Preview: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - Gamervision

Gamervision says, "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men had problems when it was released in 2007. Some flaws with the gameplay lead to one of the largest controversies in the history of the industry, with reviewer Jeff Gerstmann being fired from his position at GameSpot due to issues with the company's marketing and some problems with a few PR errors. As gamers watched the events unfold, confused and angry, so did IO Interactive, the developers of the game. They watched as their first full-fledged next-generation game, which should have had an easy time in 2007 after Army of Two and Grand Theft Auto IV were delayed, had its thunder stolen before it landed on store shelves due to elements completely out of their hands. It still sold admirably, and it could be argued that the controversy might have helped a bit, but the reputation of the series was tarnished, to put it lightly."

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