Are Lost and Final Fantasy VII Unofficially Connected?

GameZone's Louis Bedigian writes,

"These similarities do not include the themes of manipulation and the unrelenting power/control by a major organization (both of which are a huge part of Lost and FFVII), or how flashbacks were used to advance their stories. Furthermore, in FFVII, significant events temporarily block the memories of Cloud and Tifa – memories that were from the previous five years of their lives. On Lost, our castaways are faced with a time-shifting scenario that threatens to erase the past five years of their lives – and, presumably, the memories of that existence. (Using the time-altering, memory-keeping elements of the movie Frequency would give Lost a much more interesting outcome, don't you think?)"

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trig4563177d ago

a great comparison, never would've thought about it!

Xwow20083177d ago

brings me good memories of sephiroth final battle :)

athmaus3177d ago

Very good comparison, never thought of it like that

NYCGirl093177d ago

good article and comparison. Now, we just have to wait and see!