Battlefield Bad Company 2 at 7680 x 1600 pixels

PCGH shows how Battlefield Bad Company 2 runs on Ati Eyefinity with a whopping 7680 by 1600 resolutions. The field of view is greatly increased.

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Mista T3236d ago

this is the FPS that I've dreamed of, with a field of view this big at that resolution

bjornbear3236d ago

one day =D!!

this is coming with super wide screens =D just have to wait a while for console games to get there =) but they will!

SilentNegotiator3236d ago

I wish I was a robber baron with 3 1600p monitors and a powerful enough GPU.

Pandamobile3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

That's one hell of a resolution. Wonder what kind of framerates you get with that res on a 5970 or 5870.

Just look at the size difference between an Eyefinity setup and a standard console-gaming resolution of 720p.

That's more than 13x the resolution :0

ATi_Elite3236d ago

Eyefinity is amazing. Too bad this No0b website didn't use a HD 5870 Crossfire set up or the God amongst children HD 5970 to get better performance out of that display. But hey they tried.

Love the screen shots. Good job showing off some PC features.
Tired of waiting for Battlefield Bad Company 2 to arrive on my HDD

Didn't like how the editor tried to upstage the HD 5870 with it's so called "Disadvantages".

Number one lower the resolution then add AA for a better display, or
Number two add another card for crossfire and max out performance.

3 30" monitors at max resolution (7680 X 1600) no AA but 30 FPS is herculean for one HD 5870. Cake walk for a HD 5970

FragGen3235d ago

Those pix look completely jacked at the far edges. I think I'd get motion sickness from the fishbowl effect after about ten minutes. I need my aspect ratios *just* a little more sane. I'd rather have two side monitors rendering proper images for true surround viewing than that type of display.

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KingKiff3236d ago

Know nothing fools all of them

chrisulloa3236d ago

Textures look bad, might be settings. Playing at this resolution sounds ****ing amazing though.

Pandamobile3236d ago

The PC beta's textures are stuck on Medium settings, but still, BFBC2 is one of the nicest looking games I've ever played.

Letros3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

that f'in mountain, can't keep from staring at it when I'm charging up!

QuantumWake3236d ago

Have always wanted to try Eyefinity. I've seen a lot of Maxishine's videos and it makes me wish I had the money he has. Stuck on 24" monitors for now.... :(

skip2mylou3236d ago

i think i would get motion sickness at tht res :(

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