Bad Company 2 Will Never Go Prone

One common complaint about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is that it doesn't allow you to lie flat - you have to either crouch or stand. Well, cry all you want but Papa DICE isn't going to change it.

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Blaster_Master3242d ago

Im not gonna cry. Me and my friends just wont buy the game. If MAG lets you prone, then you should beable to in Bad Company 2. How bout this, quit crying and just give us, the people who actually buys your products, what we want? Boo hoo, I guess Dice will have to settle with being behind Modern Warefare forever?

BeaArthur3242d ago

Do you want a tissue for all that crying? Not being able to go prone is not that big of a deal. I don't snipe very often but when I do there are plenty of places to go where you are easily out of site. The only other people who go prone are the ones who lay down in corners waiting for someone to walk bye. Being able to go prone does not make or break again. If you don't like it go back to MW2 and exploit some glitches.

StanLee3242d ago

I actually hate that. So many times I've gotten killed because I can't go prone. It really sucks and I think they're just being stubborn.

HobbsCanuck3242d ago

I pwn in Battlefield BC, and 1943 as a rifleman running around killing people and almost never stop moving. As a sniper, i don't need to go prone, since I can find A BUSH TO HIDE MY SELF IN. You're nearly invisible with the gille suit crouching in the bush. Unless you're in a common camping spot, or have stayed there over 5 minutes, you won't die that much. Prone isn't an requirement, just use cover well.

Blaze9293242d ago

I'm glad you can't go prone - tired of no skilled looser who pick snipe and go prone the whole game trynna pick you off....although, that IS what a sniper is supposed to do though >_>

BuZzz Killington3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

like i know it would be really hard to spot enemys if they where proning, everyone just have to eat more carrots lol.....but seriously you now how supid it feels to go on a roof with a sniper and crouch like what the helll. when i first played the beta i kept going on the roofs to set an advantage point and people kept killing me right away lol had no things on the roof to hide behind basically i was a sittting duck. plus if you cant prone what the hell is the point of having a tripod on a gun none the less tripod unlocks im not hating on this game im sure it going to be really good but not be able to prone really felt stupid....its just not right a sharpshooter would never snipe crouched thats just absurd. its an amazement were even sniping each other crouching lol. u'd think we were skeet shooting......i just really cant figure out why they didnt include and the excuse are maps are so big that people would spam the proning or whatever isnt good enough for me, add a killcam like call of duty for those who prone and snipe plain in simple. we get to prone but at a cost of revealing out position atleast if we die snipping we get the chance to have dignity and not look like amateurs crouching and sniping with a frickin

vhero3242d ago

The whole point of Battlefield is not being able to hide from anybody. Everything is destructible is a fine example of that so prone wouldn't make sense anyways. I'm glad it's not got prone as good snipers are hard enough to kill anyways prone good snipers would be near impossible.

barom3242d ago

I love this. I hate people who go prone and hide somewhere that is nearly impossible to see and then they get all of these kills and they talk crap.

Microsoft Xbox 3603242d ago

Prone is for campers. Simple as that. I do extremely well without it.

-Alpha3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Why are you bringing MAG into this? Is that your sole decision to choose MAG? Because you can go prone?

Anyways, K2 didn't have prone and nobody had a problem. In BC2 I assume snipers want to hide, but that's what bushes are for.

I'm more concerned with:

1) Killcams, giving away your position REGARDLESS OF PRONE
2) Spotting and tracking players

Thankfully there will be a hardcore mode removing both of those.

I think at the very least prone should be JUST for snipers or it should take up a perk slot, but I just worry about the balance.

Anyways, prone is really the least of my worries for this game.

bjornbear3242d ago

thats crying man =/ not getting a game because of not being able to go prone? =P

unless you were bring sarcastic - in which case you forgot the /s...

FragGen3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

It's funny watching all the uber BFBC2 fanboys try to spin this like it's a feature instead of a limitation. :)

Seriously, it's retarded. FPS games on the frikkin PSP even let you go prone. It's a valid military technique. It's useful. Not having it in an engine that is so advanced and so realistic is SUPER goofy, IMHO. If someone is lying down camping they should be dead meat in this game if it's as awesomely deep and strategic and tactical as everyone who loved the beta said.

Will it ruin the game? NO. Will *I* still buy it? YES, totally. But it's still DUMB, IMHO, just not deal breaker dumb.

Anorexorcist3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I first took issue with not being able to go prone in Killzone 2, but after a while with the online portion of KZ2 and experiencing more of that heavy urban warfare feeling you get, you can understand how more enjoyable KZ2 can be compared to other shooters like COD.

kneon3242d ago

I would prefer to be able to go prone as a good sniper will have an easier time taking out an average sniper when both are prone. It's a hard shot when all you have to shoot at are 4 pixels :) I hate snipers, so I play them a lot and focus on taking out other snipers. Though of course anything else in my sights is fair game as well :)

evrfighter3242d ago

ask me which games don't let you go prone and I will answer the best FPS games in the history of online gaming. PC exclusive Battlefields being the ONLY exception. CoD was never considered better than battlefield when they were pc driven.

