PS3 to See Best Growth in January as Wii Suffers

According to Arvind Bhatia, a game industry analyst for Sterne Agee, Nintendo's little white console has been experiencing a "meaningful" In january, whereas the PS3 has been picking up momentum. Although January's NPD numbers aren't published until around February 12th, Bhatia believes the PS3 "will have the best year-over-year growth in January among all consoles."
Bhatia also attributes the Wii's decline in January due to the lack of hardware availability.

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Nathan Drake23086d ago

another 50$ free card from microsoft.the only way...

spektical3086d ago

haha i guess selling 200k wii consoles in a month is horrible for nintendo XD. honestly who doesnt have the wii already? I have it, collecting dust in my ps3 box. lol, i'll wip it out to play smash or mario kart though :)

mistajeff3086d ago

Well, Mr. Bhatia, you should be a little more grateful considering the strings I had to pull to get the Alliance to release your wife's remains.


WLPowell3086d ago

by 360/ps3 standards and it's failing, but the PS3 is selling bad by wii standards and it's selling great? Just take solace that noone plays their wii after they buy it. And spektical, I don't...

TOO PAWNED3086d ago

hes talking about YOY % something you kids don't get, can't blame you. So .... and naive.

Gr813086d ago

Whatta slant on the title. Here's the thing

1)Wii is still selling more than either competitor by a sizeable margin.

2)Wii is doing this while experiencing shortages

3)PS3 numbers last year around this time were so weak that PS3 could be selling 360 like numbers and be up massively yoy.

I love how they don't mention the why Wii is "suffering" its due to shortages you know the kind where you sell damn near 4m units the month prior and have less stocked for the following month?

Gotta love N4G.

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