Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth DS demo now available

Capcom released a demo version of the upcoming Ace Attorney game for the Nintendo DS.

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Lucreto3210d ago

Another game to look forward to this month. I am getting it day one.

NecrumSlavery3210d ago

I really like this series.

Cheeseknight283210d ago

No point in playing a demo for this, I'm getting it regardless. I doubt I'll play the Heavy Rain demo either, I'd rather not take the risk of being spoiled part of the game.

SactoGamer3210d ago

I'm sure this game will sell pretty well from the get-go.

kingdavid3210d ago

You can play the demo on the gamespot site as well, its available in flash format for those who dont have a ds.

Redempteur3210d ago

must resist ......

i only hope this won't be a disapointment like the last game appolo justice

Cheeseknight283210d ago

How was Apollo Justice a disappointment? The only problem I had was that Apollo looked silly compared to Phoenix. The cases were solid, and the final trial worked.

It was no Phoenix Wright 3, but it wasn't awful.

Redempteur3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Oh well

i was disapointed ..

let me say this first ... the game had many strong points .. the videos during and after the cases ,a good adversary (prosecutor) in front of you .., the concert case made my ds use all her sound capabilities and some side characters were good IMO ( * munch munch* )

i was disapointed not by the ending that i enjoyed not by the true ennemy we saw coming 1 miles ahead but by appolo itself and her assistant

You see they are the 2 main characters of the game and of course you spend most of the time with them .. and that's my problem.

Appolo was useless as a character , almost no motivation ... his choices doesn't fit at all in the story and he kinda weak toward ...well everyone !!
I loved the sight system but the character behind it wasn't charismatic enough to make it shine ... that's my opinion .
As for the girl , sorry i forgot her name ... well let's say it .. she is no mana .. or pearls ..she could be funny .. but i didn't laugh ...sorry but everything in the court about her was so "serious" i wondered what was her point ..she wasn't funny..

Well phoenix in the previous game always had a little help but it gave the cases to appolo .. sorry but that's it .. except in the case 4 of the second game Wright always found the final answer by itself ..sorry but again wright just did most of the work because appolo is incompetent !

Also WHAT WAS THE POINT of making phoenix disapear like that ... sorry but i have still trouble to digest what happenned to him .. there would have been so many ways to make him a mentor for example stay in the back and launch the newbie ( apollo ) in the arena ..but well all the actions he did in the first case for example didn't made any sense in the final case ..

i couldn't help but to scream ..if he knew .. if he had doubts , why keep quiet ?
Especially with a girl on his hands to take care .

Also i loved the final choice in the end that isn't one really since one lead you to the end , and the other to a game over ...again why ??

That's really sad you see because i enjoyed most of the new characters ... the saga they started with the bracelet, the kids ..the connexion they made in the end was beautifull ...

but i was disapointed because well the same quality i got wasn't there from the beginning to the end ...
it's a good game but after the awesomeness that was trial and tribulations ( that game was flawless )how not be disapointed ?

if another game is made with these characters ..they better use their head and correct all the mistakes they made with their settings .. some need more confidence ( appollo) , some to be back to normal ( wright) , so to be important to the plot ( ?? )

kingdavid3210d ago

I was disappointed not to see maya in apollo justice. Shes one of the best characters in the series and you dont find out what happens to her after the main phoenix wright series ifnished..

SeraphimBlade3210d ago

Surprised that it only let you play the adventure aspect of it and no courtroom. It was a BIT overwhelming at first, but it makes sense soon. The "Logic" feature is cool, but should it really have a health bar? Seriously?

GiantEnemyBOT3210d ago

Ugh no courtroom battles? Those were the best!