9.0 Heavy Rain Review writes: "The game of Quantic Dream has touched me, unquestionably, both as a player because he symbolizes today the culmination of a genre halfway between cinema and video game that has always seemed interesting in its intentions but rarely conclusive.The adventure game by hosting a new representative of choice. But also as thirty, cinephile at times, to which the scenario well oiled and the adult aspect of the universe but also the characters are what I eat in other media. A high score therefore, to welcome risk-taking that represents this type of production today."

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Berserk12757d ago (Edited 2757d ago ) writes: "The game of Quantic Dream has touched me, unquestionably, both as a player because he symbolizes today the culmination of a genre halfway between cinema and video game
that has always seemed interesting in its intentions but rarely conclusive.The adventure game by hosting a new representative of choice. But also as thirty, cinephile at times, to which the scenario well oiled and the adult aspect of the universe but also the characters are what I eat in other media. A high score therefore, to welcome risk-taking that represents this type of production today."


ToastyMcNibbles2757d ago

can't one buy for me..loved indigo prophecy and i hope anyone interested in Heavy Rain trys it out to get a small sample of whats to come when this game drops

DaTruth2757d ago

Never would have thunk it, but this game might take down Uncharted 2 for highest rated PS3 exclusive!

Can't believe I didn't put a preorder on this. Feeling stupid now!

BeaArthur2757d ago

DaTruth...I seriously doubt it will unseat Uncharted 2. Do you know how many 100's it would have to get to do that? Uncharted 2 is the second highest rated PS3 game and the highest rated exclusive, it will not be easy to unseat. Not saying it's not possible, I'm just saying I would be shocked if it does.

die_fiend2757d ago

Well considering it's got 2 9/10's that's unlikely. But UC2 is 2 good 2 surpass any time soon. This looks pretty damn good tho, Fahrenheit was quality until the very end and this game blatantly won't go mental like that did, so should be pretty incredible

-Alpha2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

It's a game where you push a stick and press a button. That's mostly (or all) what Heavy Rain is in terms of gameplay. Yet, it manages to capture the gamer and create an experience that seems unrivaled since something like Shadow of the Colossus.

Amazing accomplishment if a dev can do that IMO. It's evident that this is going to be a rare, unique title. HR started off as a crazy idea yet it seems to be impressing critics. I'm excited solely because this is what I look for in single player games: an experience. It's rare these days, but HR seems to be one of those exceptions.

menoyou2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Wow if Eurogamer is giving this game a good score you know it has to be good! Now let's wait for Edge to come out with their 8/10, desperate for hits, score.

sikbeta2757d ago

Awesome, HR will have the support of Europe for sure, I hope it'll the same way here in America

Gamers FTW!!!

baum2757d ago

"IT DOSE"?????

I cringed

OmarJA-N4G2757d ago

AAA & GOTY contender confirmed... :)

Haters got owned big time. :)

Christopher2757d ago

They definitely had a lot to say about the game. But, it seems that the reviewer was happy with the juxtaposition of cinema and gameplay that is presented with Heavy Rain.

Blaze9292757d ago

Anyone know if they still mapped the walking to R2 and L2? Or was it R1 and L1?

All the videos I seen including the new shower scene the walking seems to be just like Fahrenheit where it can get annoying a few times and the character will keep turning around.

Tinted Eyes2757d ago

Wasn't this game supposed to flop miserably in ratings???

Guess not :)

Maddens Raiders2757d ago

when even trolls are forced to mix in adoration for the game, whilst they grit their teeth typing bs.

Nineball21122757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Getting some really good reviews so far... I'll be interested to see what the average score is.

sparta762757d ago

Great review!!
Now I really can't wait for this!
@ alpha male, nice jab there at heavy rain.
Read some of your comments here today..
U don't like the game I see., have u played it?
Why comment if u not even gonna give it a try?
U talk about all the fanboys but look at yourself!!
1st mag
now this game!
Give them a try., rent and see u you'll like them.
I know I'll be busy feb23!!!

-Alpha2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

What are you talking about?

I appreciate HR. If you are going to make some baseless accusations then back it up.

It wasn't a jab. To my understanding, Heavy Rain is QTE-based with some adventuring.

Am I wrong? Please tell me if I am, I would love to know.

Don't give me some BS about being a troll if your comment was directed at me Madden. If you are replying to me, then reply to me directly.

You call me a troll despite not knowing jack about my gaming preferences. In fact you openly admitted that you were "ok" with me until I started making more critical comments to the PS3. Sorry I don't share the same views as you. It's funny that whenever i make a critical comment you call me a troll but your nowhere to be seen when I make positive comments about the PS3 (assuming of course that you are refering to me, if not, sorry)

@Grey Wulf

If I really care about what? Oh, and there's a criteria to be a "gamer"? I didn't know, thanks for the elitist pep talk.

You didn't even bother to answer my question.


Ok, I didn't "know" that. I was simplifying what HR was and if it sounded condescending I apologize because it wasn't my intention


Because he's directly called me out on being a troll before and has a problem with my PS3 comments, despite never managing to actually respond to my comments.

Greywulf2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Try Indigo Prophecy if you *really* care, which im sure you don't. Else you'd know already. You've had 6 years..

DatNJDom812757d ago

Damn looks like the "QTE movie" as the haters say, turned out to be something great. Must be killing them inside.

jmare2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Here we go: Why is it QTE based? Because icons pop up to show you the contextual actions you have to do in order to play the game? Aren't QTEs random button presses during scripted events? The gameplay is not QTE based. You control your character and contextual prompt appear showing you various actions that you can perform.

