MMORPG: WAR: The Ups/Downs of the Unlimited Trial's Bill Murphy writes this look at the unlimited trial currently offered by Mythic's Warhammer Online and whether or not it is enough to bring former players back to the game.

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moe843116d ago

I've had my Unlimited Free Trial for a while. Mostly just for giggles or when I'm really bored. Honestly, WAR sucks ass imo. I can't stand it for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Cool move on the part of Mythic I suppose, trying to get more players to catch on. But even still the starting areas they have you in are pretty lame, and from what I've seen often deserted. One way to get people hooked on your mmo, is have them play "solo". Mythics effort to get players together in one area(faction based) has failed. >.>

Lets hope other people have better luck than I did with the Unlimited Free Trial. I guess it wasn't too fair when I expected absolutely nothing from this experience.