Kotaku: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review: Repetitious Rebel

Kotaku writes: "Well, fun was never a given in a game made by Suda 51 anyway.

What do you want from a video game? Fun? What if it makes you laugh? And smile? What if it can surprise you? What if it's a sequel that removes the bad parts from its predecessor and replaces them with…. wait a minute… what if it replaces them with other un-fun stuff?"

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EvilTwin3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )


There are some valid points of criticism in this.

But I think it honestly misses out on some of the plot in both games; Suda's games require a bit more effort to "get," and both NMH have as much to say as Killer 7, IMO.

The first game was about MUCH more than "laughing at geek obsessions while loving them." It was a "path to being number one" quest, but look at who you fought, a veritable "who's who?" of depravity and outright angst against a boring, mundane existence (which is why they seek out very dangerous excitement). Bad father, disgruntled mail man, alcoholic/abused daughter...there's social commentary in who gets drawn into this extreme behavior.

The second game is about the consequences of the first, and the circle of revenge this very dangerous game causes. Travis actually has admirers (maybe you'd even call some of them friends), but his past time gets an innocent one of them killed (pulling him back into this underworld).

[Fill in: "cool story, bro." Natch.]

...umm, anyways. Yeah. Some of the mini games take some getting used to. Moving on...

N4g_null3210d ago

Seriously I hate kotaku I hope their house burns down. J/k I still don't like them. They need to go back to variety. If they do fall down steps next e3 don't blame me lol.

They always have to troll something. They are really sad gamers.