But I wouldn't expect console gamers to understand that.

ThanatosDMC3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Maybe they dont want that jump proning glitch that was widely use in BF2? Or was it called leap frogging, i dont remember. Anyway, the proning in the air gave people who use PKM heavy machine gun almost an instant kill ability against soft targets.

But since this is a completely different game with a different engine/source code or whatever, I dont understand why they dont allow prone stance. Terrible news for snipers.

^ KZ2 is not a Battlefield game though. Maps arent gigantic. Then again Bad Company maps pales in comparison to how big BF2 maps were. Gotta love tall grass as a sniper back then and go lone wolf.

xGrunty3242d ago

I bet half of you people don't even know you can spot people out for your teammates by pressing back/select when hovering over them.

EVEN if you could go prone playing with good people would prevent anything good to come from that. Hey look that guy sniped me from there! Spawn, spot, and usually dead.

But back to what I said first that being said makes it almost impossible to camp anywhere. hiding behind a bush means nothing once someone presses that button. Learn the game, go back to playing your terrible mw2. At least there's no airstrikes and auto helis, than you kids would REALLY be complaining.

SilentNegotiator3242d ago

Non-campers: Hooray!!

Fanb0y3242d ago

No more dolphin diving.


OmegaKulu3242d ago

personally i don't mind that they won't let you go actually make me feel like the good old days of CS all over again >.> except we got tanks, big maps and lots of covers and crap to blow up this time.
+, the fact that there are projectile physics just make prone target very unbalance when targets at long range. Also the maps are so big that's one way to discourage camping.

On the technical side....all I can think off is having your body parts sticking out of walls being a problem since most of them are fairly thin and destructible. and there are way too many places that you'll end up being stuck in a prone position with the way some items are layout on the map.

Blaster_Master3242d ago

And another thing, for people trying to be in competition against COD, they sure gotta pretty crappy attitude towards their fans and about what features we want in a game. They are jerks indeed. I follow alot of the Bad Company Devs on Twitter and their outlook on life is bleak at best. They are total bigots and have bad character. Personally, I dont give a crap about those losers, but they are taking a game that could actually be the best shooter of all time and making it crap, The spoiled, rich kid mentality those guys have reminds me of that one dude from Grandmas Boy, the one who talks like a robot. Yeah, those dudes are worse then even FourZeroTwo.

Baka-akaB3242d ago

Since when are you a fan ? From what i've seen it's mostly newcomers that want to turn the game into COD bis that are complaining about prone .

Wich is kind of funny , most of those guys dont even use prone and rush like fools with an akimbo ... while the vultures around just camp .

BuZzz Killington3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

"F*ck you turd nugget" lol hahaha that movie was pretty funny......i really dont mind them not adding prone it do mind when everybody relates proning to snipe to a camper. if a person was not meant to prone while sniping why the hell is there tripods on the sniper rifles and unlocks lol....geez dont include tripods if a character cant prone lol. and dont act like if proning was implemented everybody would snipe cuz thats not the case in cod theres just as much kids with ADD and attention spans compareble to that of a squirrel running around like morons lol as there is campers...theres usually like one or 2 kids that prone a game everybody else runs around like maniacs...most of the kids that play video games have attention spans of squirrels and only small amounts of kids can camp....and sniping actually takes a skill in bf bc 2. you have to compensate for distance n such...proning just feels right when you want to snipe nort a sniper i always get less kills when i snipe but proning is a good tactical defense against a sniper also....most of the time you dont know where they are so you drop to the ground.......dont be so biased when you diss proning and say its camping.....theres good things and bad things about everything try looking for the good too.....before you judge or make an no means would i ever want this game to be like cod....

kwicksandz3242d ago

@ those who argue prone is for campers.

In the rush mode one side HAS to defend? what some call camping others call defense. If you cant take cover half the time because you cant go prone, thats just plain bad game design.

I am worried this is due to console player concerns because all previous non bad company BF games had prone. At the very least the PC version of BC2 should have prone.

goflyakite3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

With maps this big, it would be impossible to spot someone lying on the ground camo'd. This game is perfect with out it.

@ above, if you take cover I'll just blow it up. There's rarely going to be a window/something to look over that you can't crouch behind. But even then, like I said, someone will just blow it up.

And tripods can be set on other things then the ground, dur.

