GameZone: White Knight Chronicles Review

GameZone's Michael Lafferty writes,

"There are many elements endemic to the Japanese RPGs genre, but with real-time combat, stellar graphics, a good story and logic stones where progress can be saved (die and the game ends if save points were not created), White Knight Chronicles succeeds. "

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Caspel3117d ago

honestly, what has happened to JRPGs this generation? Not enough of them are releasing :(

Rumor Monger3117d ago

Second the japanese devs believe they must westernise there FRANCHISES

Lucreto3117d ago

At least we can all get our fix now. There are lots of JRPGs out over the next few months they will keep me happy for nearly a year.

Godmars2903117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

MS has interfered with JRPG development into HD gaming. Though I really don't think JP devs were ready for the move in the first place. Having learned that FFXIII was a 1 1/2 in the works already and got scrapped, this goes double for Square.

Though it probably is well past time that someone admit that Sony hasn't helped things by making the PS3 harder to develop for, then not providing help through programming methods. The tech-ninjas they supposedly had during the PS2 days.

FamilyGuy3117d ago

This game will not be reviewed as "AAA status" because it is simply "good". My copy will be shipped soon but I'm purposely keeping my expectation low. It reviewed in the 7 range when it first released and the online mode and town building added since then can only add so much to improve its appeal.

I don't want people to pretend PS3 owners hyped this game up because we haven't, we just want more RPGs.

hazardman3117d ago

Don't use MS as an excuse..Face it Jrpgs are not what they used to be..blame it on the devs for [email protected] up the genre!!..

hoops3117d ago

The problem is they have not evolved over the years.

lonestarmt3117d ago

agree family guy

A above average JRPG gets 6-8s while and average sand box or shooter/rpg game gets 9+. Just the way it is. I can't stand it.

Caspel3117d ago

I hear where you are coming from. I believe many common US media members don't have the patience for JRPGs... whether it be grinding (dungeon crawling or random battles) leveling up, looting or many other unique JRPG elements, they just don't have the patience for them it seems.

DelbertGrady3117d ago

WRPGs evolved and took over.

bigjclassic3117d ago

JRPGs are on the DS/PSP excluding...
Lost Odyssey
BLue Dragon
Tales of Vesperia
End of Eternity

and the ones I listed are pretty sub par compared to the PS2 era JRPGs. HD consoles require alot of resources to produce games, and Japanese devs have not been diving head first into making quality HD JRPG titles.

Take SE and FFXIII, we all know that the PS3 can read 50-100GB Bluray disc. However SE decides to trim down FFXIII and really just focus on the CGI and fighting engine. I was expecting a massive FF from them this gen and we as gamers are not going to get it.

I played WKC over a year ago, and it is just really bland. Nothing really to write home about.

Currently Im playing DQIX and loving every minute of playing it. So if people really want a JRPG fix get a DS. Also, Wii has DQX, Last Story, Arc Rise Fantasia and Xenoblade coming down the pipe.

Tony P3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

"A above average JRPG gets 6-8s while and average sand box or shooter/rpg game gets 9+."

Oh, please. That is complete rubbish.

Pay attention to WRPGs outside of award-winning devs like Beth and Bio. As soon as you move outside your bubble you see some truth. And truth is, pretty much every WRPG out there that falls short of Oblivion is considered *completely average* like: Two Worlds, Risen, Divinity, and more.

They don't get the nod "just cos" they're WRPGs.

On topic: Whatever on scores. I still have my eye on the game. It looks to do just enough differently to stand out from the crowd. Dunno why people here seem to have soured on it now that it's leaving Japan.

Edit- Took a sec, but here's some proof. I *hate* to judge a game by its arbitrary number, but since you're arguing reviews, it's appropriate:

Divinity 2:

Two Worlds:


It's a fair deal. I can definitely get more, but the point stands. It's not a bunch of Westerners masturbating over WRPGs.

lonestarmt3117d ago

@ caspel

yup then hide under TB battles should go away or tries nothing new. Something tells me they wouldnt' have liked JRPGS 10 years ago either. lol

Godmars2903117d ago

JRPGs have been what they've always been with only tweak here and there now and then. Made obvious improvements with move to platforms like from SNES to PS1, but you can't say the same for the 360 to PS2 move. Games were just in HD while compromises had to be made with things such as CG movies.

@Soda Popinsky:
WRPGs are being recognized by the general market now that they're on consoles. That's it.

baum3117d ago

WRPGs became More like shooters less like RPGs, if that's what you mean by "evolved"

lonestarmt3117d ago

I don't really just mean WRPGS. I mean Western games in general. Lets look at Killzone 2. I mean Killzone 2 really didn't change anything yet it prob will get better scores than WKC. Look at GTA 4. It was a complete step backwards in the series. GTA IV hand less than half of what you could do in San Andreas and yet it got praised and none of the losses were talked about. IMO dragon age origins is really average but it still got 9+ scores. My point is most western games or action games flaws get easily over looked or don't let it affect the overall score, while JRPG everything gets criticized to death. Meaning a JRPG with should get a 8.5 which means worth buying normally always gets 7 to 8 ( and in this stupid world and website means epic fail and isn't worth playing) while over hyped western games normally get 8.5 and above.

BYE3117d ago

I think they struggle with keeping up to the quality and recources that are needed to develop games for current gen systems.

