Zipper: Nothing to stop 256 players on screen at once

PSUni: …except your own need to kill. That's what Zipper Interactive told us at M.A.G.'s hands-on event in London.

When asked what was hardest to code for the 256-people online multiplayer game, Seth Luisi, director of development at Sony Computer Entertainment America and working on M.A.G., told PlayStation University.

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Xwow20083122d ago

respect for zipper interactive and their amazing engine and network architecture :)

techie3122d ago

I'm surprised how quick it is to get a full 256 player game going...when U2's networking takes a while to get just 10 people in a game.

Xwow20083122d ago

Because they build their engine from the start to do that, its a true technical achievement.

aceitman3122d ago

or should i say mag respect them for doing something new and unheard of .

SullyDrake3122d ago

Especially considering what they're doing behind the scenes.

Can't wait to pick this game up.

mauleriscool3122d ago

They should shoot some HD video with 256 ppl on screen that eventually fight it out and make it a viral ad.

venum3122d ago

Few review talk about that. I wonder if the the reviewer did notice there is few games in the market which can display 256 characters, explosion, vehicles in 720p with a strong and stable frame rate.

Guido3122d ago

Now that Sony have the graphics engines that beat all and the online code that supports 256 players at one time, they have nearly everything that the others do not. Great looking games, the widest range of divers game play and the best and most expansive online experiences ever. It would seem to me that Sony is preparing for something huge and I feel that it is not that far away.

DaTruth3122d ago

Please bring this to SpaceHawk!

rockleex3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

Where you can co-op with 299 other players to take down the millions of soldiers of the Persian Empire!!! @[email protected]

@above: I think you mean Starhawk.

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-Alpha3122d ago

The idea of getting all players on screen is quite a thought.

It'd be funny trying to convince 256 players to do it and they are absolutely right: there's always that one guy who'd throw a grenade.

Imagine how funny it would be if that were to happen and all hell breaks lose.

Actually, I wonder if they would add some sort of S&D mode or a mode where you have a preset amount of lives (just 1 for example). It would probably annoy early players who die, but maybe they could make a Last Squad Standing match.

The potential for the games modes and DLC is pretty open-ended.

Troll_Police3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

In that video, did you notice that there was NO lag with 128 players on screen at once? People can say what they want about MAG but no one can deny that what Zipper has achieved is nothing short of miraculous with MAG while others can't get 5 on 5 and 6 on 6 to work properly without lag.

-Alpha3122d ago

For once I agree with you.

40cal3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

It would be very hard to turn down all that XP. You would have to be careful to only hit the other team though. With all 256 mixed up in one place it might be better to fight the temptation.

Edit: A 256 last man standing quick match would be fun. No re spawn, just 39 seconds of retarded.

callahan093122d ago

I think it would be really cool to have a mode where you only get 1 life, but it would probably be unfeasible. The maps are just so monstrously huge that once it got down to the last few players from each PMC they'd never find each other. The people who were already dead wouldn't get much enjoyment out of having to watch as their still living teammates run around never encountering anybody, or just sit there hiding, waiting for the enemy to cross their sights. It wouldn't be pretty. The alternative would be instead of a last-man standing deathmatch, it would have to be a 1-life (no respawning) version of the game's existing objective matches, but then when it got down to those last few players it wouldn't be all that different from a 1-on-1 capture the flag match, and I'm sure we've all experienced that before and how boring it gets to play 1-on-1 CTF. If they ever implemented something like that, they'd have to come up with a totally new kind of game type to implement it, because I don't think the existing game types would be effective for a no respawning type of match.

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chrisulloa3122d ago

Oh god, these guys are so high on themselves it's beyond pathetic.

blitz06233122d ago

Oh? So what about Microsoft?

alphakennybody3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

They can say what they want, because they have ACTUALLY done something that has never been done before on a console. See what I did there :)

ThanatosDMC3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

A truce for a 256 player screenshot... damn, that's impossible for me. I wont be able to resist the temptation of throwing a nade somewhere...

Also, the video of 128 SVER... they were all ready engaged with the enemy as you can see in the beginning where grenade were exploding and the SVER team were shooting in one direction.

They need to make something like this for MAG: "The Pwned Life" Part 1

Wow, just realized how great MAG looks compared to BF2! It's been that long... wow!

callahan093122d ago

Wow, I never played the Battlefield BC 2 beta, but those graphics aren't very good at all. MAG looks way better. MAG actually has awesome graphics, and not just considering that it's 256-players simultaneously, it just in general has very good graphics, I don't know what game IGN was looking at when they gave it a 6.5 for graphics. I'd give it a solid 9 or 9.5 for graphics. The maps are varied and highly detailed, the textures are sharp, the modeling is good, it's a very attractive game to look at in my opinion. Gah. Don't want to get started on that pathetic IGN review again. 6.5 for graphics and lasting appeal. I'll never get over how totally wrong they are with those scores. Not even a matter of opinion, they're being completely unfair to the game.

ThanatosDMC3122d ago

Oh, no this isnt Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The video i linked is Battlefield 2, the old PC game.

120FPS3122d ago

What do you call a french guy playing MAG whilst wearing sandals?

Phillipe Filop

ZombieRollz3122d ago

Bwahahahahahahahaha, I have to add that to my joke collection. I can't wait to tell all of my friends. AHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

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