The secret to being a copy cat is..

Aris Garcia of Burn360 writes: The reviews of the Bayonetta were amazing, and there were even debates over who kicked more ass, Bayonetta or Kratos(the protagonist to the God of War series). I figured, why not? The only bad to be read about was how it basically copied what Devil May Cry, God of War, Ninja Gaiden…etc. have already done.
They can copy the mold for so long until we will scream for something new. Developers will see the success and praise others are receiving over what they feel they have created. Then try to win us back by giving that plus more. I salute Platinum games for giving us this gem and I look forward to what EA can do with Dante's Inferno. But if either of those games are any inclination to what we will see in God of War III…..Heaven help us all and that bar that will be set.

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Rikitatsu2940d ago

Which was made by the creator of Bayonetta.
So, Hideki Kamiya >> Action genre.

SasanovaS19872940d ago

for what it stands, if you are inspired by a game and thus made another 3 times better, can you really state he owns the action genre? thats what i thought, now go back to humping and defending your bucket

Rikitatsu2940d ago

according to whom exactly?

Major_Tom2940d ago

Lol, except God of War is still the de facto franchise and Bayonetta is not.

FanboyAttack2940d ago

Bayonetta was awesome, we'll see what happens with GOWIII.

Johnny52940d ago

I really enjoyed Bayonetta. Very original way of attacking the genre. Platinum games is awesome I cant wait for that new game that was on GTTV the other night. That looks nice too. God of WarIII...not looking forward to it very much. I'm just over the series I think.

Young Capwn2940d ago

In the end, there will only be CHAOS

2940d ago