MTV Multiplayer: MAG Review

MTV: "MAG" offers a bold, new approach to competitive and cooperative online play. The flipside is that the bulk of gamers may still be too caught up in "Modern Warfare 2" or waiting for "Bad Company 2" to care. This is a different beast than either of those games, offering a slower, more team-oriented style of play. It's a lot of fun when things go right, but "MAG" is too young to have fully developed as it could. If more players enlist and more leaders emerge who understand what they're doing, the core gameplay and deep sense of investment in customizing your own character could elevate Zipper's latest to the top of the online shooter pack."

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infekt3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Ah. MTV gets it re-enforcing the fact that this is not a Rambo title.