Destructoid Review: Hustle Kings

Destructoid writes: "Hustle Kings is a rather fleshed-out pool simulator. Featuring 7 different games, including 8-Ball, 9-Ball and Cutthroat, there's a lot to play here. It also has impressive visuals in 1080p. The game looks fantastic even if I've never seen tables and balls that looked so shiny and pristine in reality.

The consequence of playing on a perfect table is that it runs fast. Very fast. Balls will rocket around and finding the appropriate level of power will require some getting used to. The physics are dead-on, however, with cushions having an appropriate amount of pad to their bounce and balls react precisely how they should. It may be the smoothest felt you've ever played on but loses no points in execution."

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ifhd3210d ago

I am enjoying it but they need voice chat.

Simon_Brezhnev3210d ago

yeah it needs voice chat but damn im trying to do the trick shots before i even do story mode