

I've watched a playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and even the guy was saying Microsoft needs a new format. He even said he's getting FFXIII for the PS3.

And weren't 360 faithfuls complaining about installations on the PS3? The usual suspects who slam disagrees every time someone doesn't agree with them?

Hypocrite much?

EDIT: And as usual, you miss the point. It doesn't matter if you take ten seconds to change a disk. This is the year 2010. Technology is changing. I would rather wait twenty minutes for an installation then to get up from a comfortable position and change the disk.

I can understand 1997 but not 2010.

And really, I could care less about your disk swapping. I just find this absolutely repulsive that one console has one disk for the game and the other has multiple disks.

Microsoft needs a new format. DVD9 is showing age.

Keep those disagrees rolling.

Cold 20003119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Kind of funny those who wait 20 min to install a game are the ones complaining about taking 10 seconds to change a disk.

You got to admit it huh, a 20 min mandatory install is sooooooo much better than a 10 second break to change a disk right ?

See what I did there ?

Lifendz3119d ago

That's not that bad. If you're old school you remember playing these games over 4 discs. If there's an install option just install it and don't even worry about switching discs.

Greywulf3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Tapes instead of CD's...etc etc.

Did Uncharted2 have a 20 minute install, I can't remember?

FF13 3 discs is 1 less than Lost Odyssey though. So scores seem to have nothing to do with # of discs...

It just has to do with out-dated technology that has run its limit, and is proved when it has to run multiple dvd's in the year 2010.

Godmars2903119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

No, if it were 4. Considering that they've been saying 3 discs for a few months now.

@Cold 2000:
Has the 360 camp been talking up the advantages of installing since they were given the option?

What's the point of still chiding the PS3's installs when that's the first thing you talk about?

IdleLeeSiuLung3119d ago

"Kind of funny those who wait 20 min to insatall a game are the ones complaining about taking 10 seconds to change a disk. " -cold 2000


Cold 20003119d ago

Did MGS4, Assassins Creed, Oblivion, DMC4, GT5 Prologue have an install ? I can't remember.

Greywulf3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

MGS4 was the only one with multiple installs. The rest weren't 20 minutes.. And, they don't raise the risk of hardware failure or scratching the disc while hitting the eject button.

Uncharted2, the most advanced game on consoles(more so than the unreal engine) Doesn't require an install. Neither does Killzone2.

But its good you guys are getting up and walking across the living room.

Great practice for Natal.


Cold, no its 2010.. PS3 owners don't have to walk to the console mid-gameplay to continue playing a game, to flip over the laser disc.. or whatever it is you're doing.

That would be silly like paying 200 dollars for a 250gb hd or 100 for wifi lol...

oh wait.

Cold 20003119d ago

"But its good you guys are getting up and walking across the living room.

Great practice for Natal"

Let me guess...PS3 owners never walk from one area to another when they want to play their console.

Geez Greywulf, that has got to be one of the worst attempts to troll I have seen so far...

lowcarb3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I would much rather take a few seconds of my time to switch a disc then sit there waiting for 5-20 minutes on a mandatory install. You guys come in here ranting and complaining about anything 360 related for the strangest reasons. If it were not for the select few PS3 fanboys on this site I swear I would forget the PS3 was even in this console race.

Valkyre3119d ago

cold_2000 probably doesnt know that even if ME2 is on 2 discs, you actually have to swap the discs most of the time , if you plan on doing sidequests.... in fact it becomes really irritating after a point, since sidequests are divided into those 2 discs without specific order, so you end up swapping discs like an idiot just to complete sidequests...

so it may be 2 discs, but it sure as hell feels like its a lot more...and im waiting for disagreew from the people who havent played the game , or pure xbots. ;)

Other than the disc swap thing tho, ME2 is one hell of a game, simply amazing...but the disc swap?Yeah it sukcs... big time.

Blaze9293119d ago many 360 here owners care? Speak loud, too many ps3 owners in here complaining about a system they don't own.

I for one don't care...because I'm getting this on PS3. But if I wasn't...who cares? Act like multiple discs are a problem.

And why do people keep saying MS needs to add blu-ray? For what, movies? It OBVIOUSLY cannot be used for games this late in the console's life cycle.

JD_Shadow3119d ago

You seem to forget what this entire argument is about, and what the entire issue is about the disc swapping THIS time that wasn't true in the past. The disc swapping is necessary not for just when the story progresses, but when you change zones. If you remember the whole SO4 debacle about having to change discs every time you wanted to do some of the side quests, you would see where we're coming from.

