Top 5 Upcoming Games in February

After an impressive start of the year in January with games like Mass Effect 2, the gaming industry is hoping for another big month in February with another big slate of high-profile releases.

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Snert3186d ago

White Knight & Heavy Rain are my top games for this month.

S4NDM4N3186d ago

No S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat = automatic fail

tehk1w13186d ago

This. What's the point in making a list if you're just going to choose out the obvious games?

Jamescagney3186d ago

Yep, it's my most wanted.

-Alpha3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Thought it was February...

I can't believe Bioshock is coming out this month I've been overlooking this game since it was announced.

I'm truthfully not planning on picking up anything this month. Saving for March :)

Though, I am anticipating the scores of both Heavy Rain and MAG, which still needs to be reviewed by major sites still.

LtSkittles3186d ago

I don't think Modnation had a release date, but I am planning on picking up Heavy Rain when I get the money to do so. Also, waiting for March for Pokemon SS.

FamilyGuy3186d ago

I expect it to sell more than a lot of those games in the honorable mentions section yet it's ignored just because it's a year old port that didn't do well on the 360

Wolfgang Puck3186d ago

Poor bots. No exclusives? What will you play?! I guess you'll be heading back to MW2, since you don't have any games.

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