Avatar meets Crysis: Pandora Map in development

New CryEngine 2 map in the works. First video inside.

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Nambassa3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Looks beautiful especially at 00:20

i_like_ff73186d ago

Doesn't look anything like pandora. It just looks like crysis with purple lighting.

mrv3213186d ago

Oh well done....

You've decided to make a map based of a mediocore film at best which relied too heavily on graphics to carry it's

Weak plot
Weak relationship
Poorman politics
Stupid Characters
The most unbelievebly BAD one sideness despite the whole thing being about the Avatar.

You want a Avatar film done well? Watch the Beast and Ninth Company. Seriously anyone who likes GOOD films cannot seriously look at Avatar and go yeah that's GREAT. It's simply put MEDIOCORE are best. And now they've decided to put it into a game who's main basis was it's graphics.

Here's an idea. Make a map based off Dr. Strangelove base or the war room, I'd settle with the Amusement park in Amelie over this or even the streets surrounding clerks.

I love the effort think it's genius what they did BUT COME ON AVATAR AS YOUR SOURCE MATERIAL.

ATi_Elite3186d ago

Chill out mrv321 your gonna blow your assimilation robotic hive mind unit thingy.

Yes AVATAR holds the record for most money made but that doesn't mean it's an Oscar contender. (Razzy at best)

your correct mediocre at best but the visuals is why we went to see it. (I went to see ZOE SALDANA)The movie is not the Godfather and the movie you mention is a classic and 99.9% of the people playing Modern Warefare 2 have never seen Dr. Strangelove (your OLD LOL)

But I get your point. Me personally I would love a game based off a Clockwork Orange

Silly Mammo3186d ago


Do you feel better now? Or do you still want us to get your blankie? We get it! You're an awesome film buff and only like movie like "the Hours" and "Remains of the Day". God forbid anyone likes a film that's just entertaining fun.

RememberThe3573185d ago

It sounds like your just being a sour puss. And no one likes to read a sour puss rant.

The difference is that I LOVE films(in general). You love "great" films, or as I like to call them artsy hit-or-miss films.

It seems like Avatar is the kind of film that some many people love that those who claim to be film connoisseur have to pick it apart to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Well, f*ck that, I loved the movie and I can't wait for the sequels.

Silly Mammo3185d ago


Well put! Have a bubble. BTW- I'm a lover of all types of movies (over 70 BRs and countless DVDs). :)