TotalPS3Fanboy3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

When I snipe, I want to give those that I sniped to a little bit of chance too. It would be unmanly of me to prone and take cheap shots. And with spotting, they can easily spot me, so we can duel it out with sniper rifles while gauging the wind, the gravity, the range, to see who's shot will hit first.

Of course, in the real world, I would prone, since my life is at stake. But this is just a game. It's suppose to be fun.

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rawrockkillz3242d ago

It is just prone, no big deal. After playing the Beta I can see why they are leaving it out. There would be way more people camping and that would equal a not as fun game.

BeaArthur3242d ago

Agree, the only people that would get upset about not being able to go prone are campers or "snipers" as they like to call themselves. They have gillie suits, if you can't be successful with that you shouldn't be playing.

EvilCackle3242d ago

Yeah, I think they've done a good job of balancing snipers between the lack of prone and the kill cam. Even with those features, snipers can still be brutally effective.

Lemmiwinks3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

if ur not gunna prone you mise well not snipe at all....maybe if whoever shot kennedy was crouching instead of proning , kennedy would still be alive..........maybe if sharpshooters crouched behind bushes the germans might have one ww2 lol whether you think its cheap or not a sniper is a camper and thats not a bad thing lol, what else would a sniper be its about being patient and being one step ahead of your victim or prey and let your victim come to you it gives you the advantage.......that is what sniping is. it aint called sniping just cause of the name of the and there hate obsession for campers lol is just to funny.....last time i checked on cod 6 people running around mach 10 with care package in their hand and light wieght and unlimited sprint stabbing people are even more annoying lol......i know this isnt about cod just every ones hate for campers derives from that game.......

BeaArthur3242d ago

Lemmiwinks...camping was around and annoying long before CoD. And it's not so much an issue with camping in general as it is with snipers hiding on hill sides laying down in tall grass for an entire round. I understand what you are saying but the point is, it unbalances the game. Yes sniping is about patience and stealth and all that crap but constantly being picked off by 6 different people on the other team because they are off hiding somewhere where you can't see them is not an enjoyable experience. Making them easier to see may make it less realistic but it makes for a better game. I mean would you really want the game to be as realistic as possible? That doesn't sound like a fun game. You would say we are whiners and I would say you are cowards.

Baka-akaB3242d ago

Maybe realism will be a relevant concern when it doesnt annoy the heck out of people and isnt a detriment to the game .

Again very funny that those guys demands realism , but only the kind feeding their arcadish hobby .

Most of the whiners wouldnt be caught playing an actual simulator , hell not even a ghost recon or Operation flashpoint , because supposedly no fun and too clunky ...

Some guys should stop pretending they aint playing a simplified quake with half an arsenal comprised of automatic unbalanced weapons .

CrippleH3241d ago

COD is not a game that does any thing seriously realistic. Like somebody said it's a freaking arcade game.

For one a gun that shoots 9mm rounds will not do more damage then a .45.
Weapon practically have unrealistic and fake recoils.
Made up weapon damages.
A real chest plate body armor can absorb 4 ak rounds or more depending on the armor.

DeadlyFire3241d ago

Camping is part of tactical warfare. Especially in battefields. Either way I am sure the PC version could add prone in with some sort of Mod. Not going prone isn't all that bad though. Its not like there are not other ways to kill people. Doesn't matter if you are standing or crawling on the ground as long as the bullet hits someone in the face. Likely they will still have prone in Battlefield 3 either way. That is where the real battle begins. :) This will not deter me from Buying Bad Company 2.

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PimpHandHappy3242d ago

even if you think it allows for more camping it also allows for smarter movement inside the game. If KZ2 let me go prone i might still be playing it.... Going prone is fun and if your a sniper in the grass its vital

mrv3213242d ago

Vital for reality but not so much games. I don't notice the lack of prone.... just keeps me moving.

OgTheClever3242d ago

In KZ2 snipers have stealth clothing so it isn't really important. If BC2 has something along those lines then it might be justified.

-Alpha3242d ago

True, but come on, it's a game. I would find being able to go prone a much bigger problem in a game like Bad Company. Open environments, lots of terrain, etc. Snipers already have a pretty good advantage.

Also, in K2 you could one hit kill as a sniper even if you shot someone in the damn toe. So going prone would make snipers even more dangerous.

mrv3213242d ago

In Bad Company 2 camo is done well. Snipers are hard to see, prone would be impossiple.

narked3242d ago

the way bfbc2 is set up tbh i dont mind prone. at first i thought this would be totally outrageous but currently playing the beta it's not affecting me. the style of gameplay doesnt give way to prone. when i played ofpdr then yes prone made perfect sense. but in this game, once u get used to it its good imo.

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Blaster_Master3242d ago

Camping is almost impossible in Bad Company 2, therefore that argument is crap. Next!

Alcohog3242d ago

Pretty lame considering you can in other battlefield games.