BioShock 2's Rapture Edition gets price reduction

BioShock 2 isn't even out for another week yet, but already the game's Rapture Edition has seen a price reduction in the UK, knocking down the special edition version to a measly £29.95 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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SullyDrake3185d ago

Especially for a premium edition of a game. You would think that the regular version would be the cheaper one, but even still that's ridiculously cheap for a new release as big as Bioshock 2. UK got lucky this time!

I have no problem paying full price here, however, as Bioshock 2 will be a grand experience.

NewZealander3185d ago

i just wish they had put the game disc in a steelbook case, the first game had an awesome steelbook, having the sequel in a similar case would look cool in my collection.

badz1493185d ago

too quiet, it's disturbing! this was 1 of the most anticipated game last year until it got delayed but not long before release, yet we hear nothing about the game! no hype no nothing! what happen?

LazyRobot3185d ago

It's definitely too quiet =( I was looking forward to this more than Mass Effect 2 but considering that I have heard nothing on this game at all I am getting worried that it's going to be a crummy sequel

or amazing and they are not giving anything away =P

3185d ago