Heavy Rain Madison taking a shower full scene (Warning: nudity)

Well one site got the game and the kindness to upload the full scene, Here it is:

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Agent Smith2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Luckily I had a free hand for this...... because my other was helping me eat pie.

young juice2279d ago

both of my hands were free... to mute the video, bad voice acting is my kryptonite.

rroded2279d ago

not lookin like sarah palin is a big bonus

that n having a dev with guts nough ta show the goods unlike sega...

def ganna have ta give this a go hoping the wife likes it too

morganfell2279d ago

All of the funny comments aside - and some were funny - that was actually a pretty tense (no pun intended) bit of action.

StanLee2279d ago

I agree with you. The tension and drama is definitely there. This game plays to a much more mature audience and I hope it will not be taken out of context.

Dev8 ing2279d ago

@rroded not to mention the sex scenes in ME2 where the girl takes off her shirt to reveal a bra. Lame, oh yeah that's right they're pandering to 13 year olds. Quantic Dream have balls.

BldyShdw2279d ago

"Young Juice" is my kryptonite

On topic: I love Heavy Rain :)

InfectedDK2279d ago

wow actually looked better than I thought..
I'll get this game for sure ;)

jmare2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

How long before this story gets to numba 1? Well, at least the tits were nice.

EDIT: Blaze and just what the hell is wrong with taking showers with full naked women? What if they were half naked?

Blaze9292279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

inb4 Fox News: "New Videogame allows your children to be a killer and take showers with full naked women"

On a serious note - Looks like the controls will be a little stiff with the walking - might be a bother in the way a few times.

Anyone know if they still mapped the walking to R2 and L2? Or was it R1 and L1?

Sarcasm2279d ago

Perfect bewbs. The nipples are beautiful and the size is just right.

young juice2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

wait wtf, all i said was the voice acting is terrible (which it is) and im losing bubbles, getting death threats, disagrees and all.

JESUS CHRIST you people need to grow up. i never said the game was bad sheesh.

im actually really excited about heavy rain, its definatly not going to be forgoten ANYTIME soon.

but what im surprised about is the fact that none of you provided a valid reason as to why the voice acting sucks, for instance the 20000 page script. i expected better out of my fellow console debaters.

BldyShdw2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Bad voice acting? How can you possibly tell unless your fluent in french? I took french for 3 years in high school and it sounds fine to me. Your just desperately trying to find a flaw in this game and you come up with "bad voice acting"?

young juice2279d ago

im not trying to desperately find a flaw i just dont like it, come to think of it.... maybe ive been playing too much uncharted 2... im gonna go play some random games and see if uncharted 2 has spoiled me visually and electrocochleographyly

DSI2279d ago

Are we really going there. Seriosly, what's the purpose of actually showing a shower scene if for nothing more than to appeal to the closet gaming pervs out there. The least thing they could have done was have her use soap and put on clean underwear.

Oh yeah, let's watch he pee also. Wow, just seems kinda pointless if you ask me.

BYE2279d ago

- No soap, just water
- Same underwear she wore before the shower
- She "goes" after the shower

What a dirty girl!

sikbeta2279d ago

BøøBs = GøTY lol

No seriously this game will be Awesome

8thnightvolley2279d ago

that was some pretty intense fight going on there .. thou.. i would be on edge if i were playing that heck i felt it from here..i think i am taking an interest to this game

SilentNegotiator2279d ago

That was all pretty cool except for the creepy urinating part...

IrishAssa2279d ago

Did no one see that? At 4.28 he teleports behind her

GrandTheftZamboni2279d ago

I think there was a choice whether she was gonna take a shower or not?!?! What a waste of development effort. Who's gonna chose NOT to see Madison in a shower? This is PS3 exclusive!

darthv722279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

She really wasnt in the shower long enough to get clean. She puts on the same clothes she took off and then goes to the toilet. She would have just peed in the shower because you have running water to wash it down the drain.

I did like how it showed you could use the sixaxis to dry off by shaking it.

The reactions looked realistic. She should have gone for where it counts on the bad guys but I didnt see an option to really control where to hit them.

@mike...that would just be wrong lol

Mikeyy2279d ago


You pee in the shower? Do you poo in the garbage can too?

paskowitz2279d ago

The maturity level in this comment section is pretty depressing.

Immortal Kaim2279d ago

I agree. This game is squarely aimed at a mature audience, I sometimes think it's a waste of time making these games when 90% of these supposed gamers have the maturity and IQ of a 6 year old.

