BrightHub: Flower - Revisiting nature for all PS3 owners

Now that the holiday season has come and gone again, here is a recommendation for all those with new PS3s, or even old ones who haven't gotten around to discovering this 10 dollar classic.

Flower is a virtual stress ball to emulate your love for nature
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cyguration2913d ago

Just like flOw it really defined a new way to play games without feeling the stress of trying to "conquer" it.

mrv3212913d ago

I so want to do a project on flower. It's a story without words... imagine that a book with blank pages a radio drama without sound and a film with images.... it just cannot be done untill flower.

It was soo amazing, it was designed for you to build a story and as such everyone had different stories but I bet the majorities of people stories where the same.

ikaris2912d ago

The story was green propaganda. lol, if you don't use wind power you will end up as a destroyed city in ruins!!

Muckbeast2913d ago

This is a very strange and unique game. Wow!

Axll2912d ago

I had never even heard of this until now! I have to try this.

ikaris2912d ago

I'm glad someone brought it to your attention.
I hope more games aim for the same goals flower did, or better.

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