The action sequences are closer to QTEs but unlike almost every other implementation, they are not the traditional "Press X to not die" variety. The prompts can be missed leading to different results. Every game with QTE requires the player to remain focused, where as in theory you could set the controller down during one of Heavy Rain's action sequences and the story would continue, although the outcome is likely to be bad.

Heavy Rain implements an evolution of QTEs in the action sequences. Everything else is player directed with cues as to what actions you perform.

EDIT: NO harm, no foul, Alpha. I think people get pissy because saying it is all QTE is inaccurate for one, and two, everyone hates QTEs. They kill all the fun in games by taking control out of the player's hands. I remember Indigo Prophesy and it was awesome the way you had contextual controls and the different perspectives on the same story. Unfortunately in ended up in a huge QTE that was weird as fvck. But this time it looks like Quantic dream is actually evolving the original concept of QTE and turning it into a legitimate gameplay mechanic for storytelling.

But I really think there wouldn't be as much hate for this game if it was multiplat like Indigo was.

Shang-Long2757d ago

y r u being so defenisve alpha? He didn't call u out he said *trolls.*.

bjornbear2757d ago

he has some strange gripe with PS3 exclusives

he did the same with MAG -_-

-Alpha2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Thank you. I didn't mean to say that HR was ALL just QTE-- the fact of the matter is that that's what I've seen and that's what I've been hearing. I haven't been following the game as close as you have apparently.


Show me where I've had a problem with MAG. It's not my cup of tea. Is that so hard to accept? Now I've been meaning to try it based on how people have praised it, but show me where I've hated on MAG.

I criticized the fact that PS3 fans said NOTHING about the pre-embargo reviews when they were positive but when the game got a 6.8 people started getting upset and then acted as if they cared about the integrity of the reviews.

They saw two 8.0 scores and said "Wow, MAG is great!" yet had nothing to say about the actual content of the review itself, even when it was crystal clear it was written pre-embargo. But nobody said "This is just for hits, this is based off of the beta, this is dishonest".

Then, there came a 6.8 review. And then a 7.2. All of a sudden, people question the score and then bother looking into the review. Finally people understand that the review was falsely written. All of a sudden it's too early, it's for the hits, and it's dishonest.

That was my only problem. I said that either you accepted all the pre-embargo reviews since it was clear that the reviews had apparently played enough of MAG to grasp the content, or ignore them (the correct choice) and give MAG some more time. But even AFTER the embargo people would criticize the reviewers for being biased or not playing the game correctly. And then when some sites gave MAG a PERFECT score (even giving the story an 8.5 on one site, despite the game not having one) people once again dropped the detective work.

I've only based MAG off of opinions and facts about the game, and I've openly admitted that, so please don't tell me I have a problem with PS3 exclusives. Where were you when I claimed DS for my GOTY or when I gave FPSOTY to K2? Or does that fall under the preconception that I'm a "troll"?

It's funny how the mentality works around here. Act like a sheep and follow blindly what the majority say and your ok. Question something, make a fair criticism or go against the majority and all of a sudden your some kind of fanboy. Am I supposed to fall in love with every PS3 exclusive?

FreeFalling2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I've read your comments throughout N4G and read the ones on this one too. You said nothing wrong or flaimbait, ignore the butt-hurt PS3 fanboys just because they do not agree with you not squealing over a game that does not fit your preference.

Arnon2757d ago

You're not supposed to not like PS3 exclusives. You're not allowed an opinion. Stop your tomfoolery.

Anyway, I wouldn't listen to the majority of the community on this site. I've bought so many PS3 exclusives just because I listened to their extreme zealous hype, and only a handful have kept my interest for more than a month.

With this being said, I'm still on the fence with Heavy Rain. I have it pre-ordered, and the reviews sure do seem to be nice, but I'm not sure if I'd honestly want to replay something like this multiple times to see a different ending.

Jamescagney2757d ago

Maybe every site should give the exact same reviews, as long as they are positive towards ps3 games off course. That would be better wouldn't it? Then there would be no arguments and we could all live in a happy world filled with bunnies and sunflowers. No difference of opinion, just glowing praise shared by all.

Ahh, what a wonderful world it would be.

TotalPS3Fanboy2757d ago

"It's a game where you push a stick and press a button."

Isn't that what all games are? You use the stick to move around and press a specific button to do a certain action when you want. That is not QTE. Heavy Rain is not QTE.

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young juice2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

eurogamer, was this one of the big sites people were waiting for?

this is the lowest score ive seen for this game besides OPM.

LarVanian2757d ago

I'm pretty certain Eurogamer UK will give the same score. Edge is the one place I'm really expecting to give Heavy Rain an 8/10.

vhero2757d ago

Eurogamer are known for giving ps3 exclusives lower scores than 360 exclusives just like EDGE so this is an amazing score.

darthv722757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

does this mean the next 360 exclusive reviewed by this eurogamer will get an 11+?


@baum: don't take it so seriously. The game got a good score. Why arent you more pleased?

-Alpha2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

UC2 10/10
Demon's Souls 9/10


I hate these conspiracy theories. Eurogamer is just fine, they are though, a little different. They aren't "known" to give 360 higher scores as if they are fanboys. Do you have any particular case or are you just vaguely trying to imply something?

Also, this is EU France so we still have to wait for the English Eurogamer.

Still, this isn't the only AAA score HR has gotten so far.