Unfortunately I don't think games will every break free of the 'childish shackles' associated with them, given the mindset of many 'gamers'.

KidMakeshift2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

How awesome would it have been if she took a piss while standing

Also, I think there should be a mini game when she's putting on her clothes. Like if you aren't careful while pulling up her panties with the motion controls you could give her major camel toe.

dawgsfan1172279d ago

I don't understand why this is needed in it. I dont play games to see virtual women take showers and a piss. This seems like something they included because they knew it would grab headlines not any depth to the game. Please don't lecture me about how its cinematic or mature because nudity doesn't equal maturity. Ive played plenty of games with great story lines that play great without this sort of thing.

Im still thinking of getting the game but in such a stacked year for gaming I feel like I could watch a great movie and enjoy the same experience but with actual people. This is just my opinion.

Rush2279d ago

That looks amazing, but am going to have to remember never to play this around my friends. I would feel like a total pervert (I am anyways but that's a secret) xD

iamtehpwn2279d ago

Ps3 - It only does high quality fap material.

Rock Bottom2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

I usually don't wear the same cloths I just took off after taking a shower. :(

I know that the story here is about some a serial killer who kills children, I just hope there wont be any violent scenes involving children, I found those things more disturbing than I can handle. Otherwise, I loved post Matrix Fahrenheit, and I'm sure I'll love this.

AntoineDcoolette2279d ago

I thought Madison was the dude >_>

Rush2279d ago

Awww poor you bet your really disappointed now xD

sumguy812279d ago

this scene is the reason half of you are gonna buy this game. and it sucked. oh boy, pixelated boobs and you have to push up to turn the light on and down to turn the water off. exciting! i did have to laugh though when they prompted the gamer to shake the controller to dry off. i guess the developer figured that would be the movement most gamers' hands would already be doing during this scene.

...bye bubbles

ScoobyDrew2278d ago

oh gawd its gonna be mass effect all over again... HAHAHA I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

The Happy Baby2278d ago

it seems too-slow paced for me.

ButterToast2278d ago

I agree with young_juice on this one. Voice acting was not very impressive, but given the way the scene played out I doubt the english voice actor will be able to do much better. hopefully the dialog is solid.

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young juice2279d ago

on another note she mike tyson'ed his a$$, who robs a place with a knife? why is the voice acting so terrible? and the way she took care of those robbers reminds me of a movie that i cant remember the name of.

can someone tell me what movie it is, it was this latino chick and they were on a boat, i dont remember the details but in the end the guy got eatin by a shark. i think they were seaching for something at the bottom of the sea.

Tito082279d ago

maybe that movie, "Into The Blue", I have only seen the trailers, but prolly u're reffering to it!!!

young juice2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

yep thats it bro thanks + bubble

dont know why i said latino.

oh wait jessica's father is mexican, that means i dont look like a [email protected]

W-k2279d ago

well actually if you where trying to murder some one.. why would you use a gun ? there too loud,knife's are a much better choice when you want to be silent and they don't run out of ammo and better yet there's little to no evidence left behind with a knife as long as you take it with you and don't leave it behind.

like the joker says.

Arnon2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Except anyone with common knowledge in self defense could defend themselves from a knife. Especially if you have a knife, yourself. Robbing a place with a knife is pretty stupid, actually. Walking in to a place that you have no knowledge of with a weapon that's for close combat is probably something you don't want to do. What if the guy had a shotgun in his home?

Mugging makes more sense if you're using a knife.

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cliffbo2279d ago

WARNING! 360 owners please be aware that there is adult content in this video. unless your parents have put a parental lock on your PC, you could be shocked.

young juice2279d ago


let them watch, they might learn something.

4point7BillionLoss2278d ago

this is the ultimate gayming experience every gaymer in the world has been looking for ... what next ... rate my poo ... ingayme .... AWSOME

newmemphis2278d ago

The more I am watching this game trailer, I see this game resemble of Sammue or Shamue for Dreamcast. The basic mechanic of the game is identical to Shammue. Don't get me wrong though, I love that game when I played it for Dreamcast.

Two-Face2279d ago

And people said that Bayonetta was a 12 year old boy's wet dream.

CrippleH2279d ago

This is a r*pist potential nightmare then.

Dtoxz2279d ago

Those poeple are idiots to think that a Sarah Palin look alike game character can be a "wet dream" to someone who's balls havent even dropped! Lol.