It's obviously a lot more expensive than developing a game for PS2.

lonestarmt3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

not trying to take away from WRPGS. ITs not reviewers masterbating over WRPGS its more like them pissing over JRPGs. Disgea 3, valkerya chronicles, yakuza 1 & 2, Lost odyssey, rouge galaxy, dragon quest 8, tales of vesperia, ar tonlico 2, and persona 3 & 4 all deserve more respect and higher scores than they got. Only demon souls for some reason, I think because its more western, got recognized.

Tony P3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

@lone: Eh, that makes little sense. Can't expect the same gamers to drool over a niche genre like they do a very popular one.

And again, that doesn't just go for JRPGs but typically all RPGs.

Edit- The first part was at 1.15.

@1.17: See, I agree with that. A lot of Western publications don't review JRPGs as best they could. I just disagree with the reason your first comment implies.

pippoppow3117d ago

Again this is not a full review. The online component was not taken into account due to servers not up until Feb2. I'm sure it should add .5 to 1 point at least. Gamezone has just rushed out this review just to be first. Just like what happened with MAG.

To those claiming how WRPGs are somehow more innovative and fresh must be new to gaming or are not long time PC gamers. Bethesda games are similar since the late 90s and Bioware games are iterations of similar game concepts. The games may be great and you may prefer those WRPGs over JRPGs but they're hardly innovative.

bjornbear3117d ago

you mean Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles have something to say...

but they aren't "classic" JRPG's per-se so I get your point...

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sikbeta3117d ago

After waiting for SO LONG, I really don't care about Reviews lol

Good Score Anyway

Minimox163117d ago

Agreed!, i wait to much for this game, can't said day one because it released tomorrow, and my pay day its Friday :(, and i only had 4 dollars for the entire week =(

Kyrwolf3117d ago

has there been any innovation in JRPGs in the last 10 years???

Godmars2903117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Depends on what you mean by innovation. As far as JRPGs go the usual rule always seemed that Square set a benchmark, and everyone else "sort" of aimed towards it while a few went left field.

lonestarmt3117d ago

umm tons.... half minute hero, knights of the knightmare, world ends with you for starters.

Shadow hearts added the ring system. Valkryia chronicles added a cool third person/tatical rpg hybrid. Disgea changed TRPGs forever. Ar tonelico added a music cover system. Growlanser added a active or real time/ TRPG system. FF 12 added some MMO elements. Heck even last remanet tried to change things up. Thats all just out of the top of my head.

What has FPS or shooters really changed in 10 years? A lot less let me tell you.

hoops3117d ago

Nope. There has been no innovation over the years regarding JRPG.
Most Japanese games in general except a few. They use to be the leaders in game creation years back. Not anymore.

lonestarmt3117d ago

@ hoops

You don't know what you are talking about. I just gave you plenty of examples. There is only so much you can innovate until you can't really call it a certain genre. IF some changes are not enough for you then the problem really isn't the need to innovate, but maybe you just don't like the genre.

Tru_Ray3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Demon's Souls is an incredibly difficult and uncompromising JRPG. The "no checkpoints" philosophy seems to be in contrast with the "save-anywhere" philosophy of most WRPGs.

Valkyria Chronicles is a Third-Person Action/Strategy RPG/Anime. There is nothing else like it on the market today.

The idea that JRPGs are not innovative is a myth that has gained steam in the WRPG biased gaming media.

The biggest innovation to come out of the west was the fusion of the FPS and RPG genres. However, after ME, ME2, F3, and Borderlands we can hardly call it innovative anymore.

I think that it is fair to say that East and West are on equal footing now in terms of their RPG development. It all depends on personal preference. We should wait until FFXIII drops in the west before declaring the death of the traditional JRPG.

Godmars2903117d ago

JRPG devs are still in transition as far as HD gaming goes. That's why what innovation there is, is going to current handhelds, which at this point are as powerful as a PS2.

So far, there has been no innovation for JRPGs on the 360 or PS3. That includes VC since base gameplay has been transferred to the PSP. Only the graphical quality was left behind.

Redempteur3117d ago

Jrpgs have never been dead.

How could they when there was a year with tales of vesperia, valkyria chronicles , and lost odissey , the world end with you and persona 4 ? ( the same year )

seriously ...

badz1493117d ago

the 2nd time you mentioned about "no innovation" in this section! if evolving is to be more a shooter like FO3 & ME2, then I don't think that's necessary! I know westerners like shooters and a shooter-based 'RPG' like ME2 will get instant praises from the media but I think JRPG as a genre has a unique feel to them and to change that element into something more 'western' just to get the western media to praise the game is somewhat LAME IMO! JRPGs are selling well in Japan where they belongs and for what they do best, although there are some devs putting extra effort and try new things in their game, I hate to see this genre goes less RPG and more action like most if not all WRPG!

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Homicide3117d ago

Thank you Square-Enix for selling me the game ;-)

Online looks like a blast.

ElementX3117d ago

Online is just fetch and kill quests like WoW, if you like that sort of thing. I got tired of those types of quests ages ago, personally. First with Everquest and then WoW. Run around, kill wolves, collect pelts, repeat, turn in quest. Boring!

Homicide3117d ago

Looks better than the single player. The story is awful.

deathofthedead3117d ago

This looks really good, and with Level 5's track record I think it's safe to say that I'll lose many hours of my life to this game. Once I get a PS3, that is.