That and we're only saying that MS needs to stop being stubborn and adopt Blu Ray. The whole argument about installs vs. disc swapping and all of that began with Cold talking about things he knew nothing about.

And if you don't care...then why did you comment?

TheBand1t3119d ago

Except the PS3 version of FFXIII was confirmed no install, so that point goes out the window.

In the end doesn't matter to me. Not interested in FF due to SE's incompetence. Get back to me when I have a FF tactics in HD.

duplissi3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

@Cold 2000

in all honesty both installs AND disk swapping should have no place on consoles... i dont like either, but unfortunately i have no choice ie: mass effect 2, and mgs4.. just shut up and stop pretending that one is worse than the other.

btw 20 min installs are the exception not the rule, just like 4 disk games....

Edit: same goes to you low carb, and grewulf... honestly guys.

lowcarb3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

"Why the HELL am I at two bubbles yet Cold is at 5 and lowcarb is at 4?"

Maybe because your an idiot like pretty much every other PS3 fanboy in this thread for who knows what reason. Making nonsense comments with one sided beliefs? Or maybe your just not the typical multi account ps3 fanboys agreeing with himself.

"Did you even read ANY of the comments that were just posted before YOU went running your mouth? My God, read things through before posting. We've already went through all that, and yet, you're making a comment that we've already addressed. Do you guys even TRY?"

Talk about running your mouth lol. We've been over all of this many times before and not just now. You same repeated offenders keep on trying again and again to force your opinions that hold no truth what so ever. Why don't you guys stick to what you know best (Playstation and let us enjoy our wonderful year of games.

edit the bandit: In my post above I never said there was a mandatory install for this game. But you get where I'm coming from.

darthv723119d ago

if they had sprung for the 4th there would have been towns...i kid i kid.

MS had the chance to keep hddvd alive for gaming. I am sure that offering a trade in for old 360 units to get a free (or reduced $$) hddvd drive upgrade would have done wonders.

Lightsaber3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Blaze is right the only thing it can be used for is watching movies. Also MS did try to work out a deal with $ony to bring out a blu ray add on to the 360. $ony was the one that wont allow MS to use blu ray

Darthv MS was actually goin to release the 360 with HD DVD bulit in but it wasnt ready in time and so instead of rushing an unfinished format out like $ony. MS drop the HD DVD

IdleLeeSiuLung3119d ago

Doesn't change a thing!

Clearly people don't mind the 3-4 discs that rarely happens on the 360 and same way, the 20 minutes installs that occasionally happens on the PS3.

I just don't see people complaining about FFVII or FFVIII that both had multiple discs. In fact, plenty of PS2 and Xbox original games came on multiple discs. Why is it all of a sudden an issue now?

In fact, hard drive installation is a new thing this console generation so if anything requires scrutiny it should be the installation because clearly multiple discs wasn't an issue before!!!

Bottom line, all consoles has it's weaknesses and strengths so just pick your poison.

Immortal Kaim3119d ago

I agree with some of the rational comments here (though there clearly isn't many). I personally don't care if a game spans multiple disks, just like I don't care if a game requires an install. If you're complaining about one, how can you defend the other? They both contribute to a slight inconvenience, that's all, and for some (like me), it is not a big issue.

I think the real issue is, will the game itself be any good, not how many disks it comes on. Though there isn't really any real game discussion here now is there...

Anyway, for the people who are actually interested in 'playing' the game, what are your hopes/thoughts/impressions about what you have heard so far about FFXIII? I like the comparisons to FFX because that game really seemed to gel with me. Can't say I'm overly concerned about the supposed linearity of the game, again given the FFX comparisons. The battle system especially has me intrigued. Fanboys need not respond. :)

sikbeta3119d ago

So? we all know this game will need more than 1 disc, the concern is not for how much discs were necessary for the game, is more like how everything RUN if its SO-Compressed to fit in the 3 discs

duplissi3119d ago


actually that doesnt work. i was hoping that if i installed both mass effect 2 disks i wouldnt have to swap them (i even made a thread in the forums on it) but unfortunately it doesnt matter if the content is on the hard disk you still need the disk in the drive. it felt pretty redundant to me.

Rampant3119d ago

I've always wondered what PS3owners do when they want to play another game. After 10 hours of uncharted 2 you change the disc to play 10 hours of MAG.

