10 February games that will make you glad you're still single

CN: "Valentine's Day (and the part of February leading up to it) is a time when couples celebrate their relationship by buying each other gifts and unintentionally making babies. Yes, it goes without saying that February is a month of love, romance and meaningless materialism. But for the single, lonely gamer still looking for that someone special, it can be a depressing reminder of how empty their lives can be.

However, while being in a loving relationship might seem ideal on Valentine's Day, they do come with a ton of additional baggage. Sure, free sex sounds awesome, but in return you'll find yourself investing a considerable amount of time humoring your significant other by going on boring dates, eating dinner with disapproving in-laws and shelling out cash for exorbitantly pricey gifts that you know will end up being tossed out before long.

The worse part is you know that all this time and money could be spent on more important things. Like buying and playing video games.

So while your friends are off dropping next month's grocery money on buying flowers, you'll be free to celebrate your singleness by playing through the onslaught of top-tier video games being released this February. Granted, you'll still be as sexless as ever, but we here at College News thought we'd pass along the ten big distractions to keep that rather morose thought off your mind."

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tehk1w13236d ago

Definitely getting Bioshock 2 this month. Still not sure about Heavy Rain though.

Solidus187-SCMilk3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Its nice to know that after I finish ME2 there will be plenty of great games waiting.

edit-- lol im about at that part too. Im playing the good way now, but after I gotta play again and be a complete A-hole. Shepard says the funniest things if you choose to be mean.

Gotta get ME1 again too I think, as I lost my save and Bioware decided taht they would choose The opposite of what I did(save wrex/council) for their default ME2 story, and a universe without wrex makes me sad.

tehk1w13236d ago

I'm just finishing up ME2. It's amazing. Now the only question remaining is who to romance...

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Myst3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

"The average cost of a date in a big city is between $50-100. The average price of a video game? $60. "

Well when they put it that way then thank goodness!

Should have had a sarcasm tag. Come on now, is 50~100 really to much to spend on a girl? I mean they are soft and cuddly, we all wants the cuddly things in life. For us to have the cuddly things we have to sacrifice things.

I say Food should be the first thing to be sacrificed over games though :p.

tehk1w13236d ago

I lived off of cup ramen for a month a few years ago during a particularly game intensive month. :( Sooooo worth it though.

In all fairness, though, dates are, what? Once a week at least? Multiple times? It adds up and quick.

Video games cost $60 and last at least a month.

On the negative side, you can't get intimate with a video game. Or can you?

lolcatz3236d ago

You can't. I've tried.

Foxgod3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Bleh, hes putting White knight chronicles and Dante before Aliens vs Predator.
WKC and Dante are rubbish compared to AVP.

Even the new Stalker is way better then those two.

tehk1w13236d ago

AVP is very, very very 50/50 for me.

On one hand, it could be as badass as the originals.

On the other, Rebellion has made absolute CRAP games lately like Shellshock 2 and Rogue Warrior.

It'll be interesting to see which AvP takes more after.