128 MAG SVER players Meet up at one place

MAG can get really chaotic, when 128 players meet in one place.

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Greywulf3117d ago

Theres no teamwork

how is this possible?

Bnet3433117d ago

I want this game now ...

bjornbear3117d ago

128 players on screen at once, and NO lag

PS3, it only does EVERYTHING =D

BulletToothtony3117d ago

holy crap... truly epic.. talking about epic.. remember a game that was 5 vs 5 and it's freaking laggy..

execution173117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

i'd sell my soul to get any game i want for free
but no i gotta sulk around until payday to play some good games :(

edit it looks unbelievable i wish i was in that be yelling Get To The Choppa!!!

Megaton3117d ago

Extremely impressed with how remarkably well it holds up with that many people there messing around. Really cool vid.

FamilyGuy3117d ago

No tricks
No lag
No reason to doubt

That vid was awesome. I can't believe no one threw a grenade into that crowd of teammates just for a laugh (I know they'd be kicked). That many players being organized to do this shows the players really are mature.

The devs should capture some clean footage of this and make a commercial, I know this low quality vid just sold a few people on the game.

silvacrest3117d ago

that many players on screen and no lag

pretty impressive

darthv723117d ago

where is the opposing team? That would be a good opportunity to gain serious xp with a well placed grenade or thermo-nuke. lol

The Maxx3117d ago

" But no one plays MAG
Theres no teamwork

how is this possible?"

So 128 players or team A all gathered in 1 spot while the entire 128 players from Team B gets a clean win....and you think this is "teamwork"?

Ya when I log in to play a serious game, I want 127 players on my team to all just gather in 1 spot....ya...great teamwork...

All this shows is that 128 kids can gather in 1 spot to show 128 people in 1 spot gather...

ikkeweer3117d ago

Strategicly utterlly stupid, but all 127 follow, only in the army.
(don't make me put an /s there, I know its a gimmick)

El_Colombiano3117d ago


That's why you fall under the demographic of immature. Go play some other game like COD4 or something where teamwork is none existent. If you knew a single thing about this game, you would know that it takes teamwork and leadership to get *this many people* people together like this. You must not understand what 128 people is. This isn't your regular 5 vs 5 match of GeOW2.

sikbeta3117d ago

As far as I know MAG Has NO LAG since the Beta

This Game IS Damn Huge, 3 Crews ruling a Massive Battle is just Priceless


badz1493117d ago

congrats to Zipper! MAG FTW!

phalanx_mark3117d ago

They should do a historical version of MAG with phalanx formations! Like an RTS but with real online players. Imagine the challenge of trying to make sure your team keeps formation in the heat of battle. One person is nominated King per side and if he gets slayed you win!

Halo 3 MLG Noob3117d ago

This is so dam funny, makes me want to buy it.

From what I played at my friend's place, the gameplay is quite solid. Graphics are not great, but not distracting, and the leader mechanics work quite well. But BFBC2 is still above it in my opinion.

Chubear3117d ago

lol, let the haters keep playing Reviews. I'll be on MAG :D

rroded3117d ago

128 players in one place n no lag

hope ms is takin notes

dedicated servers own

shawnsl653117d ago

that's what i'm talking about~ filled with win

PoSTedUP3117d ago

it's like brave heart, but with guns....!


ThanatosDMC3117d ago

HAHAHAH! It would have been funny if somebody called for an Bomber... that whole line of 128 people would've been annihilated. No joke. You can see it in the game sometimes where everybody outside the building just gets slaughtered.

For those who're having mic problems, i found that adjusting the sensitivity in the options menu during the game fixes it. Your Sony bluetooth headset (PS3) has a noise canceler that blocks out the explosions and whatever else happening in MAG.

pixelsword3117d ago

Someone said we were doing a parade, but it turned out to be something else.

Red Panda3117d ago

That is pretty damn awesome. Thats the coolest video I've seen in awhile.

Dev8 ing3117d ago

You see team work in MAG but never every single person working together. Amazed.

The Happy Baby3117d ago

I just saw some guy running around his own teammates, about 30 of them.
maybe they should try this again, in a more open area, so i can see it all.

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Fiona3117d ago

wow, thats cool! Makes me want to buy it lol. Maybe ill pass bioshock 2 and get this.

DavidMacDougall3117d ago

Same i'm finishing off Bishock 1 then im gonna trade Red Fation G. and BS1 in for this

SIX3117d ago

I just said screw it and picked it up. The more people buy this game the better it will be. How good this game becomes will depend on it's support so everyone go out there and get this game already and make it the best FPS for years to come.

Parapraxis3117d ago

LOL! wow, that is insane, check out the video the same guy posted

Max Power3117d ago

that is the same video that is posted.

ikkeweer3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

10 bucks it's a pretty big clan, but still, that's really awesome.
Now I wanna see the video of that one guy that wasn't in the clan and got left behind.

Parapraxis3117d ago

Yes it is Max, but the original N4G post did not have it included ;)

dalibor3117d ago

When you start communicating it becomes a lot more fun, you feel like you are in a big battle going on. I had fun with the beta, so I will be picking this up. People use those mics for MAG, no excuses. It's a lot more fun.