PS3's February Japanese RPG Crush: The Storm Before The Storm

Gaming Target writes:

"Since the launch of the PlayStation 3, Japanese RPG fans have bemoaned the lack of their favorite genre on the machine. Sure, sometimes publishers throw the PS3 a bone – ports of 360 JRPGs like Enchanted Arms and Eternal Sonata come to mind, along with a few exclusive RPGs that are even more specialized in being Strategy RPGs. Otherwise, PS3 fans had to either play the Xbox 360's larger but still small selection, or keep playing PS2, which even in 2010 will get another game in the genre. Thankfully, with Final Fantasy XIII looming, the tides are beginning to shift a bit, especially here in February - before FFXIII hits our shores. With three Japanese role-playing games coming in the shortest month of the year – two of them exclusive to PS3 – JRPG fans who own a PS3 will be swimming in the genre for the first time ever. The best part is, all of them offer something different, enough that all three might be worth checking out for their unique take on role-playing. The old adage is coming to mind: good things indeed come to those who wait."

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Ravage272939d ago

for me, it all starts with WKC next week

vhero2939d ago

Starts with SO4 didn't get it for 360 as I knew the PS3 would have got a superior version eventually so I waited and my patience will pay off. Since I live in UK the games come out in this order SO4,WKC,FFXIII that I'm getting anyways.

colossi162939d ago

Oh yeah, I can grab White Knight today!