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Jason Trent with GoozerNation says: "Let me preface this by saying that I'm no fanboy. I use whatever piece of technology gets the job done best, but I absolutely love Apple's handheld products. I've owned many an iPod and many an iPhone. I love them as much as one could love a piece of technology, so I was very excited as we neared the announcement of the then unnamed Apple tablet."

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JimmyJames703186d ago

If someone handed me an iPad and said I could have it for free, that would be so awesome. Am I gonna drop over $500 for a web browser with no Flash support? No, probably not.

katydarlin3186d ago

This is how I feel as well.

retrovertigo3186d ago

I agree! I was seriously expecting a slate computer running either OS X or a stripped-down version of OS X. Good article, too!

bgrundman3186d ago

If I wanted an overgrown iPod Touch or iPhone, then sure I would buy it, but I already have an iPhone for that reason. Sorry, Apple will probably not be getting my money on this one.

azoriad3186d ago

This is exactly what i was thinking about the iPad. I could not have articulated this any better. Thank you for speaking what is on my mind. You are the best. THE BEST

StoneDragon3186d ago

This is the first review I've read on the iPad, I must say I'm sadly disappointed, yet optimistic. I'm disappointed that there is no flash support and that Apples is not "integrating" it into our lifestyles as they should (after all, we are the consumers). Yet, I'm optimistic because now-a-days the hardware, while initially important, is less important than it used to be. Today it's all about patches, updates, and mods. As with all things technological, Time will tell its success or downfall.