... And on the 360, after 10 hours of playing Final Fantasy XIII you change the disc to play 10 hours of FFXIII. It's like a carnival of stupid in here.

kewlkat0073119d ago

Well I guess they were serious when they said no fn "Towns"...anyhow we'll see which one I like best. 3-disc is no biggie....

The first CORE Final Fantasy Game in the franchise on an Xbox.

creatchee3119d ago

PS3 Fanboys: You've got the superior version of the game and you don't have to stand up for 100 hours. Now shut up.

360 Fanboys: You've got a game on your console that used to be exclusive - be happy and shut up.

Everybody Else: Enjoy the game - it should be pretty good no matter which console you play it on.

we won3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

You can tell this game was a major PS3 exclusive lost to the 360 because there always more PS3 fans in the 360 FF articles than there are 60 fans.

Come on. Did people think FF13 would be on one disc on the 360? 119 comments and 400 degrees in a article about 360 discs, as if this was the first time people pondered the game would be on more than one disc LOWL

FF13 is a Sony Movie game for crying out loud what do you expect.

Imalwaysright3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Ive got a question for the PS3 fanbabies on this thread: What do guys do when you are playing MGS4 and then decide to play Uncharted 2? Dont you need to get up (difficult task for you it seems), walk towards your PS3 (at this point you guys should be having a heart attack) swap discs and walk to your couch again? Well you are all dead now so there is no point in asking is there?

SilentNegotiator3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

3 discs and it's still going to have it's data cut in half by compression. The 360 version's cutscenes and audio are going to be freaking awful.

More discs AND lesser video/audio quality.

SniperJDC3119d ago

Hey if ff7 on PS was like 3 or 4 discs then what difference does it make because from what i remember no one complained about the # of discs it was a great game anyways

BuZzz Killington3119d ago

you are forgeting the fact that even with the multiple discs the devs are severly not only are you getting multiple discs your getting hardcore compression(which we all know if you have the choice to not compress take it) and 20 mins not very long of a time ill gladly wait that long to play a 40 or 50 gb game uncompressed......20 mins = family guy episode, or for you maybe going on n4g and searching for sony articles to troll and then use your multi accounts to recover from getting pwned......think about it for a sec 3 disk 6 gb of game data on each disc. thats 18 gb of game data isnt final fantasy 13 like 40 gig on a blu ray lol thats 22 gigs to compress wowwww yet your only downfall you got out of that was switching a disc for 10 seconds lol your a seriously a some sherlock holmes and take tips and learn to find a clue lol

beans3119d ago

"or for you maybe going on n4g and searching for sony articles to troll and then use your multi accounts to recover from getting pwned"

Your in a 360 thread talking about somebody trolling in a PS3 thread? Just strange of you to say that when your the only one trolling.

MTEC83119d ago

you don't have to swap disks back and forth to backtrack, I don't really see this being a problem. That thing that bugs me is that SE "rumored" cutting out content on the PS3 version to make both product equal.

Pistolero3119d ago

I could care less about a few games having multiple discs...big deal.

3119d ago
Rush3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Man all the concern from PS3 fans about 360 gamers having to stand up every 15 hours to switch a disc is touching. Its so nice to know you guys care so deeply about there health.

But really is it really an issue, Audio and GC compression yes that's an issue. Switching discs come on are you really that concerned or are you using it as a pathetic reason to further your console warz.

I mean switching discs lol what a pathetic thing to complain about. Do you get up and throw your pad at the TV screaming every time you want to switch games.

If switching discs is really such an "issue" do yourself a favour sell your PS3 and buy a gaming pc. It doesn't have BluRay but it has 80s technology called a Hard Drive, With one of them baby's your never have to worry about discs again.

N4Flamers3118d ago

If microsoft used a different format like hd dvd to add storage space to 360 games, we would all be paying $120 usd for a game, did you see how much they want for the 250gig hd. I keed I keed.

3 discs isnt that bad, especially for and rpg. The only time I found it irritating was in SO4. I enjoy my games thoroughly and it was a hassle getting up every 5 mins and swapping the disc. Games like LO and BD are great games with multiple disc's and it doesnt bother me at all.

I will be getting this on the ps3. I have heard that the game looks better and sounds better, plus VS 13 is ps3 only and i would hate to break up the set.

duplissi3118d ago


actually that doesnt work. i was hoping that if i installed both mass effect 2 disks i wouldnt have to swap them (i even made a thread in the forums on it) but unfortunately it doesnt matter if the content is on the hard disk you still need the disk in the drive. it felt pretty redundant to me."

