Strategy Informer: Aliens vs. Predator Preview

Strategy Informer writes: "These days, anyone hearing the phrase 'Aliens Vs Predator' would most likely associate it with the recent films that, whilst ok, were a little bit trashy and a blemish on what was otherwise a pretty decent franchise. What many people might not know however, is that the concept of crossing over the Alien and the Predator movies has been around since Predator 2, and that brief glimpse of an alien skill on the wall of the spaceship. Then, in the early 90's, a little known Oxford-based studio made one of its first titles based on this concept, one that some considered to be one of the many inspirations of modern gaming."

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cpuchess3236d ago

It's going to be awesome!

ASSASSYN 36o3236d ago

I just paid mine off. Can't wait.