Xboxist: Alan Wake and Heavy Rain: Year of the Adventure Game?

Xboxist writes: "This year will see the release of two groundbreaking games for the current generation of home consoles. Long neglected, the adventure game genre is not only poised to make a comeback, it has the potential to define and reinvigorate console gaming at a time when many observers are asking, what's next? To be sure, when the current generation of video game hardware kicked off in 2005, the public was thrilled with the ability of game developers to render bigger, badder explosions and thrills than ever before. However, missing from this generation of video game thrills has been a corresponding leap in terms of immersion and storytelling. Up until now, it has sometimes felt as though we are simply playing the same games from a decade ago, just with a snazzier coat of high-definition paint. All eyes will now be focused on Remedy Entertainment and Quantic Dream, to see if their upcoming creations can provide some new direction to the video game industry as a whole."

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Berserk13158d ago

Alan Wake and Heavy Rain day 1 baby day 1

Blaze9293158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

When did Alan Wake and Heavy Rain become adventure games? Thats the real question. Last time I checked, Alan Wake was psychological thriller and action game while Heavy Rain was a interactive drama.

And just so I don't get 9000 disagrees from people thinking that interactive drama is some kind of fanboy blow to Heavy Rain:

From Sony themselves.

But point is, neither are adventure games.

callahan093158d ago

Heavy Rain, I can see calling it an adventure game, but not Alan Wake. I mean, I guess adventure game can have different meanings, but the Heavy Rain type of adventure game is more like Monkey Island and the TellTale episodic adventure games, etc., stuff like that. Alan Wake is an action/adventure game. Bottom line, though, is that the two games are not even remotely similar, so I don't know why they're being compared or contrasted, or put in the same boat.

Bungie3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Year of the Adventure Games:Alan Wake + Heavy Rain - more like story driven games?

Year of hack n slash games:Bayonetta + God of war3 - both AAA games

Year of RPGs:Mass Effect 2 + FFXIII

Year of Shooters:Halo Reach + Battlefield Bad Company 2

It's the best year EVER

randomwiz3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

"Heavy Rain, I can see calling it an adventure game"

An adventure game in my mind is like Jak & Daxter, R&C, and MGS. I can't see Heavy Rain as an adventure game.

In my opinion, an adventure game has some action in it.

callahan093158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Like I said, "adventure game" has different definitions. I started gaming with the classic PC adventure games, point and click affairs like King's Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island, Gabriel Knight, stuff like that. Heavy Rain is more like that. I call Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Metal Gear Solid action/adventure. They share the word adventure, but they're two totally different genres. Even R&C and Jak are quite different, R&C being heavily weapon-oriented, and MGS is very different from both of those, being very stealth-oriented.

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Berserk13158d ago

Alan Wake will be i great game for 360 and Heavy Rain also will be i+

great game PS3.

clinker3158d ago

An interesting look at both games, but I think they are wrong about Heavy Rain's limited commercial appeal.

The game has been hypd for so long that I think many will pick it up just to see what the fuss is about, even if they don't like QTE style gameplay.

erathaol3158d ago

Your right. Heavy Rain's abnormal form as a video game is its appeal. As long as they don't try to sell it something it isn't, like EA did with Brutal Legend.

THE MAX SPEED 213158d ago

I think both game will be succesful.

belal3158d ago

BUT i think alan wake will flop in expectation because it isn't something new to the table like everybody is hyping it to be, heavy rain on the other hand i think will be great. there is onky one game that is like this and that is fahrenheight ( don't know the splling lol). BUT i think both game will be good all around.

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