PLEASE OH PLEASE! can one of you who disagreed with my comment above inform me how i am wrong. im pretty sure i just beat the freakin game- just check my gamercard. i install every game on my 360 to reduce dvd drive noise and the game still prompted me to switch disks.

heroprotagonist3118d ago

Talk about beating a dead horse. I am reading through all these comments and all of the known 360 fans don't have a problem with disc swapping, it's all the known PS3 fans that are complaining. I find that hilarious.

It's interesting because the last time this came up somebody linked to a list of all of the games on the PS3 that require a mandatory installation and it was found that nearly a third of the PS3's total library of games require an installation. A third! What percentage of 360 games require more than one disc? 4% maybe.

To me, the fact that PS3 fanboys try to make such an issue out of the few games on the 360 that are multi-disc is not such a good idea, since the PS3's situation is so much worse.

Honestly, would you rather have to switch a disc on 4% of your games, or do a mandatory installation on 30% of them? I know which one I would choose in a hear beat.

jaysquared3118d ago

30 secons to change discs >>>>> 20 min install!

3118d ago
Sarcasm3118d ago

"No 360 owner has been complaining, or would even think about complaining since it's so insignificant. "

While ME2 is a fantastic game, having to change the disc randomly was pretty annoying. Then having to change it AGAIN back to disc 1 to finish the game was also annoying. And yes I had to get out of my warm comfortable bed to change the discs.

el zorro3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

"I've always wondered what PS3owners do when they want to play another game. After 10 hours of uncharted 2 you change the disc to play 10 hours of MAG."

Apparently they have a disc swapping robot for that, so they don't have to get off their fat @sses.

That's why they don't mind 5-20 minute long mandatory installations. They can still lay in bed and the wait just gives them the opportunity to eat some more donuts and gulp down another slurpy.

Me, I'm a healthy active guy and I don't mind getting up off the couch every 10 hours. Especially since only 2 out of the 35 Xbox 360 games I own actually even have more than one disc. I think I'll manage.

Guido3118d ago

Of highly compressed data. So this is simply more proof that getting to the market a year early will hinder the 360's future against the PS3. They could have also put more hurt on BD if MS would have incorporated HD-DVD to their console. I guess quick sales of cheap hardware beat out long term sales of innovation at Microsoft.

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ClownBelt3119d ago

And they call the 360 a "next gen" system. Shame.

Pistolero3119d ago

You want to know what is last gen?....having to install parts of your games onto your hard drive before you can even enjoy your game.

xoxideu3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

no install of ff13 for ps3

"You want to know what is last gen?....having to install parts of your games onto your hard drive before you can even enjoy your game."

xbox360 = last gen

Pistolero self-owned himself.

IQ of a bot = -150

Oh yea.. 360 has no games..

heroprotagonist3118d ago

Doesn't change the fact that around a third of all PS3 games require a mandatory installation that takes minutes. Switching a disc takes seconds and only a few 360 games have multiple discs anyway.

spinbot_lv13118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Installation is essential for the games of this generation and will be essential in future,with the increase of data,texures and with only streaming data were used untill the ps2.maybe the xbox360 has made a jump into the past. however mandatory installation on pc is a standard for videogames and nobody has ever complained about the wait or the space of the installation.yours are only excuses.

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Nelson M3119d ago

Per Battle !!!!

Thy Silly Little BoTs

-MD-3119d ago

Oh no you're back? Sigh...

darthv723119d ago

I am getting this copy just for the rarity of it in the long run.

CrazedFiend3117d ago

Even though it will span 3 discs, is supposedly the graphically inferior of the two versions and is apparently lacking some 15GB of data included in the PS3 version, the Xbox version will no doubt outsell the PS3 version.


Because every FF13 TV commercial we'll see leading up to launch will end with that green Xbox logo. While Sony ONLY seems interested in marketing its system, MS is marketing the GAMES on its system.

Even though FF is traditionally a Sony game, so was GTA. But to the outside world (the other 90% of the console owners who do not keep up with gaming news) MS will make it look like an Xbox game because they will have "FINAL FANTASY 13: The Commercial", just like they had "MW2: The Commercial" and "GTA4: The Commercial".

Sony will only have "PS3 - it does everything". That's why awesome games like UC2 don't get the sales they deserve(-_-;)